Home Wealth Solution review of red flags (AVOID)

This is my Home Wealth Solution review of red flags that I see. My personal recommendation is to AVOID the site as it looks awfully similar to many other sites that I’ve seen that have generated an enormous number of complaints. Of course, it’s possible someone will come and post a Home Wealth Solution review in the comments section here claiming that it’s the best thing since sliced bread – but I’m not counting on it, and I don’t think you should either.

Update 4/1/2012: It appears that the site Home Income Package may be related to Home Wealth Solution.

Update 1/22/2012: The Home Wealth Solution site is live again

Update: 9/3/2011 – Home Wealth Solution has set up under a new site called Online Income Solution.

Update: 12/17/2011 – Update 12/17/2011: It appears that the site My Real Income is very similar to Home Wealth Solution.

Home Wealth Solution Review Of Red Flags

Here are the elements of Home Wealth Solution that concern me:

Red Flag #1) Use Of Fake News Advertorial Site

HomeWealthSolution.com is being promoted via an advertorial style website at Career-Reports.com. I don’t think I’ve EVER since one of those websites that didn’t ultimately lead to a product that generated numerous complaints. And even though the Career-Reports.com site includes and Advertorial Disclaimer at the top, there are still many misleading aspects of the site…

For example, the comments at the bottom of the Career-Reports site look like real endorsements of Home Wealth Solution…

They aren’t. They’re fake. Many of these same comments have been used across thousands of fake news sites to promote many different products. Here’s just a small sampling of this:

Home Wealth Solution & Holy Cow Marty

Home Wealth Solution & Holy Cow Marty

You can see 46 results there – but at the peak of the fake news sites – you would literally see hundreds of this “Holy cow Marty” comment across hundreds of different websites promoting all kinds of different products. In other words…FAKE!

In fact, the FTC, which is cracking down on these types of fake news sites recently stated that they “deceptively represent that the comments following the ‘articles’ on their websites reflect the views of independent consumers”.

Red Flag #2) Unexplained use of News logos and other logos.

Home Wealth Solution has “As Seen On” next to the following trademarked logos:

  • AOL News
  • Yahoo News
  • Fox News

Of course, “As Seen On” is completely meaningless…most of the time on sites like this it simply means that the product was advertised on those sites – which is something anybody can do.

Note that at the very bottom of the HomeWealthSolution.com page, there is a tiny, hard-to-read disclaimer that says:

“**This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Youtube, Digg, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, ABC, CNN or CNBC nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Youtube, Digg, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, ABC, CNN or CNBC. All trademarks, logos, and service marks(collectively “Trademarks”) displayed are registered and/or unregistered Tradmarks of their respective owners.”

Bizarrely, many of those sites aren’t even mentioned on the page – but they would like you to know they have no association with them. Huh?

Red Flag #3) Non-Clickable Security Seals

Home Wealth Solution uses the following two non-clickable security seals on their site:

  • McAfee Secure
  • Verisign

NonClickable security seals are worthless as the whole point of them is to be able to click through to an independent third-party site to verify that the site – such as HomeWealthSolution.com is secure.

Red Flag #4) The “Free” Consultation

Many people might be thrilled to see the following on the HomeWealthSolution website:

“You receive a Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation. Our consultants will walk you through setting up your new automated income stream.

Don’t get too excited. More often than not, these “free” consultations are used to try to hard-sell you expensive products and services that either you don’t need or at worst are completely worthless.

Red Flag #5) The “Voted #1″ Claim At Home Wealth Solution

Home Wealth Solution makes the claim that it has been “Voted #1 By Many Top Publications” and goes on to show several “Entrepreneur Magazines” next to the claim. Here’s the problem – Entrepreneur doesn’t “vote” on anything.

Red Flag #6) Claim Of Earning $379 Per Day

As strange as it may sound, the $379 figure is a number associated with a significant portion of questionable opportunities.

Red Flag #7) Use Of Stock Photos For Testimonials

The image of Jane & Jeremy C. is a stock photo.

Red Flag #8) Potentially False Scarcity Tactics

Home Wealth Solution makes the following claim:

“Positions are limited to just 300 new members as of today. These positions are to be taken up on a strictly first come, first serve basis.”

However, it is currently being heavily promoted. It seems highly unlikely that they are only taking “300 new members”.

Other Warnings:

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  1. I just remember now, several monts ago after Christmas, I received an email from my sister in Belgium promoting Home Wealth Solution then I called her up asking what she just sent me, she told me me she got no idea and swore she never sent it, also told me her PC was protected with antivirus and stuffs. This made me to check all my emails on my mobile device and they were all gone. I didn’t notice exactly when but I believe after a while I got the warning email from PayPal. They were all gone, curious, I turned the PC on and check my mails and they were still in the server.

    Can someone explain to me how this could happened? Do you think it was just a coincidence?

    • I just got the same e-mail from an ex girlfriend who also swears she did not send it to me. The story was from a fake NBC news affiliate and it detailed the city I live in in the fake story. Also all the comments on the site were in favor of the service. I would run a check on your computer and tell your sister to do the same.

    • I Like this business But i don’t can’t understand this business please understand me

    • Also if you look at any of the ‘news’ websites where the article is for how great the website is, if you click on anything it takes you to the main website… fishy fishy

    • The absence of any decent company information says all you need to know.

      and generally, if it is too good to be true, it generally is..

      No one anywhere is handing out money, particularly these days – if anything

      there will be people more eager than ever to make a fast buck over the backs of desperate people.

      Don not be tempted, these are people playing on tempting you to fleece you!

  2. Paul, do you know anything about this Spider web..and GDI money making deals? or are these just another scam? Here are 2 URI’s below. Please advise.

    Thank you,




  3. I was duped by this and am trying to get my money back-any suggestions ?

  4. I bought into this scam and as soon as I did, my credit card flagged it as fraud. I have been trying to get my money back-60 day guaranteed money back with no success. I am reviewing it on every site I can to prevent others from using it and I also reported them to the BBB online. It does help so they know it’s a scam. Connie, you can file a dispute with your bank and you may get a refund. Best of luck.
    Do NOT buy Home Wealth Solutions. The only people making money are them!

  5. Paul Moore says:

    I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up. I am normally very sensitive to Pyramid scams… They “discounted” from about $39 to about $19 so I figured – what the hell. The very 1st thing the low lifers do is to say welcome to the intro – basic-useless membership – pay $x/month to get the real membership and pay $100s for training sessions to figure out what the hell you signed up for. I immediately tried to get the guaranteed full rebate within 60 days – BUT somewhere they have fine print that says – you have to use the crap for 2 weeks and satisfy THEIR standards before you get a rebate. AVOID THESE SCAMMERS! When will the law catch up and put these bottom feeders away?

    • Nona Hawley says:

      I received an email from my son about this and did the same thing. I signed up and then got another email from my son saying “if you get weird emails from me, i didn’t send them” I am frustrated with myself because I should (and thought I did) know better! I am concerned that I can’t find anywhere to close the account and am wondering if they will take $ monthly??? If you know how to close the account, I would sure appreciate getting that information. Thanks!

      • Nona,

        There are two versions of this. One is the regular one which mainly is based on questionable adverting tactics. However, there’s a second one run by a separate, but probably unrelated, credit card/identity theft ring. If you don’t know which one you got, I STRONGLY urge you to close whatever card you used to pay for the program and have a new one reissued.

        As for getting your money back, if you paid with a credit card, file a dispute with your credit card company. The dispute procedures are usually on the back of the card. If you paid with a debit card, then you’ll need to talk to your bank.

    • Thank You all!!! I will not do it now,you all saved me a headache.

  6. Any one who is familiar with the law of the universe, will know that in order to receive we must first give, therefore surely anyone who has a great idea which will help others to improve their lives – would offer such information FREE, not charge/ scam them. It would seem that 90% of people , these days are intent on charging for every little scrap of information they can get their hands on, a lot of which is PLR material that has simply been re branded. I have been duped twice recently and many times previously – the 2 recent times were via clickbank – fortunately I managed to get a full refund. For more info visit my site – and read the article commission crusher. Hopefully with the introduction of more sites like this one, we will eventually stop these low life people in their tracks.

    I can honestly say the best way to improve ones life is to read or listen to audiobooks, I am addicted and find it a worth while hobby. And if you will permit just one recommendation,read or watch The Secret – it truly is life changing.

  7. I hope you don’t mind but I have mentioned and linked your site from my site, if this causes a problem please let me know and I will remove it.

  8. stephanie says:

    stupid me fail for it trying to get my money back there is not even a number to call anywhere. go figure right.

  9. i saw the link to an article about home wealth solutions and since the”news site” looked professional (thus looked credible enough), i almost paid for membership of $19. it was a good thing that my hubby reminded me to check on it by reading reviews online… this is the article that i read… thanks!!!

  10. Hi ….. I received the following two e-mails: – (1) filing for bankruptcy was a real wake up call despite the circumstances I stayed optimistic theres nothing else that compares with this!!
    http://gst.uk.com/JasonJackson70.html now im on top of my game youll see what I mean
    Dont say I never help anyone! (2) the pressure of providing for my family was too much money never sleeps right away I took advantage of this!
    http://www.anceriz.co.za/RobertJones13.html now nobody disrespects me this will be worth your time You will thank me for this! ….. my sister’s e-mail account was “hacked into” & the two e-mails were sent to all her contacts ….. the link I clicked on took me to Home Wealth Solutions ….. they do a good job “grooming” you & then offer you a “success story” place with a 12 month training scheme @ £4,000 ….. when they asked for my credit card details over the phone (which is a big no-no) alarm bells rang.

    • Thanks, Chas

      Yes. If you look through the previous comments (you have to click the link at the bottom) you’ll see a great deal of comments about email accounts being hacked.

      Even more dangerous is that there’s one group that is using the name Home Wealth Solution that is a credit card/identity theft ring.

      In fact, the first link you posted there actually ends up at a site controlled by an identity theft ring operating out of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, and China. The name they use on their sites currently appears to be “Home Wealth Formula” although they used to use the name “Home Wealth Solution”. Here is the registration info for the site you ultimately end up on if you follow the first link you posted all the way to the end.


      Svetlana Poltavceva
      ul. Leninskaya 17 43
      Yubileynyy, 141090

      You also end up on an unsecure order page which they use to collect your financial information.

  11. Anto Fernando says:

    Thank you very much…..

  12. Ben Omondi says:

    Thanks alot for saving me, I almost fell for it!

  13. I have very recently recieved the following 2 emails from a friend:

    “sup I picked up on it so fast http://vulcanomudbaths.com/media/en/articles/1923005/ see you around”

    “hey there I knew that it was time to try something new /dont-go-there.php

    Both links took me to fake news articles promoting Home Wealth Solutions. Does this mean that my friend’s email has been hacked?

    THANKS FOR YOUR EXCELLENT ADVICE! I have sent my friend the link to this page.

  14. THIS IS A SCAM!!!1 I clicked on the website that popped up on here on day last month.. Then they talked to me on phone and it sounded very good and wanted 20.00 and I I thought Let me think about it and I went online next day and went to a website to put the name in to see if it was a scam and it came back SCAM. They keep emailing me and I don’t even open it up for I don’t want to get money out of my bank acct. Always on these kinds of stuff check the internet for scams. first before giving any info out to anyone. I just wanted to tellyou about me and these people. thanks.

  15. hi.. please help me guys. how can i get a full refund? and i think i may have subscribed for google’s adwords.. how can i stop them from charging again from my credit card?help me please…

  16. it was so stupid of me to fall for this, i don’t even know what to do and i don’t even have any idea about adwords. i just fell for that home wealth solutions. =(

    • talk with your credit card company or your bank if that is the debit card.get it blocked.and act fast.

    • The regular version, you would just need to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank. Credit card dispute info can usually be found on the back of your credit card billing statement. For a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank.

      However, there’s another version run by a credit card/id theft ring. If you don’t know which one you’re dealing with, you definitely should close your credit card or debit card and have a new one reissued.

  17. jessica hickman says:

    I almost did this I am so thankful I started looking for more info. on home wealth solution. does anybody know any info on these companies. Online Business systems, clicks to cash, doba, and project pay day? please let me know what you have heard I do know that online business systems and project pay day both have bbb seals on their page and you can click on the seals and it goes to the bbb page about there company and they are in great standing with the bbb. Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks Jess

    • Hi Jessica!

      I personally enrolled into Online Business Systems 7 weeks ago. It is a proven system that works and they have great products! I have made a little over $800.00 so far! It all depends on how much time, effort, advertising and investment you put into your business!

      Hope this helps! Nathalie

  18. Brian Hoorn says:

    What do you think of Project Payday? Someone told me it was legitimate, but I want make sure before I dig myself into a hole. I just need to make a little extra money. $100-$300 a month would be plenty.

  19. Hi all

    Just wanted to thank you all for your comments in order to alert people about this scam, you’re definitely succeeding as you’ve managed to save me from going in.

    keep up the good work any my sincere wishes for anyone who who lost money on this to be able to get their refund.



  20. I received this email from a friend” hey todd check it out http://nbcllonline.com/?article=3947822” This is a fake website due to the fact that if u look at the addy u will see that its not nbc.com but its nbcllonline what does that look like to u? ITS A FAKE SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont fall for this have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From INFAMOUZ HACKER LOL

  21. Cpl Smith, USMC says:

    paul schlegel is the truth. i’d rather give HIM the $19.99 for exposing these f***in’ losers.

    i got an email from mySELF trying to get me to buy this sh!t. haha obviously i had to google it and i’m glad i did, because i found this.

    so like i said. i’d rather give paul the money because who knows how much he’s helped people keep in their accounts with this eye opener.

    you’re the damn man paul! lemme know if you need anything to help you shed further light on companies like this one.

    semper fi!

    • Thanks, I appreciate those comments.

      I provide documentation to and exchange information with a non-profit site run by Lynndel Edginton called Eagle Research Associates. Eagle Research Associates is a non-profit organization run by Lynn Edgington who works with an Assigned Federal Agent from the Secret Service, Assigned U.S. Postal Inspectors, along with other U.S. & Non-U.S. law enforcement agencies he isn’t allowed to disclose at this time.

      The operation is funded by donations and the majority of the work is done by volunteers, so if you read through the site and see anything you think you might be able to help with, by all means contact him through his site.

      Another way to help would be through purchasing his book through Amazon. You can read about it here: Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead of A Gun. I did the work at home chapter for the book.

  22. THAH! today i recieved an email from some guy advertising this stupid site!

  23. Thanks for all the tips. I figured they were scams and you can add another, Online Business Systems which is pushing Herbalife. Why don’t ANY of these businesses tell you what it’s going to cost you up front? Nobody would join, I’m sure, but isn’t this absolute FRAUD??? What can be done about it besides checking sites like yours and IMReportCard is quite good, plus they’ll pay you for surveys, every survey, just have to be quick to get in on it and qualify plus they don’t pay much, but from all I can tell they seem honest. My last business I’m checking out is Clicks to Cash which I can pretty well tell is going to be another scam already. If I had all the money I’ve spent on printing out all their TOS and Privacy Policies, etc., so I can look for every little thing, such as what company REALLY owns this scam and who are these people that promote and do testimonials, call the phone number to see if their is a real person on the other end that MIGHT be more honest with, you, etc., etc. I don’t get, well I do, how the first two business which I came upon through the old “come on” email “as seen on Channel 10″ somewhere, and how do they get away with using copyrighted logos of CNN, Google, etc? Why aren’t they suing these people? Anyway, the third business I found was Click to Cash or Click2Cash, many discrepancies throughout it all. I should have checked it before I wrote this, but back to how I found this, the link was http://www.top3workathome.net with Sarah Johnson (how lame is that), promoting these “companies” and you can contact her by email, but good luck with that. The first two claim to have a BBB rating which I imagine can just be forged onto their page like all the other big name logos and I always check the BBB whether a business is listed as a BBB member or not, as BBB does take complaints from other monitoring services even if the company in question is not a member, though you have to have as much info as you can get on the company in question, i.e. the full URL and preferably an address, telephone number, as much as you can so you can plug whatever into the BBB site and check. It’s quite clear that if BBB does not have them as a member BUT has comments from other monitoring sites, you click that and you can find out what the complaints were and how they were resolved. Just keep in mind the BBB can be bought, so I’ve heard, so how much a BBB rating on a site means is questionable. Sorry this is rather convoluded, I should have tried to make it more linear, but I am disabled and have been looking online for 1 and 1/2 years for something legitimate! I bit on one, (none of these, it was PaidSurveys.com, and here’s something else to look for I think you mentioned. Keep clicking “cancel” and the price will drop to $7.00 bucks on the Survey site and also AutopilotIncomeSystem by Robert Armstrong and I’m sure many others. If you would, please look into the third company, ClicktoCash which was the third company on “Sarah Johnson’s” http://www.top3workathome.net. The parent company is Search and Social, LLC, 5940 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89118, Phone 877-355-7771, [email protected]. Janet Rhodes is running this one with a write-up on her by Karl Goodard, whoever he is. It was the usual, “worth hundreds or thousands of info”, but reduced from $149.00 to $49.00 with only one job opening in my area. Yeah, right. Keep clicking cancel and the price drops and drops, still not worth your time and effort, let alone your money. They don’t claim to be BBB members, but I’m checking anyway to see if BBB has anything on them. Then I check sites like yours, IMReportCard I already mentioned, ScamExposer, and Google EVERYTHING I can find in their “come on” literature, EVERYTHING! It is also so pathetic that I have looked at so many sites, I am now seeing faces and names of other sites I originally thought might be honest, their faces and names doing testimonials for their rip-off buddies! Or the rip-off just stole their picture and wrote their own testimonial supposedly in their words. Another one to watch out for is Michelle Owens, The Work At Home Authority and recently The Work At Home Society. I have emailed all these people and called their bluff and not one of them has answered me. Big surprise! She pushed some sites (the one I fell for, but I paid through PayPal and had my money back in a day), then she shows up as “Lauren S.” doing a testimonial through the second sited above. This is pathetic. There has to be legitimate work on the internet and lots of it. Why do the scammers have everything cornered? How do you find a decent site to make some reasonable money? I appreciate all your tips and all the tips I’ve gotten everywhere else, but I’m still coming up with nothing to try and no money to lose. Oh, I did want to mention specifically about the three initial sites I’m complaining about, none offer payment through PayPal. I wouldn’t do business with ANYBODY that wants my credit card directly. PayPal and ClickBank are your allies when you want a refund so only use sites that offer that, I would say. At least for me, they went right to bat for me and had my money back in a day, as I said. Sorry this is such a mess. I would really like to make money as a blogger as I think I’ve been jerked around enough I could start my own “warning” site. IMReportCard claims to have a free website to teach you how to BUILD a website and a company that offers freev hosting. How that works, I don’t know, but I am going to look into it and start my own “SCAM” site, I think. I don’t know how to make money at it, but if they are as genuine as they seem to be so far, hopefully they will tell me. Good luck to everyone and please respond with your comments if you’ve run into any of these “bad” companies and especially if you’ve found any GOOD ones! Thank you, sir, for this forum. Sorry this is so long and I hope you will print it all. I shouldn’t write when I’m angry, but all of us that NEED to work online are FED UP! However, the content is scattered so I hope people will be able to sift through it and get something out of it. Thank you for your time and space.

  24. Sorry, I’m back again. Today is my 60th birthday and it’s been the worst one yet. Good old Janet Rhodes really does a number on you to make you think they’re legit, however, it’s worse than ever. Again, where is some legal authority to arrest these people and shut them down? This is outright FRAUD! She claims, as don’t they all, that ALL you’ll ever have to pay is the membership fee, which I overly discussed above that clicking “Cancel” will lower the price for you most times. It is NEVER all you have to pay, there is always something else you will “Need” to do your job or make it easier. Also, I didn’t know, any many may not, Google and other advertisers don’t just let you go posting links anywhere you want, to my knowledge, without charging YOU, yes YOU, the poster, for putting it there! She also “slyly” throws in “it’s steps 1, 2,3 and build a site. OK, who’s paying to host the site? You, I would guess, to them, at a monthly fee, as if you fall for them, they don’t offer PayPal and want a credit card direct with the usual mounds of proof that you used their system and failed to make any money before you get a refund. That was a great tip you gave about clicking the security seals to see if they go anywhere. I didn’t know that one. See? All of us who have been scammed should just search out the knowledge to build out own Scam sites and cheap or free hosting (the information is out there, you just have to dig for it, so I’m told), and try to find out how to make money at warning people like this man is, God Bless Him. Anyway, I’m off point again. I didn’t even bother Googling ClicktoCash, went straight to the BBB using their “parent” company name as ClicktoCash and Click2Cash didn’t bring anything up along with Las Vegas, NV, so if you want to check yourself, use Search and Social, LLC and the address and phone on their literature will pop up in the BBB. They aren’t members, but there are complaints there aplenty! As I said, the BBB is a good resource even if they aren’t members, BBB takes on complaints and helps people and takes comments from other monitoring sites. So, stay away from ClicktoCash or whatever other name they’re using. This is another site where they either had one of their buddies do a testimonial for them or they just ripped off their picture and wrote their own. I thought I had found another good job recommendation site by a Lynda Sheppard. The company were bad on BBB and Google and now she shows up on Click2Cash in a testimonial as Linda Shepherd. The name spellings change, but not the picture. The worst one of all, I think, was good old Michelle Owens with her “you’ll only have to pay this one fee ever for everything”, and later in her own ad tells you you’ll have to pay $17.00 a month for website hosting. Well, that’s it for me for today, I’ve had it. As ScamXposer advises and other sites have recommended, try Home Job Stop if you can afford it. It was $12.00 or $24.00 for a lifetime membership, I can’t remember, I joined last year and I DO look at it and try to find something, but these are REAL jobs, with REAL schedules mostly, and many I don’t qualify for after years as an administrative assistant and medical transcriptionist. There are some new “jobs” on there that are called “Task” jobs where you sign up and these people have you do tasks for them they supposedly don’t have time for, such as search something on the web, put them on Facebook, etc., but they pay peanuts and they have to like your work or you don’t get paid. That could be fair, depending on who you’re dealing with. There was another “online” company advertising for that, but I forgot who they were. The only other survey site I found that got bad reviews was Opinion Square, but their address and phone checked out, so maybe I’ll try it. One last one I can think of is SixFigureIncome who was all over the web last week with two guys, Ben Moskel and I forget his friends name. They really did seem legit and were cheap, but now I can’t find them anywhere I search. Thought I’d saved them to look at later, but guess I didn’t. IMReportCard pushes Project Payday, but I wouldn’t go near that after all the bad reviews I’ve read. OK, I said I was going, so I am. I’m sorry this is a mess, hope you can glean something out of it all and I didn’t repeat too much of what Mr. Schlegel and others have said already. Just trying to help as any of us looking for HONEST online work for some REASONABLE money need all the help we can get. I’m so sick of only hearing what is wrong with a company instead of hearing about a good company to go to! I’m sure you are, too! Good luck to you all and I hope someone comes up with something good! I’ll be sure to check back and see. If I find anything good, you’ll be the first to know! Mr. Schlegel, if you can recommend anything for your readers, it would be so much appreciated! Thanks!

  25. My husband got a link the the site and had me look at it. He thought it looked lik a good thing for us. We just purchased it. Then I found your site among others saying its a scam. What should we do at this point?

    • Sandy, it depends which version you’re talking about.
      The regular version, you would just need to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank. Credit card dispute info can usually be found on the back of your credit card billing statement. For a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank.

      However, there’s another version run by a credit card/id theft ring. If you don’t know which one you’re dealing with, you definitely should close your credit card or debit card and have a new one reissued.

    • SUE THEM!!

  26. We just got off the phone with a company called, Independent Financial Corp, in Las Vegas, NV. They represent Home Wealth Solutions. It sounds like a very intriging way to make money and they help you setup websites. The BIG problem is that they wanted us to put $9000 on our credt card to get started with a $40.00/month “registration” fee to host the website(s). There was pressure to join a success team and get “registered”right away. Success teams were “limted”. We did not do this, but are expecting a call back tomorrow. Anybody with similar experiences or are we being paranoid? My introduction was from a friend’s e-mail and he said he knew nothing about this.

  27. Thomas Speak says:

    Fuck you, Home Wealth Solutions…

    You post messages on Twitter every day claiming how much money I made through you…

    I’ve never used your service, nor will I ever…

    And if you don’t stop posting tweets using my name, I’m gonna sue your fucking ass for soooooooo much money…


    You’re all a bunch of scamming assholes…

  28. SCAM/RIP-OFF/NO RETURN OF $/DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hi Everyone,

    As much of you have stated; this Home Wealth Solution product is a scam!!! I rec’d an email from my stepson which alone raised my brows (seeing he’s 14yrs old deaf child who does not need to make extra income to supplement what us parents provide…..hmmmmmmmmm) but I figured someone hacked his PC, hence how they got my work email addy…I remained optimistic and read their ‘news’ <> blah blah blah… I thought what the heck; it’s only $16.97 USD, I’ll do it in my free time (which I have alot of) and see what $$$ it can generate, so I purchased it…and their VIP pkg for $19.97 USD.

    Long behold, I had another company called: “advance learning” (www.advlearning.com) who’s outsourced by HWS to work with potential success stories, to mold me for success; call/stalk me nitely to set up a 1 on 1 training apt on behalf of HWS… the constant phone calls got me annoyed which is what made me think; pressure tactics are commonly used by multi-level marketing AKA pyramid-type scams… I had an ‘interview/application’ call last nite with advance learning as I had to be screened to see if THEY would work with ME for their success story… I was still open minded but something kept telling me in my gut it’s a scam… so here I am today after more digging and found this site!

    I have not gone thru their entire process as much of you above. so I truly can’t say if I did or didn’t make money…but thus far; it just feels like a scam b/c all of a sudden (after last nite’s call) I’d have to invest some $$$ (min. $1K) and advance learning would finance me the rest to grow my business.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… be warned!

  30. thank you so much for posting this i was about to do it i signed up for one before and i found out its fraud the best thing to do is cancel your credit card call them and tell the card people what happened they’ll cancel it and send you a new card….please please help me your amazing for posting this website helping so many people see that this is a scam, but do you know any website like this that is legitimate? like an online job just like this but one that really works if you did that would really be great i hope you do know of one and thank you for warning so many people from these jerk scamers

  31. Hi Paul,
    I purchased homewealthsolution coz the advertising was soo tempting to be able to make extra money, but then they started calling me up and said i need to pay additional USD 500 to get me started for which i payed. Now the funny thing is they called me and asked me an additional of USD 1200 to do the advertising of my web page so that people would be able to find my web page an be able to make purchases. Kindly advise whether it is legit or a scam before i make I pay them. Thank you.


  33. Andrée-Anne says:

    Hi! I’m freaking out right now because I invested a lot of money in the last days …..The thing I don’t understand, is why they are really doing a nice website if it scam? They take the time to build a website. Why??
    Thank you, I really need answers!

  34. I have also been scammed! I received the website by a friend of my husband’s. I paid $19.97 for Home Wealth Builder (or whatever it was); $16.97 for the Upgrade and $4.95 for Income Elite. I got into the next step to Bidvertiser. That’s whent they wanted me to advertise, each click it got I had to pay $3-$5. I needed to make money NOT LOSE IT!

    It was on August 17, 2011. I ordered and cancelled within hours, the same day. I asked for my refund to be credited to my account asap. I have given each support person (I’ve had 3 of them now) all of the Order #’s; Cancellation #’s, that their company gave me.

    They kept telling me that I was not in the system, etc. I told them that they were the one’s who gave me the ticket #’s, how am I not in the system? Then they tell me I can’t get a refund, because it has been past the 60 day guarantee. They had only received email from me on 12/26/11. I have kept all my emails, information, etc., and have sent them to their support webpage, yet still just get that it can’t be refunded because of the 60 days. THEY SUCK!!!!!

    • File a fraud dispute with your credit card company. The dispute procedures are usually on the back of your billing statement. If you paid with a debit card, you’ll need to talk to your bank.

      You may want to consider canceling your card and having a new one reissued as there were two groups using the Home Wealth Solution name – one of the groups was stealing financial information.

  35. So are there any REAL work from home websites that you can make money from? What about Home Income System?? There was an interview done on a woman in my area for making 5000 a month working from home.. how could that be a scam if they put it on our local news channel?

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