Oprah scam show – part 1 – Work at Home Scams

I’m watching Oprah’s scam show’s and the first part on work at home scams is pretty lame. It’s just covering the same scams that the FBI, US Postal Inspectors and FTC warn about year after year. Various Nigerian scams, Advance fee fraud etc. Kind of pointless as there are so many much more subtle scams such as hidden negative option scams that are not talked about nearly enough.

And the amazing thing is that Oprah is acting like this is “big news”. It’s not. It’s not at all and she’d be doing much more of a service if she would talk about scams that the FBI, FTC, and other government organizations aren’t already aggressively putting out information about.

I guess she feels these scams are “sexy” or something. I guess these scams “make the ratings”.

Possibly the only part so far that might be of some news to people is the brief segment discussing victim recovery scams in which the scammers claim they are going to help victims recover money or pay restitution to them in order to scam them again.

I’m a pretty big Oprah fan, but this show so far is a huge, huge disappointment.

Of course you can always use the Search4Scams.com search engine to search for information on possible scams in many different ways.

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  1. it’s amazing how our government and the media does not bother to go onto other scams and expose them like you said, they have been talking about the same stupid scams for years, while all the new types of scammers run rampant and practicly own the internet now.

  2. am richard from ghana am 23 y old and, i was wacthing the oprah winfrey shom i like progame thank you oprah may god bless you

  3. elzerda says:

    please help me look for a job

  4. elzerda says:

    now i am out of job i have 3 kids please help me [phone number removed]

  5. I’ve tried taking surveys before to help make some money online (my first online endeavor), but I failed miserably. Not that I did not do them correctly, but the site I signed up for was a scam. Lesson learned.

  6. I started taking surveys a couple of months ago and continually to make small change every now and then, but absolutely nothing to survive off of like they claim. I mostly just make little purchases online through PayPal as soon as I get paid so it is not too lousy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuck this we have to eat…

  8. is there any at home jobs out there that are legal and you make honest money. I am a at home single mother with no job and would love to find a job online that is real and doesn’t scam you out of all you have. Can you please help if you have any information.

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