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Customer Loyalty Concepts We are a virtual company with all employees, including managers and owners, working from their homes across more than twenty-six states.

Customer Loyalty Concepts' focus is on building a customer relationship, not fast paced sales. They attract stay at home moms and dads, teachers, business people, professionals and others who enjoy talking to people and are knowledgeable about their computer and its software.

They originally were set up to only use independent contractors, but shifted to hiring home-based Caller Employees (CEs) in October of 2000.

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Basic Entry Level Telecommuting Jobs (Article)

There are many telecommuting jobs available in the area of telephone customer service. Compared to many positions, they are easier to get, because (more...)

Build a Strong and Viable Subscriber Retention Foundation (Article by Tom Kucera, Founder of Customer Loyalty Concepts)

Oregon was the home state of my youth, my college years and my early married with family experiences. From there, we loaded up (more...)

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