Fortune Agency Online Review Of Red Flags (Avoid)

Fortune Agency Online WarningNote: All details of the Michelle Taylor Fortune Agency Online sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

This Fortune Agency Online review of red flags covers numerous parts of the sales process that you should know about.

Fortune Agency Online Is Using A Conditional Refund Policy

It’s critical that you read and UNDERSTAND precisely how the the Fortune Agency Online refund policy works. Their refund policy states:


Customers who feel that the Fortune Agency Online is not for them may cancel at anytime. In order to be eligible for the IRON CLAD 30-Day GUARANTEE the customer must have logged into the system, and attempted the program for at least 20 days. If they have not achieved their desired results after trying the program for 20 days they may contact customer support to request their refund. Failure to try the program for the minimum time frame may result in forfeiture of guarantee.

By joining today you will also gain immediately access to a free 30 minute professional business consultation to gain an accurate assessment of your business needs. This bonus gift is itself valued at $199.00, and it’s yours today for FREE as a fast-action bonus! This offer is only available for 72 hours from the time that you complete your initial purchase.”

That’s called a conditional refund guarantee and you should stay FAR, FAR away from any company that offers one. Why, because you have no idea what they mean by “attempted the program” and they don’t define it and questionable companies use weasel-wording in conditional refund guarantees to get out paying refunds.

Fortune Agency Online Offers A “Free” Consultation

Although a free consultation might sound great, it’s potentially the most financially dangerous aspect of the Fortune Agency Online product.

Here’s why:

I’ve often heard a huge number of horror stories from people being high-pressured to “invest” thousands of dollars after getting a so-called “free coaching call” or “business consultatino” – usually trying to get them to buy very bad training or worthless traffic, so it’s a BIG, BIG concern anytime I see wording that suggests they might be contacted by phone by some sort of “coach” to allegedly “help” them.

Summary Of Other Fortune Agency Online Red Flags

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #1) “Work At Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” claim

Fortune Agency Online uses the claim “Work At Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” on the first page and then lists these logos:

  • Fox News Channel
  • abc
  • CNN
  • USAToday

The phrase “Work At Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On” Fortune Agency Online is meaningless. While OTHER Work At Home Opportunities have been featured on those news channels, that has NOTHING to do with Fortune Agency Online.

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #2) Security Seals Are NOT Clickable To A 3rd Party Site

Security seals should be click out to a 3rd party verification site – otherwise they are meaningless. Internet Income Wealth Kit uses the following seals that do NOT click out to a 3rd party verification site:

  • Verisign Secured
  • McAfee Secure
  • Verisign
  • GeoTrust
  • TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor

You can see that in the video below:

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #3) Headline #1 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the first page of Fortune Agency Online makes the claim:

“Make money and change your life NOW! Within 5 minutes you could be making up to $87 an hour and work from the comfort of your own home!”

Variations of that type of headline have been used by hundreds of questionable sites that all look extremely similar to Fortune Agency Online.

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #4) Headline #2 Used By Questionable Sites

The headline of the second page of Fortune Agency Online makes the claim:

“If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven Work From Home Opportunity To Make Up To $379 Per Day!”

In this, case that EXACT claim has been used by hundreds of questionable sites that all look extremely similar to Fortune Agency Online.

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #5) Bogus Income Projection Table

Fortune Agency Online displays a table so that you can imagine all the money you can make by posting links. The problem is tables like these aren’t based in any sort of reality. You see, the only way you get paid in a program like Fortune Agency Online is if someone finds your link, clicks on your link, then takes an action such as buying product, filling out a form (such as filling out a detailed insurance quote form that will allow an insurance company to follow up with them).

In other words, just because you PLACE an ad containing a link, does NOT mean you’ll get paid from doing so. In fact, most of the time you WON’T.

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #6) Bogus Karl Goodard Story

The exact same Karl Goodard Story has been used across numerous questionable websites. The only difference is the fake name of the person the story is about. I’ve made a small sampling of that in this video for another site just like Fortune Agency Online:

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #7) Testimonials That Potentially Violate The FTC’s No Safe Harbor Guidelines

On the second page of Fortune Agency Online there are testimonials about income earned:

  • “Ernest T.” claims, “Within 1 month I was making over $300 a day and now 2 months later I’m making an average of $450 a day and I’m still keeping my day job.”
  • “Sarah & Luke Delfino” claim they made $2,000 in their first 3 weeks

These At Home Cash Money testimonials potentially violate the FTC’s recent No Safe Harbor Guidelines concerning the use of testimonials. Those guidelines state:

“…the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will actually get.”

Fortune Agency Online Red Flag #8) Diana Thompson Is A Stock Photo

In case  you hadn’t noticed, you should realize that Diana Thompson is a made up person using a stock photo. Click here to see the Stock Photo Fortune Agency Online used.

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  1. says

    My Order Ref # 309905 please return my refund to my account as I have to take classes in college
    and will not be to do this job as of now. Please return all of my money. Thank You


    Funny how you can take a legitimate company, slander them in any known fashion you can to convince the customer of fraudulent activity, then “Self Promote” your own suggetion of Online revenue generation to satisfy your own personal gain! Way to go Paul Schlegal! BTW folks….just an FYI Paul Schlegal is not an actual person, and his suggested remedy to supposed scam is lies & deceit to conjure your business within his programs.
    Truth be Told

    • says

      Do you really think that the people reading this blog can’t figure out that your a shill for the company? No real company would have to send out shills to try to defend an obvious scam. I guarantee you that everybody here knows that you are just trying to save your human-sales-grinder scamming operation. Your shilling just makes your company look even worse than it actually is.

      Now on to other insane idea of “I’m not a real person”. You might want to tell that to the folks at the FTC and the Secret Service that I’ve helped. You can also go tell the Small Business Association that the interviewed a fake person here:
      Small Business Association Interview With Paul Schlegel”

      Since you seem to doubt my credentials (and even my actual existence), let me lay them out for you:

      Let’s compare notes about our individual expertise, shall we?

      Let’s also look at what qualifies ME to make the distinction between what’s a scam and what’s not:

      – I DIRECTLY helped the FTC take down one of the top 100 spammers in the world – the case is at FTC Vs. In Deep Services
      – I provided the Secret Service documentation – at their request – on a complex, cross-border fraud case. Since the company has been shut down now, I’ve put up some of the documentation for you to see Enties Chart For Jess Willms’ Companies. You can see the results of that case FTC Vs. Jesse Willms
      – I regularly provide documentation and speak daily to the Founder of Eagle Research Associate who works with several Assigned Federal Agents as well as several State AGs.

      Here’s one of the cases I helped tons of people file complaints against – and get their money back from – never charging them anything:
      FTC Vs. Google Money Tree. You can see the original post with 851 comments at:

      Google Money Tree Complaints

      So, Richard. That’s what qualifies ME to make these judgement about which programs are scams. What qualifies YOU to question my opinions? After all, you apparently must have missed the REAL red flags – or you’d have absolutely NO reason to be here… either that or you are a SHILL for Income Profit Masters…more likely one of the guys who works in their boiler room stealing money from people I hear horror stories from everyday about companies like yours.

      Skipping The Scams…

      I’m sure you know that I could make a small fortune promoting scams like Fortune Agency Online if I wanted to – after all currently it’s paying it’s affiliates $95.00 per sale generated.

      Guess why they pay their affiliates that much on a product?

      Because they know they can scam people out of the thousands of dollars on the back end.

      You know how I know that? Because I’ve helped tons of people – without charging them a penny – try (not always successfully) to get their money back – and I’ve listened to the actual BOILER ROOM recordings of the scams going on.

      Now on to the program on my Store Page

      First of all – the link takes you to a STORE page – where there is a 20 minute video – explaining everything that’s involved – that the program takes time – takes work – and clearly outlines the budget required. The entire program including incredible support via an incredible active community forum with paid moderators that check daily on unanswered questions + a support ticket system + phone callbacks…IF needed – costs a whopping ONE time $47.

      Let’s compare that to the programs I’ve listed here – along with thousands of others I’ve warned about – which claim you can simply “make make money posting links” – and is a lead generation site for a boiler room that is going to try to hard-sell people out of thousands of dollars (the free “consultation” is a ploy to get you to speak to a hard-sell sales person).

  3. Gustavo says

    This is a bad company, i lost my money with then, didn’t get back like says on the site. KEEP AWAY FOR THIS GUYS, THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND ARE STOLEN PEOPLE ON THE WEB.

  4. says

    This is a bad company, i lost my money with then, didn’t get back like says on the site. KEEP AWAY FOR THIS GUYS, THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND ARE STOLEN PEOPLE ON THE WEB.

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