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ork at home phone jobs are one of the most popular types of telecommuting positions for a number of reasons. For one the "barrier to entry" (experience and/or education needed) is often lower than other forms of telecommuting (such as medical & legal transcription).

Also, companies that offer work at home phone jobs often use hundreds or even thousands of people to work from home on the telephone.

Customer service work at home phone jobs

Telephone customer service work from home involves work such as taking inbound calls - often for major companies. These larger companies contract with other companies - such as LiveOps or Alpine Access - that specialize in the area of virtual call center agents.

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Work from home telemarketing

Work from home telemarketing positions may involve cold calling, warm calling, appointment setting, inbound calls, outbound calls, surveying, etc. The highest paying work from home telemarketing positions are generally in the B2B (business to business) sector.

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Work at home phone jobs - paid resources

In addition to the free information we provice, we've also reviewed the following paid work at home phone job resources

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