Sites Launched On YYYY-MM-DD

ServerSiders, a site that aggregates data of domains around the web has a feature that could be quite useful for both reverse-engineering legitimate businesses’ online marketing strategies and for analyzing potential internet fraud.

The feature is it’s list of sites launched on a specific date ordered by current Alexa ranking. The Alexa ranking is secondary to the fact that ServerSiders lists sites by the date they launched (up to 1,000 sites per date).

If you are reverse engineering a company this ServerSiders tool can be a valuable way to reverse engineer some of its’ online marketing strategy as companies often launch sites in groups for the sake of efficiency – or merely because they have reached the scheduled launch date.

Server Siders - Sites Launched On YYYY-MM-DD

Server Siders - Sites Launched On YYYY-MM-DD

You can view the full list of sites that launched on 2010-01-01 here at

When using this tool, you’ll probably want to pick a date range of at least 2 weeks and pull all sites launched within that date range.

Also, keep in mind a couple of other things:

  1. The tool is giving the current Alexa ranking whereas it might be of more value to check sites’ historical Alexa rankings.
  2. You might consider pulling all of the sites within a certain date range and then run them through a Bulk-IP checker to look for sites residing on the same IP. Often a company will host many of it’s sites on the same IP or a certain set of IPs.

Related tools:

  • Bulk IP checker at Authority Domains – normal used by Search Engine Optimization Professionals, but here we are using it to look for sites we find using the ServerSider “Sites Launched On” tool.

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