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Web Fortune Master Warning
  • Web Fortune Master Warning
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  • Product by: Jessica Bradley
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  • On June 11, 2013
  • Last modified:March 23, 2014

Review Summary:

The Jessica Bradley Web Fortune Master is a new version of many previous scams, including Home Profit Masters, Online Profit Masters, and Income Masters Institute, and many others. Read the full post here for detailed information about why you should avoid WebFortuneMaster.com at all costs.

Note: All details of the Jessica Bradley Web Fortune Master sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording. I’ve been warning people about various sites endorsed by Angela Bussio for over a year now. All of the sites like these can lead you into massive financial problems. As usual with these sites, the photo used for Jessica Bradley is a stock photo. Click here to verify.

Web Fortune Master’s Hidden Charges

Here’s what you’ll see on the order page of Web Fortune Master:

Web Fortune Master-One Time Fee Claim

I looked through the whole order page and that is the ONLY charge that’s shown on the order page. However, after hunting through the terms of the site, I found additional charges for Web Fortune Master mentioned.

Here’s what I found that might surprise you:

Web Fortune Master Emails-620-233

In case you missed it, the specific billing terms from the WebFortuneMaster.com site is as follows:

The price of registration is a one time fee of $97 dollars. The registration fee will grant you 30 days of access to the education area and materials. After the initial 30 days of access and every 30 days thereafter, a membership fee of $8.78 will be charged to the user’s credit card that was used for the initial transaction for continued access.

Web Fortune Master’s Bogus Income Projection Table

The type of income projection table being used by Jessica Bradley’s work at home system has a long history of being used by questionable opportunities and outright scams. Here’s short video to help you see what I mean:

6/17/2013 Update:

Since signing up for the free Web Master Fortune email list on 6/11/2013, I have received 47 email messages between 6/11/2013 and 6/16/2013. That’s over SEVEN email messages per day! See the image below:

Web Fortune Master Emails

Here is a list of sites like this latest Jessica Bradley work at home sites that I’ve warned about going back as far as February 5, 2012!

February 5, 2102 Post: Online Profit Masters Review Of Red Flags

Summary of red flags from Online Profit Masters that ALSO apply to Web Fortune Master:

  • Warning about “free one on  one consultations” and how they lead to expensive coaching costing thousands of dollars that almost always is worthless and that you don’t need.
  • Order Page claims to be using the 3rd party payment processor Plimus, but almost certainly isn’t.
  • Same headlines used on on Online Profit Masters and Web Fortune Master are used by hundreds of questionable sites that put people into massive financial danger.
  • Bogus income Projection Table
  • Testimonials That Potentially Violate The Federal Trade Commission’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines
Summary of red flags from the Home Profit Masters Scam Analysis that also apply to Web Fortune Master:
Since Home Profit Masters was another site endorsed by Angela Bussio, you should take the following red flags into consideration:
  • Home Profit Masters was using testimonials from an old FTC complaint for ITS testimonials!
  • The site was being promoted by fake news sites (as is Web Fortune Master).
  • Phillip Gannuscia was behind Home Profit Masters which Angela Bussio endorsed. Phillip Gannuscia is a full-time scammer behind some of todays biggest business opportunity scams – whether or not he has anything to do with Web Fortune Master is unknown at this time, but the fact that Angela Bussio endorsed sites connected to him is bad news for you.
April 2, 2012 Post: Income Masters Institute Scam
Here’s an image from my Income Masters Institute warning about a government action against another company run by one of the people behind Income Masters Institute:
Government Actions

Once again, this company is run by the same guy that was one of the people behind many of the sites endorsed by Angela Bussio – who also endorses Web Profit Fortune.

In the comments section of Income Masters Institute you’ll also see that I bust a shill from Income Masters Institute. :-)

August 13, 2012 Post: Profit Masters Academy Scam Analysis

Summary of red flags from Profit Masters Academy that ALSO apply to Web Fortune Master:

  • Images used for testimonials are stock photos
  • Uses Angela Bussio as its spokesperson. I’m sure you understand now why that’s a HUGE red flag.
  • Claims you can make money just “placing links”.

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        • Melinda Reynolds says

          YES! I have tried EVERYTHING! Actually OPINION OUTPOST is a pay to take survey sight. AND IT IS LEGIT! I have been doing it for 4 days and made $35.00, PRETTY GOOD FOR JUST WATCHING VIDEOS OR ANSWERING SURVEYS! It is the BEST one i found and swagbucks being the second best. Opinion outpost pays .50 to $5.00 for every survey completed. As far as making TON’S of many fast, Haven’t found it yet. If you do…LET ME IN ON IT! Opinion outpost pays through paypal or $5 Amazon cards and you get them in your mail immediately (after 72 hours). THE KEY IS, make sure you do all of your profile info right away. This gets you more surveys. ALSO if you you are disqualified for a survey, it will ask if you want to take another one,,,, NO!!!! If you answer NO it will take you to a page where you pick 3 doors and you can win points instantly! THEN after that, Take another survey. Opinion Outpost is great and even approved by SURVEY POLICE. GOOD LUCK :)

          • Melinda Reynolds says

            P.S. NEVER EVER PAY ANYTHING for a work at home program! That is why THEY are so successful! WE are paying them for their work at home! IF it COSTS…. RUN!!!

          • says

            In case other people don’t know what Survey Police is, it’s a great free site for anybody interested in trying Paid Surveys and other similar ideas. You won’t make much money doing that kind of thing, but if you DO want to try it, Survey Police is definitely the place to look. Make sure you join their forum, too.

          • says

            Opinion Outpost and several other survey sites ONLY pay through a verified Paypal account, which means your paypal MUST be linked to an active bank account.Why do I need a bank account to take surveys? I DO NOT give my banking info to ANYONE and am leery of any site that ask for it. I found a site that pays by check by mail on a regular basis.Paypal for me, is not secure enough for me to link to my bank info to an I suggest that BEFORE you signup for ANY survey site you read their policy and method of payment. I’m saying this bcause I did over $60.00 in surveys and could not be paid because of Paypal. Just be carful!

      • Trish says

        Thanks for your research. I suspected this was a scam right away because if you look at the main page “Hi, my name is Kate………moved to Colorado, worked hard, really hard to take care of my 2 year old daughter……” then click to check availability in your area and guess what shows up – “Hi, my name is Dave….moved to Colorado, worked hard, really hard to take care of my 2 year old daught…..” Sound familiar? Kate and Dave are leading the exact same life just different genders! That was the first red flag for me, so I did a Google search and found your forum. Thanks again – Trish

      • sejal says

        Thank you very much you save me from this fraud I was thinking to work from home and I found webfoutunemaster and I read Dave story, he move to the Colorado….!!! Then I registered, somehow I step back and I exit from the web page they provide me offer $20 off from the member fee this thinks make me more think so quite from site and after few minutes they call me and offer again so ask some question but won’t get right answer and second day I seen you site and I read your site. You are angle for me god bless you. Thanks once again. Sejal

  1. Tonja says

    I was taken by the scam mentioned here. I wish I had done more research before losing almost $30K. Now I am wondering what kind of legal recourse I have, any thoughts or ideas?

  2. Victoria says

    I’m looking for a legit work from home so I can be home with my daughter. If someone could help me find that it would be great.

    • amiko says

      Sell stuffs on amazon or ebay, if you can go to garage sales, estate sales, book sale. Been doing these for years, it’s helping us a lot.

  3. Sully says

    Thank The Lord for You Paul! Seriously . I have been all over the past few days looking for work online and still looking for a job offline in the non inet world. I have $70 in my account and thats all i got to my name right now. And i was just about to seriously consider doing the Webfortunemasters and i dunno it just wasn’t clicking but my mind was telling me i need to do something. So i typed in whatever i typed into google and somehow made it here. Thanks for your information i hope i can find something soon. You saved me from Failure due to robbery. Much appreciated, hopefully i can find something legitimate soon.

    • Tony says

      Hey thanks for the good heads up paul,I almost fell for this scam only an hour ago,but you and god above have opened my eyes to the cold hard reality that some people in this world are nothing less than just pure evil heartless cyber snakes in the web grass of the internet.

  4. Shelley says

    I was literally about to pay/start with web fortune masters….. Then I decided to do a non bias search on the legitimacy of the company…… Holy cow…. I’m glad I just read this. You just saved me tons of money and humiliation of being scammed! It’s unbelievable that people that scam others can sleep at night- especially when the ones being scammed are the ones who are really trying to make a better financial future for themselves and their families.

    • GiGi says

      by the Law of Cause and Effect, one of the 7 Universal Laws, this people will pay for what they are doing, that’s for sure, maybe we won’t see it, maybe yes, but they will pay because Universal Laws never fail……

  5. thomas says


    You are the definition of a hero. I was at the $97 screen and said let me google this. You should be awarded the Presidential citation for heroism and statesmanship. We should pass laws that attack this overt scam problem… its not fair to people who want to earn an honest living… How many people do you think get taken for this garbage a day…month…year? The internet is a double edged sword…thank God for Google.

  6. Cathy Ellinger says

    There is a “proven step by step work from home system” advertised on this page/your page… have you checked it out ?

  7. Ros says

    Hello. I landed on web fortune master’s website from an ad I clicked on at http://www.jobsinlogistics.com, which is a very legitimate job board. I was about to sign up for web fortune’s link placement specialist program, but decided to do a basic web search and found your website. Can you contact the publishers/owners of jobsinlogistics.com regarding your knowledge of web fortune master’s being a scam? Carrying an ad from a known scam operation calls into question jobsinlogistics legitimacy. And this would be a great public service to protect vulnerable people who are looking for jobs from predatory business practices. I appreciate your efforts to inform us about these rogue companies.

    • says

      Hi Ros,

      I’ll send them the information, however it looks like they are using Google Adsense on their site. It’s nearly impossible to control what shows up on your site when you use Google Adsense, which is why I finally removed it from mine so I can review anything being promoted on my site.

      Google shouldn’t be letting those ads run either. What’s happening is that company is buying advertising from Google and then those ads show up on the jobsinlinguistics site and jobsinlinguistics gets paid a certain amount each time the ad is clicked on.

  8. juan says

    I came across webfortunemaster also and was about to click the pay button. I hesitated and decided to google it. Boy !!! saved by the bell !!! I am retired and down to my last…thank you so much for your efforts and time…

  9. Thomas says


    Thomas again…I have been getting overwhelmed with phone calls from the initial info that I put to read about webfortune masters page…then this company calls me ” web knowledge llc” with basically the same spiel that webfortune gave me… They even told me to go visit the onlinebusinessbureau, sample webpage and tried to insinuate this was a government monitored company. So I googled them and found out they are connected to the same genre of scam… The guy gives me this big presentation and then when I question him, he turns over to some nasally prick who calls himself an expert. Then I ask them why they are listed as a scam and they have no answer…then when I say I want to do research, they hang up on me…last words were “thanks”, then click…can you believe that…they hung up on me…what a validation of a scam…!!!!

      • says

        WOW do I feel like a total idiot! I DID sign up with Web Fortune Master just recently. Just today I realized something is not right. I put in search for their home page so I could send a nasty email and demand to talk to “Mary Stevens” who apparently lives in my town. Til I came across the info. on here. I paid Web Master and Purely Hosting. A loss of $100 from our savings acct. I’m laid off work and was looking for a legal way to make some kind of income from home while I have major surgery soon. Guess surgery will have to wait now. Doubt I get it but I’m gonna demand a refund from both companies. My brother is a lawyer in a different state but I’ll ask him what he thinks. I’m going ahead with my new website for myself.

        • Teresa Woods says

          Dont feel like to big of an idiot,I just purchased the program to. They have already started calling me wanting to know what type of financial needs we have,even what is our credit card limits on each card we have. I wish to goodness I would have found this info first. I paid $47,and am going to try and get it back. mostly Im worried about them trying to charge my card every month. Keep up the good work Paul and God bless you!

  10. Scott Beaty says

    Just a quick thank you. I almost pulled the trigger on this one. I gave up on these things years ago but times have gotten tough. I realized I should at least do a quick due diligence.

    May your service to hardworking, honest people be blessed.

    Best Regards,


  11. Joy says

    Hey Paul! I too was about to pay $97 for this scam until I decided to google it and found your warning. Thank you so much :) unfortunately I already entered my email and phone number so I will probably be showered with spam emails and phone calls :-/ Im going to have fun sending everything to the spam folder lol. You are truly a blessing <3

  12. Gary says

    Wow!! I’ll join the ranks of the thousands of grateful people here & say THANKS Paul!!
    A lesson I remember from childhood shows to be true yet again: “If it were that easy to make money.. why wouldn’t EVERYONE be doing it??” I’ve always personally done a little research on “opportunities”, but your expose of these no-conscience animals is so welcome to everyone.
    Again, huge THANK YOU is in order!

  13. says

    I have fallen victim to the Web Fortune Master website. In a moment of stupidity, I unknowingly signed up and each page led to more charges. I could not get out of the site. Called them to tell them I wanted to cancel and was told in no uncertain terms, that I HAVE TO USE IT for 3o days, then they will refund my money to me. WELL, after 30 days, they begin charging you monthly charges for the program. I contacted my credit card company immediately and they have a hold on the charge from this company. I need to contact them again tomorrow to ensure they do not allow the billing from them to post to my account. I told them, they will never get paid as I have a hold on any charges from them, to my card. STILL will not cancel my account. They DEMAND, you HAVE TO USE IT, not just wait 30 days, but USE IT during the 30 days of they will still refuse a refund. God help me for having a moment of stupidity in my life. I am SURE there are many others sucked in just like I was. The economy is not good right now and I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE, I might be able to make a few extra dollars to pay the bills. Instead I am fighting for them to not take extra dollars I do not have. FRUSTRATING.

  14. says

    Thanks for the insights, and especially to Paul for his honest feedback. I came close to signing up today. They certainly are attractive especially when you lost your job. I will once again stay away and look for traditional ways to make a living.

  15. says

    I just wanted to say thank you so much because of you and my boyfriend i stopped when the telemarketer was asking me for 1995$ and my boyfriend told them that we will think about it over the weekend. Luckily i found your website and thank god it would have been a nightmare. I called the company back right back got my $49 back and canceled my credit card to get a new number because they would have charged it with another $170. Thank you so much

  16. Jen says

    I almost fell victim until I saw all this information from you Paul. Thank you for saving me : ) I will check out the sites you recommend.

  17. anthony says

    hey , guys I just actually payed twice for a work at home site, what do i do is there any website that are payment free….. and are not scams???

  18. says

    I just found the same website sent to my email the webfortunemaster.com but because im a mother i sign up for websites to get stuff and info for mothers and this site came up as Babyonline.com I was about to start this site until something in my head told me to do research i did put in my name and phone number thank god my phone got disconnected. And im glad i did not put any money into it now. If anyone is looking for a legite online job you can open up your own jewelery Boutique at kitsylane.com and as well inboxdollars.com ive been on there for awhile after you make your first 30 dollars on there you can either pick check or they send you a debit card in the mail you make 10 more dollars on there and they pay for you fee of processing then right after that they give you up to 10 dollars on the spot instantly towards your next amount just by watching video’s playing games like one would do on facebook you can watch movies do tasks do surveys etc.. and get payed not a scam i even have friends and family doing it and we love it its fun if anyone wants more info im on facebook, twitter, pin it, kitsylane.com yahoo, gmail etc.. ashley sanchez and thanks again for helping stop me from becoming a victim

  19. kay says

    I am considering do some craft work at home you must pay for the instructions on how to make it. http://www.embellished necklaces.com. I found this in a book called “extra earnings unlimited” they have many companies i can do crafts for. thank you for all of your info on Angela Bussio i usually check everything and you prevented me from becoming a victim. Can we post links for any company in a legit manner.

  20. Vivian Scott says

    I received an email from Employment Guard, that also has the webfortunmaster backing and decided to do a little research on them. It started out at the price of $97 and then when I refused it went down to $77 and I refused again and it told me there were only 2 positions open in my area so I could purchase for $47, I decided to do so reasearch and I am glad I did, I have also read somewhere before that if you have to pay for the job do not do it, I agree, but I thought I would just research first. Thank you for the information you have provided. In this day and time we all need to make that extra money, but if everyone was going to make $90,000 a year that easy, very one would be jumping on that wagon, so these things sound like scams to me, but reseach and checking things out is a very smart and responsible thing to do.

    Thanks for all comments!

  21. Kathy Crosby says

    Paul, thank you so much, I to almost fell prey to webfortunemasters to day. I told them to call me back in one week. After I hung up I called with some more questions and then went back on their web site. By the grace of God I somehow got on your web site. I didn’t sign up. The dear Lord and you saved me from being scammed. I will tonight pray for all those who were scammed.


  22. douglas says

    Paul, you are an angel for getting this info out to people these scam artist pray on the people that don’t have the money to spend hopefully they get there scam handed to them behind bars

  23. Anna says

    I just have to share because this whole thing was too funny. I was searching for admin/clerical work and came accross Web Fortune Master. There was a story about some lady that was at the end of her rope and now she makes $7-$8000.00 a month. There was a picture of her check and everything but I didn’t really pay it any mind and moved on with my day. I am used to running across scams. An hour later I continued my search for work on a website for the county I live in and I saw “work from home” I clicked on it and once again it was the same exact story but the picture was different and the “sample check” was a different amount. I was thinking “hmmmm thats strange” but I pushed forward because of my need for more funds. I read through the ridiculously lonnnnnggggggg pitch of why I should work for this company. OFCOURSE there is only 2 spots left in my area so I better start now! Ofcourse haha. So at the very end they talk numbers. The original value is $2000 but today I can get it for $95.00 and OFCOURSE the offer ends tomorrow. So I better start now! Ofcourse. Thankfully I decided to google the site, just to be safe. Thankfully I came across THIS site and it has saved me some serious pain. So after reading the comments on this site I closed down Web Fortune and to surprise I receive a phone call from them. I told the young lady I was at work. I would like to research a little more and I would call back. She said that if I call back I won’t get her so she can set a time to call me back. I said, “I will be honest with you…I found some info on this organization being a scam and I need to dig a little more”. She replied “Well Don’t believe the information stating this is a scam because it is not but you can call me back if you want” I said ok, thank you, and goodbye” I thank you soooooooo much for this information. You spared me a true struggle.

  24. says

    I am so glad that i went to that web site, and check out the coment before i gave these people
    my money,because i don’t have any money to waste as broke as i am, thank’s GOD that there was some one to help me out this time, after getting burned one time before.

  25. Dorothy Schroeder says

    I have fallen victim to Web Fortune Vault and Net Training. They have about $800 of my money and are supposed to take out payments of $129.85 a month for two years. Wish I had seen your site. I’m off to my bank tomorrow but wondered if you know of any way to get my money back. All attempts to reach them has failed.

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