Online Home Profit Center Scam

Online Home Profit Center Warning

Online Home Profit Center Warning

By Paul Schlegel – Founder, WorkAtHomeTruth
Online Home Profit Center Warning

Note: All details of the Chantelle Rawson Online Home Profit Center sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

This is another scam from the company behind the Home Profit Web scam which generated an enormous number of complaints about false advertising and difficulties getting refunds. You’ll also see that the sales page references a completely different work at home “opportunity” called “Simple Online Income From Home”. Things seem to be worse this time around.

The only contact information that Online Home Profit Center includes is [email protected] and includes no support phone numbers at all. Someone did post some phone numbers in the comments section, but whether or not those phone numbers might work for this product will work for this is anybody’s guess, but if you want to try them, they are:

  • 888-840-8956
  • ENGLISH +1.3057227658
  • +1.8888861034 (Toll Free)
  • SPANISH +56.22459992
  • FRENCH +33.975178827
  • PORTUGUESE +55.1130135429
  • FAX +1.3056752956


Yet Another Link Posting Scam

The site is yet another link posting scam site in a very, very long line of link posting scams. You can recognize these types of scams because they’ll claim that you can make a x$ for each link you post. And they’ll often be accompanied by a bogus income projection table that looks something like this:


Bogus Link Posting Income Projection Table

Bogus Link Posting Income Projection Table

This table is allegedly showing income that can be made by simply posting links without explaining how it works in detail.

So Does Online Home Profit Center Work?

The way that the site describes it’s program makes no sense at all and appears to be the same as numerous other scams that have generated a huge number of complaints. Not only that, but the product is actually designed to get you to get you into a “sales consultation” with a high pressure sales person who will try to extract as much money as possible from you.

You may have noticed the so-called bonus where you are promised that “You’ll get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.” This is the sucker-bait where a high pressure sales person will try to get you to reveal your personal financial details, such as how much credit you have available and how much cash you have in your bank.

Here’s are some tips if you get on a so called “free consultation”:

  • Do NOT reveal any personal financial details. If the sales person asks, hang up.
  • If the sales person says he wants to use you as a “success story”, hang up.
  • If the sales person claims to have limited positions available, hang up.
  • If the sales person is calling from Utah (boiler room capitol of the U.S.)…hang up!

Other Big Red Flags That Scream “RUN AWAY NOW!”

Online Home Profit Center Uses “Home Cash System” In It’s Title Area:

Online Home Profit Center Using Home Cash Access In Title Area

Online Home Profit Center Using Home Cash Access In Title Area

That’s significant, because Home Cash System has generated a huge number of complaints and is found in the title area of many recent work from home scams.

Bogus Robert West Story Is EXACTLY Like The Old Bogus “Karl Goodard” Stories

The Robert West story is a direct clone of many fake “Karl Goodard” stories that have been used throughout numerous fraudulent sales pages. You can see the old Karl Goodard stories in the video below. You’ll see how they look EXACTLY like the so-called Robert West story about the Chantelle Rawson work at home success story.

The following are used extensively by work at home scams, including many which have been shut down by the FTC:

  • Use of the NBC10 news video – used extensively by work at home scams.
  • Claim of the “Special Report from Chantelle Rawson, the #1 home opportunity consultant in America”.
  • Use of made up dollar figure promises, often $379, $87, $377, or $377.95
  • Trying to associate their sites with sites such as:
    • Fox News
    • abc
    • CNN
    • Fox Business
    • MSNBC
    • USAToday
  • Bizarre and nonsensical claims to be “Search Partners” with
    • Yahoo
    • Ask
    • Bing
    • Miva
    • Google
    • MSN
  • Testimonials that postential violate FTC No Safe Harbor Guidelines which state:

“Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this safe harbor.”

Note: Read The B.S. Disclaimer At the Bottom Of The Online Home Profit Center Page

“*For purposes of privacy, the creator of Simple Online Income From Home is using the pen name Chantelle Rawson . This story is based upon the real life adaptation of the parties involved. The Company reserves the rights to the name and any uses of it as affiliated with the product. Any improper uses by unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited.”

Not only is this completely bogus, but they completely forgot the name of their product!

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    Just as we thot … Found so many inconsistencies, etc, that we were sure the sounds-good deal was not as it sounded. Thanks for confirming.

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