How to Get Back Overdraft Fees From Your Bank

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Federal Reserve cracking down on overdraft fees and banning ATM, Debit Overdraft Fees without customer explicitly opting into the overdraft fee programs.

As I was reading up on this, I ran into an interesting video on how to get back overdraft fees from your bank. It’s hard to imagine this NOT working in most circumstances as it’s a matter of simple economics for the Banks:

Note, this post isn’t about the pros and consĀ of overdraft protection. This is about the fact that many things in life are negotiable if you are willing to try.

Feel free to share your experiences (good or bad) with overdraft fees and/or overdraft protection, including any helpful tips you might have for people on how to recover overdraft fees.

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  1. Kay Goodwin says:

    I have always negotiated with the bank when I have gotten a overdraft fee charge and it has been very positive for me. Most of the time I have had them credit back into my account but I have had very few overdraft fees.

  2. Thanks for the update. I do have a question about another program I wanted your oppinion on. Is Instant Postcard Wealth a scam? I have read up on it and I cannot be sure. Thanks!

  3. About over drafts, some sleeze co bought up a old written off credit card debt.they have manage to freeze my bank acct which is being delt with how ever the checks sent out before the freeze are coming back nsf and the bank is piling up fees for each check what can I do about these over drafts that were not my doing any ideals
    thank you

  4. Most banks and credit unions automatically enroll you in a service (called “Courtesy Pay” at my CU) which allows you to overdraw your checking account, and then charges a high fee ($25 at my CU) for this “courtesy”. They don’t tell you, but you can opt out of it. The downside of opting out: the embarrassment and/or inconvenience of possibly having your debit card denied while you’re paying for your groceries. The upside: No sneaky, exorbitant fees. I have opted out of mine; I’d rather risk embarrassment than pay $25 for a $1 overdraft.

  5. whyte gold says:

    banks suck lets go back to gold silver diamonds. but i’m on ssi and my bank people state bank charged me 30 dollars for goig over 2 dollars the 2 dollar over draft was mon went in on wed to cash a check and they wont take it back / banks should call
    you when you overdraft totry to give you a chance to fix it but i guess they are to greeedy

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