Utah Boiler Room Sales Person Admits Coaching Doesn’t Work

I recently had an interesting post from what seems to be a Utah Boiler Room Sales person. He went by the name of “Carlos”, although I’m doubtful that’s his real name.

Here’s what he said:

“Ive been selling internet marketing coaching for 7 years and we help our clients but its obvious that no everyone is going to make money even with coaching so makes you think that they can make hundreds and thousands of dollars by investing $97. its a blue print to get started! its common sense.”

To which I replied:

“What’s the name of your coaching company? Hopefully you aren’t one of the scumbags that tries to rip people off every day. It doesn’t even look like your using your real name here, which makes me question everything else about you. Not only that, but your IP address is from Salt Lake City, Utah, which is THE coaching scam capital of the world.

Note: Anybody who buys into boiler-room salesman “Carlos’” nonsense, should go listen to the FULL audio here:
Scamming Two Debbies
That’s how a typical “helpful coaching” call goes from the types of companies it sounds like “Carlos” is talking about.

Just because people get fooled into thinking that they have to squander a bunch of money on useless coaching by companies like yours, doesn’t mean it’s true. In fact, I’ve seen people ripped off by thousands of overpriced coaching programs with coaches that are just out to grab people’s money. That’s actually one of the reasons this site exists – to make sure people AVOID that nonsense. I’ve seen too many people believe coaching sales people who tell them they have to “invest” thousands of dollars into their business – which you and I both know isn’t true.

Sounds like sites like this are working to cut down your commissions of selling crap to people if you’re coming all the way over here to post.”

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  1. Hi Paul,

    A Happy New Year to you and yours.

    I would really have commented on your post, but then I encountered a problem with your CommenLuv plugin.

    It seems to be a general problem, so you are not alone.
    You see, Your commenter doesn’t get more choices by tweeting your post, – only by + Google it.

    I have experienced this on many other blogs, so I think it’s a bug and not something with your settings.

    Anyway; let us know if Carlos returns to you. I love stories when a scammer end up being the victim.


    • Thanks,

      I have it on three blogs on this site (which all need to be consolidated) and have been playing around with settings, so wasn’t sure if it was something I did.

      I’ve put links to dofollow for everyone. With the GRASP plugin, putting dofollow seems to work fine.

  2. Ferdynand says:

    Hi Paul

    A very happy newyear to You.

    My name is ferdynand from India. Thank God i didnt join online income solution , at first i thot of joining last year but since i ve no net connection i postponed it to this year. But yesterday must b my lucky day since i found ur website and read about those advices u’ve given to others about online income solution it was just a scam. Thanks to u Paul . Im very grateful indeed. Can u give me advices about joining genuine online income.

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