Easy Kits Scam Or Legit?

Is Easy Kits a scam? Well, one thing is for sure. It appears to be directly to two previous scams that I warned about:

  • Easy Cash On Demand
  • Push Button Cash Site

Easy Kits Promotes The Push Button Cash Site Scam!

Easy Kits - First Five EMailsThe first 5 emails I received all promote the Push Button Cash Site – THE Scam I warn about on the home page of WorkAtHomeTruth! In fact, the scam was so outrageous that I decided to make an equally outrageous video about the scam:

Push Button Cash Site – which uses the name of “Daniel Young” – appears to be put out by “Michael Jones” – the pseudonym of a person who has put out numerous “Internet Marketing” products that have met with extremely negative feedback, including the following:

  • Auto Cash Code
  • My Online Profits
  • The Affiliate Code
  • The Cash Code
  • The ClickBank Code
  • Instant Traffic Robot
  • Turbo Commissions

Easy Kits Promotes Connected To The Easy Cash On Demand Scam

Easy Kits & Easy Cash On DemandEasyKits - Easy Cash On Demand - Order PageEasy Kits makes no bones about it. They love the idea of the Easy Cash On Demand Scam. They put it right on their front page -and of course it’s on the actual order page, too.

Hmm. That probably means that you should read my previous warning about Easy Cash On Demand – to see why you should avoid doing business with the people/company behind this “product at all costs”.

The Most Dangerous Part About Easy Kits

The most financially dangerous part of Easy Kits (Easy Cash On Demand) is the “Free” personal consultation. Free phone consultations are simply a gimmick to get you to talk to high pressure sales people who will try to extract as much money as possible out of you by selling you overpriced or worthless “add ons” or “coaching”.


  1. Mary Taylor says

    I bought into easykits and now Idon’t know how to get my money back. I asked for my money and I get no responses.

  2. says

    I just paid for the.easykit with the name Daniel Young on it…TOTAL SCAM….i went right to the login page and put my username and password…it says USERNAME DOES NOT EXIST IN OUR DATABASE!!!!! Crazy being i just got a thank u for ur purchase email…. U SUCK “DANIEL YOUNG”

  3. Angela says

    I just signed up for this easy kits. Now I am reading it is a scam what do I do now. I signed up because it was emailed to me with the Monster logo at the top of it so I thought it was legit.

  4. says

    i accepted the 3 day trail period,but they took 77 dollars from my account before the trail period ended.then they wanted me to pay 57 dollars for vip memship and an additional 57 dollars per month!!! i would like to get my money back as well!!!

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