New Social Networking Website Leads To All Kinds Of Opportunities

By Mr. Work @ Home, Publisher of

The new social networking website Cagora is about to turn social networking on its head, and we want you to be there when it happens.

Over the years Cagora has held frequent special webinars on many different topics, including telecommuting work, podcasting, and many other events for specific types of interest groups. Recently Cagora has been focusing on local marketing initiatives, topical initiatives, as well as charitable giving initiaves.

If you've never heard of Cagora, then here are a few things that Cagora can help you do that you may want to know about:

  • Network to build your eCommunity by meeting like-minded people and prospective clients and strategic partners from around the world using the Networking profiles. Whether you're an antique doll fanatic, an afficianado of tonka toy trucks, the new electronic cigarette craze, or are simply want to develop more areas of interest for yourself, Cagora can be a place to do it.
  • Enrich the networking experience with voice and text discussions using our FREE Web Conference rooms
  • Target your networking efforts within your Local Community or Global Special Interest Communities
  • Build your 'online reputation' and credibility to increase your membership, supporter base and sales
  • Build relationships with new and existing clients
  • Improve Communication with your own blog which your members and supporters receive by email or RSS feed
  • Improve Communication by allowing your members or supporters from around the world phone you or send you voicemail to your inbox for the cost of a local call

That's right, we are going to give you a head start over people like Mark Hendricks (Hunteridge) & Gina Gaudio-Graves (The Abundance Group).

By attending one of the preview sessions in pre-launch week you will:

• learn more about the social networking website Cagora's Network of Local and Special Interest Communities set to revolutionize the way people browse the Internet and find information.

• Receive password access to allow you to tour the pre-launch Cagora site to fully understand the power of the network.

• Have the pick of the advance release of Cagora Community Partnerships.

• Qualify as a Cagora Joint Venture partner and be eligible for override commissions.

• Receive detailed information about the Learn to Earn to Give accelerated learning program and how you can benefit when it launches.


Be in with a chance to win prizes to the value of $1,000 during our August 22nd and September 1st pre-launch week.

Click here for a a page with a video about the future of social networking, featuring a personal message from the founder of the program, Rob Anderson.

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