Instant Cash Empire review of sales page (AVOID)

Does anyone else think it’s strange that when you read Instant Cash Empire review after review you see people actually recommending a product where the owner allegedly STOLE a computer disk that he claim was EXTREMELY value. I’m not an attorney but for some reason the words “felony theft” keep ringing through my ears every time I watch “Mike Harvey’s” story on that site.

5/15/2011 Update: Instant Crash Empire – Bad Boy Shady Video…

Of course, I’m not an attorney and I don’t even know where this friendly thief chap Mike Harvey is supposed to be from (U.S., UK, South Africa, other??), so who even knows what the felony theft levels would be in whatever jurisdiction this story was supposed to have occured within?

Or maybe whatever country the story is supposed to have occured within has a strict “finders keepers, losers weepers” policy.

And even if the story did happen in the U.S., we still need to get attorney in on the matter so we can properly interpret stuff like the following: 😉

“The common law distinguished between lost property and mislaid property. Lost property is personal property that was unintentionally left by its true owner. Mislaid property is personal property that was intentionally set down by its owner and then forgotten. For example, a wallet that falls out of someone’s pocket is lost. A wallet accidentally left on a table in a restaurant is mislaid.

At common law, a person who found lost personal property could keep it until and unless the original owner comes forward. This rule applied to people who discovered lost property in public areas, as well as to people who discovered lost property on their property. Mislaid property, on the other hand, generally goes to the owner of the property where it was found. Thus, for example, a person who finds a wallet lost in the street may keep it. If, however, a person finds a wallet inside a barbershop, the shop owner might have a better claim to the wallet. The basic theory behind this distinction is that owners of mislaid property are more likely to remember where the property is. Allowing property owners to keep it makes it easier for the true owner to recover the property.”

But it gets even better. Why would anyone trust marketers that RECOMMEND a sales page like the Instant Cash Empire page in which is supposed to involve the theft of an incredibly valuable disk?

In fact, there are only two choices in the matter:

1. They are sending you to a sales page in which they KNOW the owner committed massive theft.


2. They are sending you to a sales page in which they know the story is FAKE

Either way, why would you want to learn from or follow anyone who sends you to a page knowing EITHER ONE of those things is true?

Maybe People Promoting This Product Through An Instant Cash Empire Review Think Stealing Stuff Makes Kind Of A Fun Story?

Believe it or not, I’ve actually heard marketers say that they just think stories like this are “good fun” and even “hilarious” and that nobody will or should believe them.

Really? I guess I’m just to old for this whole “Stealing Is Fun” idea. When I was a boy…”Stealing was…(brace yourself)…”…


Note: The person behind Instant Cash Empire has a new product – Cash Renegade.

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  1. Hi – I asked for a refund, as I believe everyone else should. The software doesn’t work. Upon “jacking” other people’s articles/videos this software doesn’t respond to what you tell it. I.E., The software chooses it’s own content, not what you want. Too bad for the owner/creator. He’s promoting something that may be considered “unethical.” Alan

  2. Even if the three steps work , and your site or rather blog is done and posted…the sofware doesnt have any means of getting or promoting traffic? Or am I missing something?

  3. Fergus Reid says:

    Could you give me more information?


  4. btw Instant Cash Empire AND COMMISSION SIPHON ARE ONE IN THE SAME MARKETERS same narrator sales pitcher….just one is $30 and the other almost $1000 …I bought the latter and straight away realized that the sales pitch in the video is the most misleading and misrepresentative sales video Ive ever seen ……7 clicks and thats all folks!!!!! BS first off not only do you pay the “Once off only fee for this software” BS BS once you buy your required to continue paying credits to use the 3 features and on top of that the demo in the sales promo video clearly demonstartes a single drag drop for loading articles but then after you buy and get to that point it then tells you that you have to re write all the articles for unique content….7 clicks and thats all…..MY ARSE!!!!!

    • Thats a shame, I am so glad I didnt buy the up sale… I’ll just stick to the program I am working with, the owners are very honest and the system is Working!


  5. Hey guys –

    I’m just watching the spiel from Mike Harvey now. From what you’ve written in this blog, I’m guessing I should just turn it off and get on with my life.

    Nuff said? :)

  6. I think i will dig a big hole and bury the computer, i really have had enough crap for the rest of my life i really have not one vendor not one saleman not one store front person give a whoo if they are honorable .
    i say, like them all burn in hell and their families too , i am shamed of people who scam people and they befriend you to ta e your money,,
    i feel offended and betrayed and dishonored and fearfully in many case wanting to scalp those responsible .
    But even the government lets these pepople take your money . with no consequence or repeyment , it ‘s the discripption fof the moral decav of the human spirit , ,, i am shamed to be assoicate to the human race ,, i truly am,,

  7. seni gaid says:

    we have to find a way to get our money back, this way they will be in trouble with authorities.

    we can report them. Brain Host is part of them i guess, i paid more money to them, they made a website that nobody can even contact me. anybody can make a website, but it will not have traffic at all, while i paid $166 to them
    we should do something to stop them from deceiving lots of people. just imagine, if one million people will pay $38 to mike harvey, that is a whooping 38 million. this is the reason, they are very aggressive in doing this; in a short while they will be multi-millionaire, and even the authorities will have difficulties catching them.
    i have gathered some places where we can report them, but we have take the best route to do this.

    suggestions are appreciated

  8. seni gaid says:

    i think everyone should look into this link that you gave here.
    The more people complained the better, as they will listen and act faster.

  9. I have an idea for everyone….
    why don’t we all list all the various software scams we have either bought or looked into and found they are scams and list them here I will take everyone list and post them as a watch dog warning list to post and then if we can also get as many people we might know who have also been scammed that you may know ( friends or associates what ever ) and I might look into creating a special watch list for all of the folks out there as a place we can all post on to add any list and experience so rather then just a straight blog of random comments it can act as a watch dog site for all those who want to see and check first before buying anything …if its on the red list its a scam and visa versa if I get enough good feedback from any people posting it can be in say a blue list. I wish there was something around when I started so I could instantly check and see if the software BS program was in the red list I just don’t go near it…it would have saved me more then 6 months and $20,000 of my hard earned money.
    If it takes off and more people get to know about it perhaps even the marketers might clean their act up in order to try and earn a place on the blue list!!! Because even if you go to check say UTUBE for reviews before you buy cant trust them because 90% of the time these pricks are writing bogus reviews and posting them them selves so it appears as though its a 3rd person unbios review! just an idea so if any of you and enough of you list all the crap programs and why in thi sblog maybe I can start something going…there really needs to be a form of public self policing system out there to protect us all from the unscrupulous bastards that feed on others vulnerable need to try and make an honest dollar from home.

  10. wouldn’t it be cool if the same million people could go to one real and trusted site to check first if the particular program has been black listed as a scam before they buy? well if enough of us get together and tell others through what ever medium we all can ( twitter , facebook and a real solid trusted site) imagine how that would impact the numerous dishonest bastards gallop through all our wallets…they may end up really terrified of our site and its collaborators and members etc….if enough of us out there are interested I welcome feedback and even collaboration from all or any like me that have been burnt and want to A not get burnt again. B help others from getting their fingers burnt and C use it as a tool to curtail the marketers from making any money at all ….if enough of us band together and expose these bastards once and for all we could create a force to be reckoned with and send these heartless bastards out of business …most of them if they didn’t have us to suck blood from they would all be having to go out and get a regular job and only the legit decent honest marketing people would be left…maybe Im being too optimistic or unrealistic but hell it would be so cool to bite back and hurt them and stop them hurting others \Paul

    post your feed back on this blog and lets all read and protect each other. Heres an intersting idea ( if it even works ) why dont we use one of these bastards own software system that builds traffic to get the traffic TO a SITE that warns people OFF the very same bastards software we used …turn the tables on them and have it so their own gun shoots them in the foot!!!! Is that too evil? NAAAA lets all rally together and find some way to warn everyone and stop their racket! One idea Id like feedback on is this …if we had a site that could have members submit their feedback on any particular site and the name of the software and especially the name of the marketer then as well as it serving as a real deterrent for marketers when they become aware of the site and don’t want themselves and their product black listed …also we the administrators of the site can gather all those members reports and compile them into a long list of disgruntled complainants and send them all in at once as a form of class action to either paypal or click bank as well and that long list of signatures would be taken very seriously and that marketers life would be hell overnight…just a thought.
    Im on a mission and Im asking for support from any of you who have also become really mad at these people. Whose with me?
    – Show quoted text –

  11. David Steele says:

    Hey guy’s I would go along with that black listed page. I just have to try and remember the ones I tried to forget. I’ve been looking for jobs online doing simple posting of ads, data entry and such. These agents for the service send me these guru ads thinking they really mean business. Brother!
    They must not read the information! I still haven’t mad one single dime online. But That’s another story. Count me IN!

  12. Thanks to CFM, one of the very very few sites online that are good, they taught me some basics on how to create a website, upload it and get it online. As a member there, I can get a site hosted for free. I can see if I could create a site that would warn the scammers to knock it off or else be exposed by many unhappy campers. I’d be able to go into the site anytime and add names of people who’ve been scammed and what the program was, etc. They’d just need to send their details to me. I don’t know if I’m allowed to put my email address on here or not if anyone wants to get in touch with me about it.


    • Rod – it’s not a good idea to put your email address as text because the email harvesters will grab it and you’ll be spammed to death. Is the email you want to use the one that starts with an “a” & ends with a “5” – if so, I’ll put it in an image.

    • That would be great and that has made me think that if we are to do this properly there should be two or even better at least three administrators to the site ..perhaps you and I Rod and even (Paul founder WAHT) with three of us as admin of this site we can make sure we are doing the right thing always by the members …ie rule one…no using members details to spam them or add them to our own list etc. Im a graphic artist and can also put together blogs and basic wordpress sites but if Rod you can take advantage of free hosting then great ( who is the hosting company?) …..
      Paul would you be interested in being one of the joint administrators?
      Paul Tresnan
      Can you guys use your full name with me too so we can know who we are?

      • Paul Tresnan,

        Yes, I’d be willing to help out. Like all of you, my schedule is busy, so the more people involved the better. You can copy the most common U.S. complaint procedures from here: /blog/2010/12/30/how-to-file-consumer-complaints/ – you don’t need to provide attribution or a link or anything like that – just go ahead and copy them.

        Paul Tresnan I don’t know the similar Australian complaint procedures – is that something you’d be willing to look into? It would be great if we could have that for at least the U.S., Australia, Canada, & U.K.

        A couple of links to resources by country I know of are here:

        Of course there are different complaint procedures depending on the type of complaint (e.g. investment, bizop…)…however, I’m assuming at the beginning we’d be focusing on bizop.

        I’d also suggest NOT monetizing the site at all if possible. I monetize this one, but I am EXTREMELY careful in how I word things. I started another site that I will never monetize for a couple of reasons:

        1) There’s much more I can do legally with it.
        2) It juts seems much more pure for it to not be monetized.

        But whatever you guys want to do is fine with me.

  13. Thanks David Steele and Rod lets see who else can add their name to this list and the software in question as well as the name of the “witch doctor” snake medicine man promoting it.
    That makes three named participants ( well done) the thrid being myself
    Paul Tresnan and here are a couple of black lists straight off…
    commission siphon again ( Mike Harvey and numerous affiliates promoting)
    Instant Cash Empire (Mike Harvey) The man that admits that he stole his little money making secret which in its self speaks volumes about the mans own integrity….and isn’t there some law for us too about receiving stolen goods?
    commission hijack (Tom Tyler ) (Alen Sultanic) Even the name smacks of internet terrorism!!!! HIJACK!!!##**???
    So I want to start the ball rolling by building a collection or list of bogus software and their promoters . Once I have enough participants and named and shamed BS software and or courses and their practitioners I can start to build the site. Pass this on to as many other people you know so they too can add and we can create an awesome black list site for the benefit of all like us that have been scammed etc.
    I think the reason why this hasn’t been really done properly to date is simply because like me , until recently , I’m too embarrassed about admitting I got fooled and suckered into some latest magic get rich easy scam…I like to think I’m a reasonably smart guy and not easily fooled..but as I begin to realize their are so many of us out their making these bastards rich I realize its time for us all acumulatively to band together to protect each other and others against this sort of business. Hopefully it will eventually filter all the scam IM cheats out of business and leave more and more legit honest IM guys doing it right .
    It would be even better if as and when any of us look into a new promotion and find its an obvious scam to also add those even if you haven’t actually bought it. But especially if you have and been ripped off. ( In that case also include WHY it doesn’t do what it promises to.
    We need to spread the word that ONLY through Pay Pal ( or any established credible third party payment option) can we be sure to get our refunds and THAT’S the bit that is going to start putting the fear of GOD up the arse of these shonky little rats, when they see all their hard work in building their sites and scamming their hard won list buildings, see all their profits going up in smoke with nothing but refunds going back. and of course with enough of us doing that to any one particular Guru, he or she will get flagged and banned from offering pay pal as an option.

    One thing I think would be a safety catch for this blog site….that is that it SHOULD NOT be used to endorse any product or guru. WHY? because I believe that the integrity of the site for its members could be compromised if ever promoters get on and pretend they are legit members praising a product and then they turn out to be scammers too or affiliates using the portal to passively promote their own interests. This site should be exclusively used as a precautionary /advisory platform to protect its members. Thoughts are welcome by all and anyone wishing to help us as a group to get this going and out there. IF it works it may turn out to be one of the most effective
    (excuse my french) cock blockers for all guru scamming IM Parana’s out their and they should be afraid very afraid! Of seeing their name and product listed!
    Yours truly
    Paul Tresnan

    • Paul,

      Traditionally ClickBank has been excellent at honoring refunds. The bigger problem here is how many questionable products are going through their marketplace.

      Another thing that I think could be helpful to do:

      Petition the FTC to put some serious focus on affiliate networks.

      I specifically talked to a senior litigator about this idea back in 2009 but wasn’t able to get anywhere at the time. However, I think that’s changing now and they’d be more likely to do it.

  14. Hi Paul Schlegel
    Yes as you have yourself got a posting in your site I read previously …regarding the pretty strict giudlines for vendors on click bank….I agree they are low risk for buying through and getting refunds but I dont think they police the vendors tactics and methods closly enough with things like content in their sales page guarenteeing what you can earn and how easy effortless it all is …these conflict with click banks giudlines yet they all still do it so ..yes click bankm are great source as market place for affiliates but Id still like to get as much feed back from even affiliates that get burnt on some of their products too as well as the gurus direct marketing.

  15. update while we are discussing scam systems …please all be aware of its a re hashed re packaged version of Instant Cash Empire DONT TOUCH IT!….IF YOU GET AN EMAIL DIRECTING YOU TO THIS ….
    steer clear ! Matt Keenan also admits ” he stole this software”!!!!!! again it promises you a ONE OFF ONLY Payment of $47 and as soon as you purchase it ( even with out the three or four up sells ) the old WAIT!!!! BEFORE YOU GO SHIT! You will discover that once purchased and in the members section you are going to have to pay ongoing fees in the form of credits to utilize the various features ……..another scam just so you guys are aware.
    marketers name :Matt Keenan
    product :autowealthmaker
    no pay pal option
    Have a lovely scam free day
    Paul Tresnan

    • On the new site we’re discussing, a couple things that often don’t get listed that would be useful to list are:

      1. The contact information for the affiliate network that the product is being run through.
      2. The contact information for the JV Broker (if known).

  16. Thanks Paul I agree the site should NOT be monetized in any way NOR should any participant recommend any product I totally agree and this site should be purely non profit advisory site to just simply warn unsuspecting would be IM’s starting out that need some sort of safety filter to check for any black listed systems so they don’t get bitten and also to put the brakes on the ruthlessly greedy rip off artists…This site should act as a tool to make life very hard for these marketers to get anywhere.
    Paul Tresnan

  17. hello,
    i followed the advice of you in this blog and yes, Click Bank refunded my money of $38 i paid by Paypal to Mike Harvey.

    Brain Host double charged my credit card of $167.22 and $182.21
    i am writing to my credit card company to request a refund. I got my Master Card through Canadian Tire, and this company is very good in protecting their customers against fraud. i will update you when i got results.

    Everyone must act quickly to contact the company they use to pay, this way they can help you as soon as possible while the money is still on hold.

    all of us here are looking for a descent online business to invest. Please look into this one, they are really good and highly recommended by 2 big online net workers that i know since year 2000.
    The founder of the company has been in business for over 10 years and they came out with something awesome : [no affiliate links permitted in comments]

    The goal here is to make $3,000 and up per month. it is the concept of a penny a day auction.
    it looks complicated, but is very easy. it is real business. read carefully and understand and just go for the big goal.

  18. Its refreshing to read an honest review for a change. As you mention there are a lot of “reviews” that are as dishonest as the people selling the stolen goods on this sales page.
    I always go to warrior forum but now I know someone else I can trust BRAVO!

    • Thanks, Doug

    • kingcity says:

      so wait are you telling me that there is no way online to really make money? or are we all just fools.this pay pal is another thing, because i was scamed by tom bell and his 100 site BS and when i tried to get back my money through paypal the button to unsubscribe or to stop future payment was not was just today i had to go into my bank and have them change my credit card bank always refund your money are you telling me that there is no one online that can tell us of a automated software that really works? if not. people we are all just wasting time here

  19. Katherine Lane says:

    gosh really… this guy totally admits to being a thief? and then we’re supposed to trust he wants to help us… Sorry to all of you who purchased this. wow. here’s some advice, don’t buy stuff online without reviewing… EVER. People need to stop thinking they can get rich super easy without work… of course it’s all a scam… get real. Educate yourselves, stop tryin to get rich while watching tv in 20 minutes a day. I’m blown away. If you’re gonna make money on the internet advertising, you have to start thinking like an educated marketer, and plan on running & investing in owning a business. you’re going to have to learn how to do it right. Step one: IGNORE ALL THE INSTA-SCAMS. If it’s too good to be true, it’s because, it is!

  20. Well, I´m lucky enough to have found this blog. I was pretty close to buy the damn thing.. I read some reviews but every freaking review kept telling the same BS. “This is good, this makes you money, you can buy the product through my link here” Well ofc they all recommend the products if they have their own referrallink to it. So I´m pretty lucky I didn´t give up and found this place. Cause atleast you guys seems to be honest.. and look.. No ref-link .. =)

    Thanks for saving me some money guys.. And the “white-list/black-list-webpage” is a good thing. I urge you guys to create it. :)

    Thx ..

    • kingcity says:

      these thieves online can only make money if we give them ours, so why are we rising our blood pressure.this harvey fellow nearly catch me if i did not find these blogs in time. I think we all know how to find the right software to make money online but we all are too upset and confused to see it.
      There is no doubt in my mind that a couple of these thieves do have good money making software but so long as we keep giving them our money they will never release the good ones, so we have to set up ors sites to (A)blacklist these thieves by name (B)LIST THE PRODUCTS THEY ARE PEDDLING. and trust me very very soon the market will be flooded with nearly all genuine sortware on how to make money onlne. If we dont fight back we will never get what we want.These guys think they are in charge but trust me we are in the millions and our power lies wethin the money on our credit card that they are we just going to give it to them or are going to set this up so they have to peddle good product for fear of not making a single cent….OUR SITE SHOULD BE THE FIRST PLACE PEOPLE GO WHEN THEY WANT TO SEE A LIST OF GOOD SOFTWARE OR BAD ONES..LETS LET THESE GURUS BE AFRAID TO PEDDLE ANOTHER BS SOFTWARE

  21. Anonymous says:

    lm really delighted that the concept of this black list site is getting the feedback it is …..glad it helped you George and just a note to kingcity ….remember my friend, this is not to say there are no honest and effective IMs and systems out there. No but the main task of this forum is to share and advise and protect against all of us well meaning hard working potential IMs to avoid being ripped off. That’s really the primary focus…You see Seni ( comment above) thank you for your input and Im happy your on board but as mentioned previously and endorsed by the other Paul ( founder of this blog) we need to keep this clean and no profit and therefore we cant afford to jeopardize the integrity of the advisory site by allowing anyone to actually endorse any particular product as it opens the door to those who may wish to use the forum or platform to profess to be a well intended recommendation whilst actually being yet another IM referring a product with their affiliate link attached. Perhaps we can have a separate sister site where recommendations can be tabled as long as they are vetted by the administrators to make sure they are clean of any hop link or affiliation to the author of the recommendation.

    • louis teoh says:

      Both “kingcity” and “Anonymous” raised some very good points but the question is who’s gonna start the ball rolling in setting up the suggested sister site where recommendations for reliable products can be tabled ? Perhaps “Anonymous” may want to kick start this project ? Someone has to start the ball rolling or else this’ll be just another idea that’ll die a natural death and everything will be back to square one.
      I’m just like most of you guys who have had enough of the crap and BS from the dishonest blood sucking so called IM gurus out there. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE AND FAST !!!!

  22. I bought this “software” and it has never worked right at all. It is not software it is a website access. All you get is access to an internet app. It does not work. Totally buggy. Contacted support and they said that my problem was unusual…? Asked for refund and suddenly I don’t exist. Bad company bad product.

  23. I bought into the $38 package and before upgrading to the $297 Coaching package, I decided to look more into the company. This is when I found this blog. The more I read, the more I’m glad I exercised due diligence before forking out $297. I wasn’t looking for me but for someone else I wanted to help out. I’m glad I didn’t get him into more trouble! Good catch guys and thank you for sharing.

  24. idont know what to do about wait the
    However, I can say from my own experiences that Niche Blitzkrieg is legit and is where I started in my internet marketing career.
    micheal harvey used the same thing and he didnt follow up with his program or customer support
    now this guy is doing the same thin is he not .. correct me if i am wrong i like to know micheal harvey said the same thing and this miceal brown changed his name to something else from the same email address ,, anyne know how not to get raped by these people email me

  25. He admitted he stole a disc? So if you buy ICE, you’re buying from a thief? That is hilarious, shocking, disgusting and whole lot of other things in one.

    I hope everyone gets a refund but unfortunately many people won’t search the internet for feedback and will just accept that they got scammed. *smh*

  26. I bought into the BS the site loaded once for me. But the site doesn’t even function like a real site. I have been asking for a refund for the last month and still have not heard from them. I noticed they removed certain images for your choice of looks for the site. But it doesn’t work. I will keep bugging them until I get my refund.

  27. Just wondering if any of you guys have anything to give in the way of feedback or warnings on a particular sales item namely ( software package) called
    Tom Bell

  28. First I would like to say that I really enjoyed your entertaining video reviews. This is my first time visiting this blog and the funny thing is I found this site because someone posted a dead or broken link on my Facebook page and I found this site listed on the suggestions page the broken link sent me to. I would love to help with the IM Black list type site. I can build a review blog, set up a secure membership site, build a forum, and more using my content management system that has all of these features included. We can have up to 10 admins and unlimited users, but my CMS is just a option I don’t really care what platform the site is built on, all I care about is getting the information to as many people as possible. I think the best way to start is a Facebook page since it could go viral really fast. I am happy to create a custom fan page for this project, but I would like your feedback before I go to work in case someone else has already started the project.

    Thanks for the great info I hope we can help people learn from our mistakes

  29. Note: The person behind Instant Cash Empire has a new product – Cash Renegade

  30. Michael Meeker says:

    STAY AWAY–STAY FAR AWAY FROM CASH RENEGADE!! After detailed posts to support when the software would not run and connect to the sites–they would not help me and glossed over my problem and “oh by the way did you get the next big bonus??” Reconfigured my computer and removed any firewall or anything that could block the functionality of the program–still nothing and NEVER HEARD BACK FROM SUPPORT AFTER THAT. I already have my refund. BEWARE OF THIS SCAM–THE WHOLE “FRENCH RIVIERA” IDEA IS BOGUS AND THE GUY ON THE VIDEOS IS AN ACTOR–JUST ANOTHER SPUN PIECE OF CRAP FOR PEOPLE TO GET SUCKED INTO!!!

    • micheal what you said about how the cash renegade reconfigured your computer. Seems to explaine why I have been having trouble with my computer.

      The thing is though I have not downloaded there software because I have not purchased any of there software but continually receive emails from sites showing there promotional vids that of cause I got suckered in to watching. And even though I have continually unsubscribe and reported them as scam,
      they keep emailing me.
      I have uninstalled programs and deleted and uninstalled and my protection and virus programs continually shut down or even fail to start up.

      A- Is there a way to stop there emails without shutting down my email.
      B- Is there a way to purge my computer permanently of what ever they are doing to it.
      C-An if there any other people out there experiencing similar problems let us know pls.
      After thought if there is proof that these BS guru internet scammers are responsible then this I’m sure would be similar to cross continent computer hacking . And believe me that crossing over to some serious waters.
      Anyway on a lighter note I think that idea about the black list thing guys is GREAT IDEA you have my support and appreciation.

  31. louis teoh says:

    Paul (founder of WorkAtHome Truth),
    I’ve not visited this forum for a month now and would like to know if there’s any progress on the setting up of the suggested sister site (first suggested on 27th April by both “kingcity” and “Anonymous”)where recommendation for reliable products can be made ? I truly hope something has been done about this new sister site or all the talks and suggestions about it will be just a waste of time.

    • I haven’t heard from the person who indicated he would set up the FaceBook system which I thought was a clean system to accomplish the goal. I could set up a section in the forum on this site, although I’d need some suggestions on how people would like to see it structured.

      Another tools that is extremely useful, though not perfect, is the toolbar from Web Of Trust. It seems to be getting better over time. Have you used it?

  32. louis teoh says:

    Does anyone of you who’ve used “Killer Content” recently launched on 26th May by Socrates Socratous face any problem with the product. Would really love to hear from any of the user. I’ve not completed editing some of the articles yet to autopost them using the in-built tool. At this moment, i find their support sucks. It was ok when the product was first launched but it got worse over time till todate. Even my latest questions to the creator of the program also never got replied despite me sending him 2 reminders. There’s nothing that pisses me more than the damn unresponsive support.

  33. Michael Meeker says:

    So far I have had a good experience with the Killer Content program. Everything seemed to work and post to the sites as it should with no need to contact support. The only additional thing I purchased was the Best Spinner option for the articles for $47/year that totally spins the article content for you. There is a free trial where you get 25 spins and then the sign up. Of the programs that I have tried Killer Content and Push Button Cash have seemed to deliver what they promise–still in the early stages of using them both–so the ultimate money has yet to be seen though.

  34. louis teoh says:

    What’s the url for Web Of Trust ? Can we download the toolbar from the site ? When you said the toolbar is extremely useful, what do you mean?

  35. louis teoh says:

    Hi All,
    I’ve just email Michael Meeker to tell that Socrates,creator of Killer Content, has just started to promote Commission Siphon by a guy who call himself Simon…… i bet that’s not even his real name because he never reveals his full name which makes me wonder why. Beware of CS as there’re other identical program with exact same features under different names, one of which is called Auto Wealth Maker which i just asked for a refund a few weeks ago cause it sucked. CS doesn’t offer any refund policy and its price of $997 is very much higher than the others which costs only $37 ! I’m really really sick of all those so called IM gurus marketing products WITHOUT doing any due diligence before promoting them to their members and people on their email list. These are gurus who only have making money on their mind without a care for their members and clients. Something seriously should be done to put these dishonest unethical blood suckers out of business !!!

  36. Great blog guys,the comments stop as of June 2011 I was looking forward to more reading on these subjects that we have been taken for ride with as I have also been caught out on many of them.A site with great feedback on all the scam artists and so called guru’s promoting them should be shown up for what they really are and who they are,these low-lifes do need to be dealt with and the best way is throught their pockets by having them DELETED from promo’s and affiliate accounts eg. paypal,cickbank,google as that is their main resource of income.I also do not pay through clicksure as they don’t use paypal,so if it’s not paypal get out of what ever they promote and unsubcribe from their lists, which I am sure they sell your email address and are not allowed to.
    I love the great ideas suggested here and hope they are implimented.
    Hers’s to success in your online adventures without the scammers.

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