Clicks 2 Cash Review of Red Flags

If perhaps you might be checking out obtaining Clicks 2 Cash you ought to review the succeeding warning signs I have noticed in the next paragraphs:

Red Flag #1) Clicks 2 Cash says you can create $87 per hour and $379 per day. Both of those are totally randomly, manufactured amounts on the grounds that the income are derived from sales and they’ve got little if any idea exactly what products you will find yourself marketing and advertising or those itemscommission amounts.

Red Flag #2) Clicks2Cash utilizes the sentence “As Advertised On”” which usually is entirely meaningless seeing that that doesn’t necessarily signify that assertion has anything to do with Clicks 2 Cash. You’ll find it using the immediately following logos:

  • Fox News
  • abc
  • USA Today
  • CNN

Red Flag #3) Clicks 2 Cash is actually employing a video clip coming from NBC News that’s basically aboutwork from homein general but not explicitly concerning Clicks 2 Cash which resides on

Red Flag #4) The top part of Clicks2Cash says the inventor’s name is Janet Rhodes – the particular disclaimer says: *”For purposes of privacy, the creator of Search and Social Goldmine is using the pen name Aaron Reed “. Apparently Clicks 2 Cash can’t even get their fake facts straight. ;-)

Red Flag #5) Statement that “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make $379/Day From Home!” Just what is that based on? Having spoken to a senior litigator at the FTC at length in the past over numerous phone conversations, I’m pretty sure the Federal Trade Commission would have a BIG problem with that claim.

Red Flag #6) Utilizing alternative testimonial photographs. Clicks 2 Cash reports within their disclaimers towards the bottom:

“For the sake of customer privacy, Search and Social Goldmine reserves the right to protect and/or substitute the images of attestants. The images displayed hereon are not the actual images of the attestants.”

Even though past customer testimonials used on Clicks 2 Cash may possibly be true (not likely), one should consider that lots of web sites started utilizing this type of language for the reason that were getting outed by way of Federal Law Enforcement as well as buyer protection web sites for using stock images within their testimonials from others.

Red Flag #7) Clicks 2 Cash states:

“You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.”

More often than not this type of 100 % freeAssistanceis used as a ploy to allow them to get you to communicate to a sales rep that will try to pressure you straight to spending cash on higher priced items you don’t really need or possibly that are of doubtful caliber.

Red Flag #8) Clicks2Cash claims to be using the Plimus ordering system.

I need to look into this further, but about a month ago Plimus banned all business opportunities from their marketplace. So I’m skeptical at this point that Clicks2Cash is actually using Plimus as their order processor.

Red Flag #9) Clicks 2 Cash is using a fake scarcity script – “only 2 positions left” – that hundreds of questionable business opportunity sites have used.

Red Flag #10) Clicks 2 Cash is operating under several different names, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Clicks 2 Cash
  • ClicksToCash
  • Stay At Home Income System
  • My Secure Page
Just take a look at this totally baffling screenshot of the top portion of the Clicks2Cash order page:
Clicks 2 Cash can't remember who it is

Clicks 2 Cash can't remember who it is

These are conditions I definitely recommend you’ll give some thought to if you are trying to make a determination regarding this product.
Other sites to avoid:

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  1. Clicks 2 Cash is total SCAM. They are just luring the people. I was thinking to try it. The initial price was $49, then I clicked on “refresh” button on “Firefox” (My internet browser”), then I clicked on “Leave Page”, then It shows me the discount price “$29.95″, and then I again clicked on the “refresh” button followed by “Leave Page”, now the new discounted price was “$9.95″. I got curious about their luring techniques. So I started finding some reviews on Google about “Clicks 2 Cash” and here I am. Now I can see that this in not more than a clever scam. I have read the reviews of a lot of people who suffered from this SCAM, and I would suggest everyone that donot go for this “SCAMLITIOUS offers”. All the best

  2. Clicks 2 Cash is total SCAM. They charged $ 29.95 and they said thats is all i had to pay. Then i get they put me throw someone else and say i have to pay $3,000.00 for a class to learn have to set up my own business website and i feel like shit cause i fell for it. But im calling my credit card now!!!!
    Please dont fall for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t worry it always comes around and bites them in the as@. ” Sweet justice “. I can ..taste it now , Yum Yum.


  4. I purchased your program billed StayAtHome on October 14, 2011 . Spoke to a person that was to make a recommendation to recommend or not recommend me for special one on one guidance. I was told that I was not accepted because I had no more money to spend. That was O.K. The thing that I am having a problem with is that I have not received instructive materials or anything to get started working with or what I paid for. I was billed for two items. They are not clear as; STAYATHOME $$87724858 MYS 10/13 STAYATHOM both had the identical description number (later found to be a part of the company phone number). The first item billed was for $47.00 and the second for $49.95.
    Send the information that I need or refund my money.

  5. shut! I almost fall for it. I was really thinking in signing for this thing I’m glad I did some research first, tanx guys for the heads up. but can’t anyone do something about it.

    • Well at least you almost fell for it….I did! With their statement only 2 spots left, my sister and I just grabed it. Well I have just started reading and trying to understand what the hell I’m suppose do and after I make a website then where do I go from there to place these ads. I also didn’t realize that a person had to buy the product in order to get paid. The way I originally read it was the more products you set links up for, you were paid for those. So anyway, I and my sister got suckered in for the $49.00, they gave us the VIP Membership for FREE, but I think there are more expenses down the road. So after reading through more of the information, we quit before we started.
      Darlene 2/2/12

  6. How bad can it get?wen i got d email i was so thrilled cos it came frm som1 i trusted.wen i started suspectin was when i called d suposed sender n he denied sendin any such mail.

  7. Ebere the same thing happened to me. The email came from my brother and I had no clue that he had been hacked until after I purchased clicks to cash and reading all of this is heart breaking because i don’t have money to waste. I talked to a sales rep and I ate everything he said up and that was the hard part because he went outta his way on my birthday to call me with well wishes and the proceeded to tell me that he was going to pay for it all as a birthday gift. thn he DISAPEARED for a few weeks so i blew up his phone until i got a call back and then he said he would still help pay for a portion if i could front some money aside and i did. Well I have been calling him all month and I havent heard anything back from him. He seemed really sincere and made me believe that there was better oppertunities out there for my son and I. I wanted so badly to do better then what I am doing but I was a sucker for kind words.

    Which leads me to ask you Mr. Paul Schlegel is there any oppertunity like this but legit? I am a single mom and I am desperate.

  8. Thanks everyone for posting ur experiences. I was about to fall into this scam as well.

  9. I feel so stupid for falling for it, it said it will be 49.97 but they charged me 99.97, so i called them and they gave me a 50 rebate, (i dont know yet though cz it hasnt shown on my credit card yet) and then i called to get a full refund the next day and boy was that difficult. They finally agreed but they said they need my credit card number to give me the cheque back.. I said i wasnt comfortable doing that but they assured me it was just to send a cheque so i gave it to them but now im worried.. What should i do? Should i call my bank and notify them? Should i get a new credit card? Help!

  10. single mom says:

    Well I find all of this very interesting. Itys nice to know that there are people looking out for others. Although I have to admit that this seems fabricated as well. But that’s just me, I’m totally parinoid about everything and every one. I did take the information into consideration. It does make me think twice about giving it a try. When I was called, I was under the impression that they were going to set me up with a grant or a loan for my own business. Now I find out that I have to pay a fee. Your right about how it wording are quite similar to other offers of this nature. How unfortunate of people takeing advantage of one another. Good looking out! Keep up the good work.

  11. please ! someone help , i did the program thinking i could help my family out and make money because we are strugglin bad right now :( im only 15 i did it off my credit card and i want the money back since i know it doesnt work. please someone help:( all i wanted to do was help my family out…. why would they scam me…. how can i get my money back:/

  12. I was searching for a product on Amazon UK when 3 similar advertisements ‘working from home opportunities’ appeared as I was flitting between different pages on Amazon. They looked modern and professional and struck my curiousity. I clicked on one of them and I was taken to some tacky website and read all about Janet Rhodes Clicks 2 Cash internet site working from home. Well I’ve seen similar websites for affilate marketing, which Clicks 2 Cash appears to be judging by the comments above. Fortunately I haven’t been lured into this scam. I became suspicious, looked up Janet Rhodes (not a great deal on her considering all the advertising and teaching programs she claims to have produced) and Janet Rhodes Click 2 Cash, that’s when I found this scam review website. Alarm bells rang because the initial advert I clicked on looked fairly modern and professional. When I was directed to Clicks 2 Cash I thought it was rather dated (something out of the early nineties), looking pretty unprofessional, astounded by the many grammatical errors and I read the disclaimer at the end. I am glad I didn’t take it any further. Its a shame that they tend to lure innocent individuals into believing they can genuinely make money as a ‘get rich quick scheme’. People just bear in mind: If its seems to be too good to be true then it really is.

  13. Many thanks to all of you for your posts. I am a teacher and here in NC they have frozen our pay for the last 5 years (no cost of living increase at all), so I was looking into this as a summer job.

    I am usually suspicious of “get rich quick” opportunities, so I wanted to do some research first.
    I have found absolutely nothing positive about these sites.
    Thank you again for your posts…People helping people—it’s a very good thing.

  14. herlina tandarto says:

    hello, i just bought and paid for sally rhode home income cash machine training and regret it..i have called my credit card company and they said i needed to contact the site to stop the transaction. where can i ask for this?does anyone know where i can send the email address

  15. doug revette says:

    tried to logon to site after paying the $79 couldnt even login to learn the program gave up after multiple attempts been waiting for my refund ever since that was approx. a month i was lied to cheated out of my money & i’m pissed!!!!!

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