1. Okay, So I unwittingly clicked for the free info linked and got scammed by this company… Is there any way to get my money back??? They say because I clicked to get the info, I agreed to the terms and conditions and the $139.95 they charged after the 5 days is non refundable. I have to wait for transaction to leave pending status before I can do anything with the bank, but the “company” says it is legally binding and if I dispute it would be consumer fraud…Isn’t that the cauldron calling the kettle black??/ Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…The worst thing is this is something I clicked on Facebook
    thanks mschmock

    • They are trying to scare you with complete lies. It is NOT consumer fraud to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank, which is what I would recommend you do.

      Whether or not the transaction was legally binding will initially be a decision your credit card company or bank makes.

      If they side with you, great. If not, then you can decide if you want to pursue the matter any further (which would unfortunately probably be a waste of time).

  2. I found this at this site Thank you soooo much for posting this page because I was just about to buy this kit when I decided to research it a little further and man I am glad I did!!

  3. i need to know who is legite?dose anyone know what paid for surveys site kelly richards went thru?

  4. Thanks so much; they almost got me. Then, I started thinking, if this “making money at home business” is so good why haven’t I seen it on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, or 60 minutes? What makes this really bad is that I live in Columbus, Ohio!

    Buyer beware: just like you found the Ultimate Home Profit site, don’t stop investigating scum-bag scam sites like this until you find another site that exposes these type of charlatans! It took me about 20 minutes to discover the truth about this site, but it’s the best 20-minute investment I’ve made all day.

    Finally, I recommend This site has saved me several times from being taken by rumors and untruths that circulate the Internet.

  5. I was victim of the Ultimate Home Profit site. Although I cancelled my subscription within an hour, since I realized that it was a lie, the company says that they will charge me the shipping costs for the services.
    We really need to watch are research everything that we got today. There are several sites that promise you solutions that are no more than a fraude.

  6. Thanks for hacking my email account! You jerks are nothing but a scam! GET A LIFE and a JOB!

  7. Thanks so much for this info. I was contacted by someone on craigslist when I had some items for sale. After watching their propaganda, I was ready to join. Fortunately, I found your web page, and I came back to reality.
    Thanks again.

    PS are there any legitimate work at home (online) jobs?

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  9. I’ve been researching home based bussines market for about 5 years. I’ve even dropped cash on a few and lost money.This has been a trial and error the hole way.Now I think I’ve found four possible good ones they are Paid to Place, ,Wealth In A Box , .Could you tell me if these companies are on the up and up.Thanks for your time it is greatly appreciated

  10. Found them through what looked like a job posting on Kijiji. I did not send personal info when I replied but asked them to send me their company name. They replied with a link to “”. The supposed “article” made a reference to someone in my city borough who was making good money through their system and the site’s offer for a free package would expire tonight at midnight.

    Checked the source code: the city was inserted into the article with a geoip javascript code, and the expiry date was also inserted by code. So if I were to read this same article tomorrow from Katmandou, there would be someone named Jeremy Simper, living in Katmandou, making good money and the offer would expire tomorrow at midnight. SCAM!!

    • Yep. I actually have friends in Katmandou – I’m going to ask them to check it and we can put up a screenshot. :-)

    • Yes! The same thing happened to me. I got the same ‘article’ SAME name but DIFFERENT cities!. The Jeremy Simper I got lives in ST- Hubert , where I live! I decided to do a research on this because I would try to go to the main website and it would not let me click on anything , I realized it was kinda like a picture. Well thank you for posting this now I know it’s a big fat lie!

  11. Hi Paul,

    Any update on GrassRoots Research for Mystery Shopping? I sent an e-mail to you last week asking your advice,


    • Aha. Sorry Greg. I couldn’t remember where you had posted the question. I was going nuts trying to find it, which didn’t make sense to me becaulse I can search thecomments on the blog.

      Yes, it’s legitimate. This is the correct site to sign up to become a Mystery Shopper for them:
      Grass Roots Measurement. Scam artists try to fake mystery shopping company sites and checks all the time, so be sure you sign up at the CORRECT site and NEVER cash an unsolicited check from a Mystery Shopping Company.

      Usually Mystery Shopping is best just for some extra income.

      Technically, their MSPA logo should be clickable to the MSPA database, but this is definitely their site.

      However, if you want to find additional legitimate Mystery Shopping companies, then check at

  12. They were sneaky enough to post a job ad on Kijiji yesterday for this scam. It sounded interesting to me at first, but I got cold feet and did some research, including watching this video. It helps that I’m keeping a tight watch on my money, and the moment someone asks me to pay money for some “service” or “product” when they scream it’s free, I back out immediately. I’d been scammed on Ebay before and I’m not letting it happen again.

  13. shelly white says:

    Question, stupid me got the same thing, as I did email my basic info, name address, phone, NO CC or anything. Same guy Jeremy Simper this time in Saskatoon, Sask.
    Will they somehow be able to access my money without my bank info? I sure as heck hope not.

  14. Sheila Alvey says:

    I recieved an e-mail from a friend’s e-mail address, so I checked out the link that was in the e-mail. It was It contained an article about a lady who beat the recession through this company. The expiration for this “promo” is 8/4/2011. I wanted to check it out before I signed up, so my husband and I were each on our computers researching. Both searches provided the same result…scam. I then texted my friend, and she said that she didn’t send that e-mail to me. Is there anyway to know if my contacts in my e-mail will be getting this same e-mail from “me”, and if so, how can I stop it? I have 2 e-mail addresses, and the e-mail address that I received it on is one that I rarely use, but it does still have contacts on it. Thank you for your time.

    • Sheila,

      There’s the potential for that to happen, but I think in your situation it’s highly unlikely. One big thing you can do to prevent it is to make sure that if you ever copy other people on a message that you make sure to use “blind carbon copy”. I’m exhausted from today, but I’ll try to remember to fill in some more details when I wake up.

  15. I plugged in my first name AND CELL NUMBER, so that they could “track position availability in my area”!
    Will they be able to access my accounts?? this is so scary!

  16. what about this UWC Corp E-commerce performance training, s this a scam as well? Almost the same adds home income profits they say? anyone know about this web site

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