MyProfitSite QuickShot review

MyProfitSite claims that Jeff Jackson is a former WalMart worker now banking 4.2 million in profit every single year.

Here are a few things that concern me about MyProfitSite: is hosted on the same IP as which is recommending it.

The following sites, including are hosted on IP

I’ve  mentioned before that the fewer sites that are hosted on the same IP – the more likely that the sites are owned by the same company or person.

So the issue here is that the site has the following listed as it’s Top 3 recommended Work At Home Programs:


Additionally, the following three sites share the same Google Analytics account (Google Analytics shows website owners how people found their site, and how they explored it:


Each Google Analytics account uses a unique identifier. The above sites share the Google Analytics code “UA-4052966″. Normally each site would also append a different number, but in this case the person who operates the above 3 sites is using the same suffix for the Google Analytics code (UA-4052966-2) as you can see in the images below: Google analytics code Google analytics code Google analytics code Google analytics code Google analytics code Google analytics code and

When I clicked to order MyProfitSite I was taking to an order page on a site called

The first thing I noticed was the non-clickable verified merchant seal. Now according to, to configure their Verified Merchant Seal a merchant does the following:

“Log into the Merchant Interface to configure the Web site domain(s) on which you would like to display the Verified Merchant Seal. Then copy and paste the generated seal HTML to the desired area(s) of your Web site(s). When a customer clicks on your Verified Merchant Seal, a site verification window appears showing that you are an active Authorize.Net merchant.”

Besides the fact that the seal on is not clickable, it’s a bit strange that the site would be hosting the Verified Merchant logo – which they are as you can see by the two images below:

vsp-authlogo-properties hosting image? hosting image hosting image

But before I go too far afield, let’s see what has to say for itself:

“Verified Safe Pay Hub is an online payment site for select merchants that meet our good business practice standards. We make things easier for everyone by focusing on providing the best solutions, which is what we do best. ”

Hmmm. Not sure if I want to deal with merchants that meet YOUR good business practice standards.

Out of curiosity I bought a nameserver report from to see what other domains were hosted on the same nameserver as nameserver –


Amongst the other sites sharing the same name server with are our old buddies:


Also, offers the follow as it’s top 3 “Certified” programs (whatever “certified” means):

  1. www. Trading From
  2. www. Home Cash
  3. www. Survey

Another site that uses as it’s nameserver is which tells us the story of Connie Peterson and immediately relays the following quotation from her website:  “I get paid about $25 for every link I post on the Internet and I get paid every week… I make around $7200 a month right now”.

Hmm. Where have I heard that before?

Connie Peterson’s story is a bit confusing, though, because later on Connie says that she and her husband “Kevin” “happened upon a system called ” MyProfitSite” that taught them how to make money posting information online.”

Wow. Posting “information”. That sounds a LOT more complicated than posting “links” like she was first talking about.

I’m out. LOL.

Luckily there’s a woman at who might have a good way to make money and even includes a close-up of a really blurry Google check. I was going to post a comment on her blog, but “Sadly” “Post comments have been disabled from malicious spam”.

I’m devastated. "Certified" ClickBank report “Certified” ClickBank report

Thankfully, I can take a look at one of the other sites using the name server and even hosted on our favorite I.P. – Some guy named “William Tompkins” apparently has a “Certified Click Bank Report”.

I wonder what that means? Who certified it? Mickey Mouse?
Ugh. After I clicked to view the “Certified ClickBank Report” I just get a page at recommending the same three programs AGAIN…
Wait, why am I surprised about that. OK, I’m not.
Alrighty then…moving on down the ol’ name server list we have from “Mr. X – The Whistleblower” – and looks like based on Mr. X’s recommendations he should be blowing the whistle on himself!
Let’s see we have the following recommendations from
  1. Dan David’s
  2. Mackenzie Lee’s
  3. Alison Wright’s

All of which reside on IP along with throws in a minor wildcard by once again recommending instead of HomeCashCourse:

  1. Dan David’s
  2. Michael Chase’s
  3. Alison Wright’s

Last on the name server list is which presents us with the following choices:

  1. Michael Chase’s
  2. Mackenzie Lee’s
  3. Alison Wright’s

Somehow I’m starting to sense a pattern here.

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