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What people are saying about WorkAtHomeTruth

"You know, your articles are pretty darn awesome! I never miss an issue."
- Jim

"My Full time home job is 40 hours a week they say. They actually had it advertised as Part time but said I could do Full time(It is sales related-which isn't exactly what I wanted, I wanted the Full Time job to be non-sales Customer Service and I have found some things like that, but I had already accepted this."
- Patricia

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"I have already found a job, thank you for all of the helpful information that you have sent to me."
- Rachael

"Paul:Once again, thank you so very much for your input. I downloaded BeatingAdwords and am soaking it up. Way better "how to" user friendly guide for newbies. Keep up the good work!"
- Liz

Mr Work @ Home, Luke Parker's Surefire Success, your link to workathome jobs (telphone marketing and Customer Service) and particularly "In Your PJs" as well as detailed legitimacy thru and thru are the greatest comforts to my life! Your site is the cat's meow. I look forward to each newsletter, etc. Your support is the most hardworking and protective!! Thank you
- (name withheld)

"First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and thank you so much for all the info. You have been a real big help to me. Like I said before I wouldn't know what to do without your info. And I do have the book Ebay for Dummies. Thanks again, and have a great day."
- Kelly

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me out. I'm VERY happy with the results and again my faith has been restored that there are some good people left in the world. Your patience has been greatly appreciated.
- Pattie

The words you wrote are appreciated by me. I've been looking for work at home-at my computer.I pray that I can follow your directions and make some extra income. It would be nice to pay off some bills. Our budget is so tight that we are always in a negative balance. Thank you for your honesty.
(name not given)

"I ESPECIALLY appreciated your ETHICAL approach to home-based businesses. I see what you mean w/the guy who wrote the "great gobs of cash in a hurry" book (I forget the actual name)--but how refreshing to see someone talking about making money on the internet who has--in the self-same moment--a CONSCIOUS!! Wow..."
- Karen M.

Mr Work at Home: I'm always excited to see mail from you--can't wait to open it! You always have honest, practical, usable information. What I need most now is an easy way to get my feet wet on work at home programs; nothing expensive or huge, but something to learn with. The amount of information and offers out there can be truly overwhelming. You are a rare and valuable resource to people like me. Thank you.
- Holly

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