Submit Questions here (temporary solution)

This is the place to submit your questions as the forum is officially on hold for now.

I’m in the process of getting a F.A.Q. section installed at WorkAtHomeTruth which will also allow you to submit your questions.

I’ve decided to do this in place of the forum for now as it seemed like the forum was mostly being used for that purpose and I’m MUCH more likely to answer on the blog than in the forum.

You can post your questions here for now until I get the F.A.Q. section set up.


This page is too full now, so I have set up a new page for posting questions.

Ask your questions here:

Click here to go to the right page to ask new questions.

Othe Q & A pages:

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  1. @TJ

    I am not sure what you are specifically referring to on Paul’s website.

    Perhaps you could be more specific.

    Paul’s recommendations tend to be more of the, try this, work hard and you might make some money type. They aren’t the quick riches pitches.

    You should probably take a closer look.

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