Online Income Solution Review Of Red Flags

Note: All details of the Online Income Solution sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

Update 3/3/2012: Conditional Refund Policy STILL Listed

Despite what you may read from support in the comments, if you are thinking of buying this, you HAVE to go by the refund policy as stated on the site itself. Here’s the refund policy as of 3/3/2012:

Online Income Solution Refund Policy

Online Income Solution Refund Policy

Read that refund policy and ask yourself the following question: “What does an “honest try” mean? Here’s the answer: NOTHING. It’s not defined.

And that’s the problem.

Conditional refund policies with vague and undefined terms like this are FREQUENTLY used to deny refund. Personally, whenever I see this type of refund policy – I RUN fast.

Update 9/9/2011: The company running Online Income Solution has presented more details about it’s sales funnel, and addressed some red flags I’ve posted so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to try Online Income Solution.

Update 12/17/2011: It appears that the site My Real Income has a set up very similar to Online Income Solution and uses the same support company.

Update 4/1/2012: It looks like the site Home Income Package might be related to Online Income Solution – either that or some other company or person cloned it.

Rachel Smith from Online Income Solution has stated this:

“The up-sell is for a product called Income Elite. This is a subscription product which usually costs the consumer $37.00 per month. During the up-sell process customers of Online Income Solution can gain access to this product for $9.95 per month. We would like to make clear that the re-bill is clearly disclosed on both the sales page and the order form.”

I don’t know much about Income Elite, but just checking it out quickly it looks decent at $9.95/month, especially if it has a good community.

About the Coaching program Rachel from Online Income Solution has stated this:

“The manager did not want to disclose information on which coaching floor they are using. They said that competitors research the product so they would prefer not to make that public. However, the coaching is offered by a third party as an additional service and it is up to them if they want these services? They do not have to purchase these services to use the Online Income Solution course.”

Alarm bells go off for me when I see “Coaching”, because I’ve listened to tapes of coaching sales pitches and have seen the scripts.

Since I don’t know what company Online Income Solution is using, I can’t say anything specific about the coaching floor Online Income Solution is using, but I’ll find out more on my own.

I can only tell you generally, during the past few years heard lots of horror stories from people being high-pressured to spend thousands of dollars on very bad coaching or worthless traffic, so it’s a HUGE concern anytime I see terminology that suggests they might be contacted by phone by a “coach” to “help” them.

I can also tell you this, if the coaching is based out of Utah, be exceedingly cautious. Personally, I wouldn’t let any friends or family near a coaching company out of Utah.

Of course, I probably wouldn’t let my friends and family near any sort of phone-based coaching call marketed by promising a “Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation.” Just be careful. That’s all I’ll say.

Of course, if you have information about the coaching floor that Online Income Solution uses, please post the information in the comments section. Thanks in advance for anybody who is able to do that.

IMPORTANT Online Income Solution TIP:

Do NOT reveal your credit card limits or how much money is available on your credit cards, etc., or even give ANY hint of how much money you’re willing to spend…UNTIL you  ask the sales person how much money is required. If you start getting the feeling that more and more money is trying to be squeezed out of you, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.

About Changing Payment Processors Multiple Times, Rachel From Online Income Solution has stated this:

“The reason this program has moved processors is for a variety of reasons. However, these reasons are probably not what you assume them to be? The reasons include better integration, check-out design, processing fees and support. However, as you are probably well aware Plimus took a company decision to no longer accept any payments from products in the ‘work at home’ or ‘business opportunity’ category.”

That’s true about Plimus. I still have my skeptics hat on for why they stopped using ClickBank, although the reason given does make some sense.

It’s also true that through NO fault of the company behind Online Income Solution, their prior product, Home Wealth Solution, was attacked and had it’s name hijacked by a cybercrime ring out of Beijing China, The Republic Of Lithuania, Ukraine, and Romania. I’ve been doing extensive mapping of that ring.

I started mapping out that ring back in March of 2011. You can read some of the details of that here. Other parts of the documentation I can’t reveal at this time.

Again – that ring is NOT related to Oline Income Solution.

As to the Generally Expected Results question, Rachel from Online Income Solution has stated this:

“The generally expected results are that most people will never put the information in the course to use. So a typical person will generate no results. The same principle applies to gym memberships. How many people have a gym membership but never use it? However, this does not mean the course is not good. The course is constantly being updated and they are currently working on a big upgrade which will be launched towards the end of the month.”

Here’s what the FTC has to say about testimonials:

“If the advertiser doesn’t have proof that the endorser’s experience represents what consumers will achieve by using the product, the ad must clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results in the depicted circumstances.”

The emphasis on “clearly and conspicously” is mine, but it’s also something that the FTC takes very, very seriously when reviewing cases.

Original Write-Up Of Red Flags About Online Income Solution

Here are some of the aspects of Online Income Solution that concern me:

Red Flag #1) Online Income Solution is a clone of other sites that have generated NUMEROUS complaints.

What some companies do, and what it seems the company behind Online Income Solution does, is change the name of their site once that site has generated so many complaints that when a person looks online they are bombarded with staggering amounts of complaints about the company. When that happens the company clones the site and gives it a different name so that the potential customers can’t quickly find complaints about the product/site.

Red Flag #2) Unexplained use of News logos and other logos at Online Income Solution

Online Income Solution has “As Seen On” next to the following trademarked logos:

  • Yahoo
  • abc
  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • Twitter
  • AOL

Obviously, “As Seen On” is entirely meaningless…since more often than not this simply means that the product was advertised on those sites – which is something anybody can do.

Also take a look at the disclaimer at the very bottom of the page, there is a tiny, hard-to-read disclaimer that says:

“**This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Youtube, Digg, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, ABC, CNN or CNBC nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Youtube, Digg, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo, ABC, CNN or CNBC. All trademarks, logos, and service marks(collectively “Trademarks”) displayed are registered and/or unregistered Tradmarks of their respective owners.”

A minor issue is that the image with the logos uses one asterisk, and the disclaimer that references the image uses two astersisks (you can see that on the images below), but the real issue I have is that you have to scroll so far down to see the disclaimer.

Online Income Solution "As Seen On" Claim

Online Income Solution "As Seen On" Claim


Online Income Solution disclaimer

Online Income Solution disclaimer

Red Flag #3) Non-Clickable Security Seals on Online Income Solution

Update 9/8/2011: Online Income Solution has fixed the following issue by removing the logos:

Online Income Solution uses the following two non-clickable security seals on their site:

  • McAfee Secure
  • Verisign

NonClickable security seals are worthless as the whole point of them is to be able to click through to an independent third-party site to verify that the site – such as is secure. Not only that, but when you click through to the order page you are taken to a site called ClickSure Payments which doesn’t even use the McAfee Secure or Verisign seals.

Red Flag #4) The Online Income Solution “Free” Consultation

Many people might be excited to see the following statement on the OnlineIncomeSolution website:

“As well as your step-by-step video tutorials you receive a Free 1 on 1 Training Consultation. Our consultants will walk you through setting up your new automated income stream.”

This statement is actually THE statement to WATCH OUT for. More often than not, these types of “free” consultations are used to attempt to hard-sell you extremely expensive products and services that you either do not need – or sometimes are totally worthless.

Red Flag #5) The “Voted #1″ Claim At Online Income Solution

Online Income Solution claims it’s been “Voted #1 By Many Top Publications” and even goes so far as to display numerous “Entrepreneur Magazines” next to that claim. Here’s the BIG problem and the BIG red flag – Entrepreneur doesn’t “vote” on anything.

Red Flag #6) The Online Income Solution Claim Of Earning $379 Per Day

It may sound a bit odd, but the fact is that the $379 figure is a number used by a substantial number of extremely questionable opportunities.

Red Flag #7) Use Of Stock Photos For Testimonials At Online Income Solution

The image of Jane & Jeremy C. is a stock photo.

Red Flag #8) Online Income Solution’s Bizarre And Meaningless Scarcity Tactics

Online Income Solution makes the following claim:

“IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to high demand and to protect existing members we may decide to make the number of Available Positions Limited. These positions are to be taken up on a strictly first come, first serve basis.”

However, at the same time Online Income Solution boasts that “Since Launching Online Income Solution Has Shown 86,638 People How To Create Wealth Online”. I guess Online Income Solution didn’t feel the neede to “protect” those 86,638 people. ;-)

Red Flag #9) Online Income Solutions’ Testimonials

Online Income Solution uses the following testimonials:

  • Jane & Jeremy C (the stock photo couple) state, “Our marriage is the happiest it’s ever been and we finally got Porsche we always wanted.”
  • Shelly (who’s photo, by the way, has been used on numerous sites very similar to Online Income Solution) states, “After earning $362 in my week and $507 in my second I’m so pleased I made the right decision to join.”

Those two testimonials potentially violate the Federal Trade Commission’s No Safe Harbor rule.
David C. Vladeck – Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection has stated:

“…the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will actually get.”

Red Flag #10) Online Income Solution Is Promoted By A Fake News Site Called Career-Reports

Online Income Is being promoted by the Fake News (Advertorial) website I have NEVER seen these types of sites promote anything other than highly questionable products.

Red Flag #11) Online Income Solution Payment Processor Hopping

The previous version of Online Income Solution – “Home Wealth Solution” – moved through 3 different payment processors. It started in ClickBank, then it went to Plimus, and then it went to a payment processor out of Cyrprus called Gate2Shop.

Red Flag #12) The Online Support Team For Online Income Solution Has Started Posting In The Comments Section Here

A person who claims to represent the  Online Income Solution support team has stated:

“I work for the support team that provides email support to customers for Online Income Solution and Home Website Builder.

Both of these products are legitimate and we are most definitely not as scam company.”

He then goes on to say:

“I would also like to point out that I am here simply to offer support to customers and not enter a debate about whether the author of this website believes that we are a scam.”

Don’t you wonder why he doesn’t want to debate all of the red flags outlined here?

Additional Points To Consider:

Online Income Solution have removed affiliates that people have complained about in the comments section of this site and of other sites. However, there are two highly suspect affiliate sites that they have NOT removed as of 10/2/2011:

  • UK Money Making Programs – I’ve outlined several problems with this site in the comments section.
  • Mikes Cash Blog – This is a flog (fake blog) with no disclaimer that according to compete brings in around 130,000 unique visitors per month and is currently promoting Online Income Solution. In fact, this same fake blog has been around since early 2009.

You can see the Compete graph for MikesCashBlog here:

Mikes Cash Blog

Mikes Cash Blog

Online Income Solution promoted by Career-Reports

I’ve recently noticed that Online Income Solution is being promoted by an advertorial fake news site called Career-Reports – a site that has at times received over 3 million unique visitors in a single month. While Career-Reports does have an advertorial disclaimer at the top of the site, I found a couple things puzzling about the site. Here’s a video of this site promoting Online Income Solution followed by my comments:

Like many advertorial-style sites, uses the claim that “Comments For This Article Have Been Closed Due To Spam. Back Soon!”


Career Reports Claims Comments Closed Due To Spam

Career Reports Claims Comments Closed Due To Spam

The question is: why would they do that unless they want people to believe the comments are real? But as you can see from the following video, some (if not all) of the comments are obviously fake:


Career Rerports Compete Graph

Career Rerports Compete Graph

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