Companies looking for home assembly work

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How companies looking for home assembly work will scam you...

Generally you will see an ad for companies looking for home assembly work. The catch is that the company will either require you to pay hundreds of dollars for supplies. Or more typically, they'll charge you a "one-time application fee" for you to be "accepted into their program."

The biggest part of the scam is that they'll say that the companies looking for home assembly work will pay you a certain amount of money for each product you assemble in accordance to their standards. But when you turn in the products and try to get paid, the companies don't pay you, because they'll claim that none of the products were "up to their standards".

There are very few legitimate companies looking for home assembly work. How can you spot a legitimate one? First, they almost never will charge you money.

Another big clue is that it almost always will require you to be a local resident and have experience. Also, certain industries require a "homeworkers certificate". Finally, companies looking for home assembly will usually specify how many homeworkers they employ. In other words they don't have unlimited number of positions available.

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