Home Cash Flow Solution review and analysis of sales page (AVOID)

This Home Cash Flow Solution review and analysis of the sales page points out a few items you may want to seriously consider if you are thinking about buying Home Cash Flow Solution. My own recommendation is that you avoid Home Cash Flow Solution from Jason Hall based on the following red flags:

Red Flag #1: Home Cash Flow Solution claims that it has been “Voted #1 Work From Home Oppritunity Online” (and yes, they do say “Oppritunity” and not “Opportunity”).


Voted #1 Work From Oppritunity

Voted #1 Work From Oppritunity


Reasons why this is a red flag.

  • Home Cash Flow Solution doesn’t say “what organization” voted them the “#1 Work From Opportunity.
  • Historically, sales pages that make

Red Flag #2: Home Cash Flow Solution claims that it was voted #1 Online Success Kit by “Online Entrepreneur”. However, as far as I can tell there is no such thing as “Online Entrepreneur”. In fact the two sites that would likely be for “Online Entrepreneur” are both parked pages.

Red Flag #2: Home Cash Flow Solution uses stock photos for testimonials.

One of the HUGE red flags these days that you can find on websites is the following disclaimer at the bottom of many sales pages:

“For purpose of privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos.”

One of the biggest reasons this happened is because it has become so easy to identify fake testimonials by determining that the sites were using stock photos. Therefore, as a way around this problem some sites started using the previously mentioned disclaimer.

What that means is the only way for law enforcement to determine if the testimonials are truly real or fake is to file a lawsuit against the company. However, having worked with the FTC on a case in which they were tracking down fake testimonials as well as evaluating the position of disclaimer statements, I would be stunned if they thought the placement of the “substitute photo” disclaimer would be considered clear and conspicous enough to allow consumers to realize that the photos were substitutions.

That does NOT mean that testimonials on a site  using stock photos are always fake, but it still should be considered a huge red flag when you see this sort of thing, because SO MANY questionable sites are doing this and have done this in the past.

If you’d like to check out a few of the stock photos being used on HomeCashFlowSolution, you can do so via the links below:

  • Click here to see Ryan Masters’ at iStockPhoto
  • Click here to see The Casey’s at iStockPhoto
  • Click here to see William McDonald at Getty Images
  • Click here to see Mr. & Mrs. Fleming at iStockPhoto

Red Flag #3: Home Cash Flow Solution has placed it’s “paid testimonials” at the very bottom of the sales page.

If you look at the very bottom of the HomeCashFlowSolution.com sales page you will notice that there is a disclaimer at the bottom that states:

“All testimonials have been remunerated.”

Again, the potential problem is the placement of the disclaimer on the HomeCashFlowSolution sales page. The FTC wants disclaimers to be clear and conspicous – in other words consumers should NOT have to hunt around and find them. They should be obvious.

Red Flag #4: Home Cash Flow Solution uses testimonials that potentially violate the Federal Trade Commission’s “No Safe Harbor” rule.

This could very well just be a case of legal sloppiness.  The problem is that the FTC recently implemented the “No Safe Harbor” rule for testimonials which David C. Vladeck – Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection describes as follows:

“…the use of a disclaimer such as “results not typical” is no longer a safe harbor for the claims made in testimonials. Third, while you may use atypical or best-case testimonials, if you do, you should clearly and conspicuously disclose the generally expected
results consumers can expect in the depicted circumstances. Of course, the best practice, and the less risky practice, is to use testimonials that actually reflect what your product or services is likely to deliver. In other words, rather than run ads that give with one hand but take away with the other, it would be better for your ads to give a clear picture of the results a consumer will
actually get.”

In other words the disclaimer made by HomeCashFlowSolution.com at the bottom which states, “*Less than 1% of members applying these principals achieve an annual salary greater than $50,000.” and the statement within the earnings disclaimer which states “Results may vary, testimonials are not typical result” could indicate a potential violation of the new FTC “no safe harbor” guidelines.

Red Flag #5: Home Cash Flow Solution can’t seem to remember if it’s actually “Home Cash Flow Solution” or “My Home Wealth System” as you can see in the following image:



Home Cash Flow Solution or My Home Weatlh System?

Home Cash Flow Solution or My Home Weatlh System?


Red Flag #5: The Trust Guard seals on Home Cash Solution are Non-clickable.

Any security expert will warn you that a NON-CLICKABLE trust seal can’t be trusted!

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  1. I like the whole concept of this web site, and this particular analysis also. Sharp eye – God bless.

    • Bill Hare says:

      I add a God bless of my own along with encouragement to keep up the good work. It is an old saying but remains tried and true that “if an offer sounds too good to be true it is because it is.” I repeat this statement over and over while seeking to investigate claims. When I looked over all the laudatory self-claims I noticed at the bottom the “no sweat” $97 offer that if you fork over that amount riches will result. You know, with enough $97 payments these folks could make out beautifully and I suspect that this is exactly what happened. Just give me some trigger money and I will point the way toward riches. I have heard that line many times before.

      • Thanks Bill,

        And you’re right about the $97. They are very likely getting a TON of those $97 payments…which I wouldn’t have a problem with if they were actually providing business training VALUE…but that doesn’t seem to be their intent here at all.

        • You are right about the ninety seven bucks. No they want me to be there ” chosen student”
          To the tune of $4400.00. Say ING if I put it on my card Andy,it when I make it back. Calling it “using other peoples money. Lol that is not what that term means.
          That is there real objective. Dont by in. When I ask to speak to references he sites privacy laws when I told him he could ask permission of the other “student”
          He cited the 3 day waiting law. They have an answer for everything. Some one not in business would by this. Being a realtor for years I am aware that everything he said had a pinch of truth
          and a lot of misleading info (I am putting it kindly). Let the buyer beware on this one.

    • Paul is a wanker. i bet you are making a pretty penny selling this free video on how to make money online. You are dissing other websites coz u trying to sell ur product wich is the same as there’s. I have looked at what you offered and i have seen what home cash flow solutions offer coz i bought the home cash flow solutions package. and let me tell you guys that home CASH FLOW offers a hell of a lot more information and learning material than michael brown. don’t get me wrong you will make money with who ever you go. the problem with home cash flow is they say for $97 you get this and this ect. but you don’t. at the end of the day you have to spen about $300 to get it all but then your set. and yes their diclaimer says only 1% will make more than $50000 per year, but that is only if you just use and sell their ready set up websites. But if you use your brains then you take advantage and make use of all the training information they have and offer to you. and that is when you start making the serious money. it aint gonna come easy coz there is weeks kand weeks and weeks worth of training and information there. And lets face it that is what peoples problem is… they are too lazy to want to learn. who wants to go back to school. i know i don’t , but there is something i want more though and that is money. so it has so far been worth it, coz i have gotten off of my lazy bumb and am learning as much as i can, coz trust me to make serious money online is going to take serios knowledge.

      So to recap don’t be fooled by the cheap offers of making money by home cash flow solutions. they say its gonna cost you $97 but that is a lie. it is gona take you $300 to get started and also you are going to have to do a lot of hours studying to build up the right knoledge and then you will make fortunes like the people in their testamonials.

      • OK, before I respond, I think it’s important that we recognize the awesome linguistic irony that “Peter” called me a “Wanker”. ;-)

        Seriously, though. Thanks for the extra info, Peter.

        I don’t agree that I’m a “wanker” and I could make a hell of a lot more money NOT helping the FTC, the Secret Service and other law enforcement for FREE, btw. ;-) And I would be MUCH better off if I didn’t run this stupid WorkAtHomeTruth site. I’ve almost shut it down NUMEROUS times so I can focus more on my other sites. I do own the domain name Swindles.org which I’ll be putting up shortly that hopefully will avoid any sort of speculation such as yours as to my intentions.

        I provide documentation through Eagle Research Associates run by Lynndel Edgington who works with an Assigned Federal Agent from the Secret Service, 3 U.S. Postal Inspectors, and multiple OTHER law enforcement agencies he can’t disclose as of yet.

        I provided EXTENSIVE help to the FTC in this case:
        FTC vs. In Deep Services (you can call the Senior Litigator who worked on that case if you doubt me). That case involved one of the top 100 spammers in the world at the time.

        I also sent the Secret Service EXTENSIVE documentation on an elaborate cross border scam involving dozens of foreign entities & over 300 domains AT THEIR REQUEST through Eagle Research & Associates.

        And it all started in a thread way back in 2008 here:
        Google Money Tree Complaints – a post with 854 comments from tons of people who were getting ripped off by a company that the FTC ultimately shut down here:
        FTC vs. Google Money Tree

        People actually were calling me on the PHONE asking me for help to get their money back – and I did it and I DID NOT charge them a penny.

        The National Consumers League used that original post from WankAtHomeTruth – sorry I mean WorkAtHomeTruth to put up their warning here:


        There are TONS more threads like that where I was helping people get their money back without charging them. In in this very thread your reading, you probably saw that I’ve been helping a 76 year old woman try to recover her money (getting advice also from Lynndel Edgington at Eagle Research) – she was scammed out of $25,000 by BankCardEmpire. You can read her cry for help here:

        And let’s not forget that the BBB has used this ol’ “wankers” research to put out their warnings as well:

        Guess how much money I get paid for doing all that work – 100s of hours of work (I still have over a dozen cell phone messages from the FTC on my cell – even AFTER I got rid of a bunch of them). Wanna guess?


        You’re a winner!

        Thanks for wanking in, though…I mean “weighing in”.

        Can you actually address the concerns with the sales letter?

        Also, for the other people – before you take what Peter says at face value remember there are two possibilities:

        1) He is telling the truth.
        2) He is a shill for the company trying to protect their/his business.

        I can’t tell you which is true. Either one could be true. I think he’s sincere in what he’s posting, but it’s hard to tell because recently companies have tried to make their shills look like their on the “up and up” by actually complaining and making “damaging admissions” (it’s an old sales tactic where you complain about something associated with a company you’re actually promoting, a part of, or advocating).

        They’ve gotten REALLY good at that recently. It’s getting really hard to tell shills for the companies from the real companies since they actually make sure to incorporate some “complaints” about the company within their comments.

        • Paul , it is May 5, 2011 and I just read your reply to peter who called you a wanker. Very much out of line. My name is Larry Williams and I was scammed by Home Cash flow Solution. I had one day got a message on my cell phone telling me that I could make $250.00 a day and that this person is making just that and that I should go the website right away. Well…I did and what showed up on my cell phone as the website was flashbiz3news.com. I went to that site and was redirected to a site called “Brooklyn News to Home Cash Flow Solution. They have this woman speaking on Brooklyn News talking about how she is making $8000 a month as well as they had it posted up on the website. Nevertheless by passing alot of the stuff I so much heard before of the rag to riches which was boring the hell out of me. I skipped past all of that to get down to the meat of the site. In clicking on a link that goes to Home Cash Flow Solution. they are now telling you how much it would cost from thousands of dollars to breaking it all the way down to where they would give it to you for just a measly $97.00 dollars. I paid for it just to be asked for another $197.00 which really pissed me the hell off because after I purchase the $97.00 dollars I’m thinking okay now I’m ready to see what this is all about. Just to be given more boring talk of asking for more money and when I kicked that out they still went on talking about how you would need other material…….ScREEEEEECHED STOP!!! THEY ARE ASKING FOR MORE MONEY!? By this time I was so PISSED and they asking me for more money, not to mention that this came from flashbiz3news.com to Brooklyn News to Home Cash Flow Solutions. They got my money and what they were advertising was not the way they presented themselves in what I was looking for. I am not lazy and I am a working man working making my own money. Nevertheless being disappointed in their misleading advertising I wanted to expose these crooks for what they were. They gave a number for me to call and I called it just to be told some one would be with you and call you back in ten minutes. It turned out 24 hours later. I was pissed for the misleading and their outrageous late call. When the call did finally come in, the person I was speaking to was telling me he would instruct me but to get this personalize instruction I would have to come up with $5000.00 dollars. WHAT?!!! I don’t have that kind of money. I went through this before with another scam artist just like this one. JUST LIKE THIS ONE! AND I NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK FROM THAT PREVIOUS ONE ! NOW THIS! I began complaining to this instructor who wanted $5000.00 dollars from me to train me and while I was complaining about how I was ripped off all the while talking, he was laughing at me and when I asked how can I get my money back he said you figure that out and hung up. $97.00 plus $197.00 of which I put out and they were asking for even more money.of which I refused. They made you think you would get your money back immediate and you can’t and I want my money back from these scam artists…can you help?

          Yours Truly

          Larry Williams

          P.S. Paul, peter is wrong and I’m saying it HOME CASH FLOW SOLUTION IS A SCAM!!!
          Because I still have the text in my phone right now “flashbiz3news.com which redirected me to Brooklyn News to Home Cash Flow Solution and flashbiz3news.com you
          can’t find on the web anymore when I put it in the address bar. It would be nice to hear
          from you Paul Schlegel. You are not wrong you are right and you’re not a WANKER BUT
          A THINK TANKER. It would be good to hear from you. My Email:
          [removed so spambots won't harvest it]

      • I 100% agree with Peter… I paid for the HOME CASH FLOW SOLUTION, yes it says its only 97 dollars and you do end up spending around 300 but it is well WORTH it IF you could pull your ASS off your couch, away from your TV and Take a few hours a day to study the information they provide you with you just might learn something… For ANYONE who says ive “Checked Out” the website and its a SCAM You should consider going back to your Childhood years and listen to what your Mama has to tell you “DONT JUGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”

  2. After nearly weakening again, after saying “no more”, I read your review.Many thanks for the bucket of cold water reality.

  3. Another point is that there is no address anywhere. The terms look to be copied from another site and simply “cut & pasted” the name which doesn’t appear to be a legal entity. The name used in the terms is “admin”- without more clarity about who the company is, a legal agreement can’t be made. Anytime I go to a site that is trying to sell something and there is no address and no person’s name, it’s usually a scam and even if not, if they are hiding their address or any person’s name they are usually hiding something else.

  4. I purchased The Home Cash Flow System in desperate attemp to seek additional income. It says there is a one time fee of $97 and a 60day money back guarantee but let me tell you that when i called to make good on the money back guarantee the said they could only refund me for 10%. When I asked them to explain this to me they seemed a little stunned and hesitated on their reply. They said the only gave full refunds if you upgraded to their VIP. I was quick to ask them what the point of cancelling this so called lifetime opportunity if I couldn’t even get my full refund that was promised and they told me to not incure any futher charges. Well as you could have guessed I questioned them on their one time fee of $97 which I had already paid for. The customer support guy quickly got irritated with me questioning them on their practices and started rambling on, which made no sense to me. Oh and their phone lines seem to break up an awful lot to be stationary phones. It seemed to be more like a bad cell phone reception if I do say so. They also refused to let me speak with another agent or their supervisor. My advice to all is DO NOT purchase The Home Cash Flow Solution. My personal experience with them was not well and Ive read about others who had similar experiences as myself. Your answer to does it work Gregg…yes, it can with the right resources(money) but any business could. Its simple business proceedure that any small business must go through but its very tough to break into, especially online. Your money making comes from internet traffic and advertising which we all know takes a good bit of money and coaching. Im not talking hundreds but thousands. Plus it could take years before your website gets accepted by Dmoz and put out there for people to see. If you have the capital to invest and the time give it a whirl if it sparks your interest but in no way am I recommending it.

    • Candice,

      You CAN actually start marketing online with a VERY small budget (under $20/month). But that’s not what places like The Home Cash Flow Solution are going to tell you. And as to coaching, you can get coaching INCREDIBLY inexpensively as well if you know where to look.

      But programs like Home Cash Flow Solution want you to believe you need to spend thousands of dollars in coaching and thousands of dollars buying “advertising packages and/or coaching”. More often than not, the advertising packages they sell are completely worthless and the coaching is mainly set up to try to sell you MORE stuff you don’t need.

    • it doesn’t take that much to get trafic to your site. in fact the tricky part is to get the site. once have have one it is as simple as putting in a bit of hard work to promote your site on the internet. I have a website that is still to this day not finished. i have the site but no products, but my point is in the first 2 weeks of my site being live i got 1100 hits. not a lot but still better than nothing and all i did was post my url as a comment on face book on the twilight page. so if i had done more i would get more hits. so i have adverised to over a thousend people at the price of a few words in a comment box.

  5. “…The FTC wants disclaimers to be clear and conspicous – in other words consumers should NOT have to hunt around and find them. They should be obvious….”

    If you are going to knock spelling errors you should use spell check and a dictionary on your own site.

    Conspicuous (not conspicous) is defined as standing out so as to be clearly visible. To say “clear and conspicous” [sic] is redundant and undermines your own credibility when speaking from authority.

    Regarding Home Cash Flow Solutions, the most obvious red flag is that the “news reports” look and read like an advertisement if you ignore the news logos.

    Just off the top of my head I suspect the $15 per link average is exaggerated, they would not be selling stakes in the fertile gold mine if it existed, and sounding like such a great opportunity they would already be overwhelmed and beyond the point where they needed to charge that higher lifetime fee and monthly subscription compelling you to sign up immediately.

    • Sal,

      My site has over 15,000 pages that I did MYSELF. Home Cash Flow Solution is ONE page designed to sell a product. – plus the spelling error is part of their MAIN selling proposition. That’s hardly comparing apples to apples.

      Let me know when you’ve created 15,000 pages based on thousands of hours of research while providing documentation for law enforcement – including extensive FREE help on this case – In Deep Services AND helping people to get refunds – such as in this notorious case – Google Money Tree scam which has 854 comments – and I was getting emails hourly from people needing help – ALL DONE FOR FREE I might add…while handling OTHER posts on OTHER scams with huge numbers of people needing help at the same time) and get back to me, OK?

      You can see one of the latest people Lynndel and I are trying to help here (WITHOUT charging her):
      /blog/2010/04/16/bankcard-empire-is-accused-of-fraudulantely-selling-work-at-home-web-sites/ a 76 year old lady who was scammed out of $25,000.

      Now think about your comment again – Home Cash Flow Solution is ONE page designed by a MARKETER to SELL a product.

      Or I guess I COULD spend my time hunting down a few commas or a few typos and just put out a dozen pages and warnings per year. Which do YOU think would be more effective?

      Here are only a COUPLE samples of the type of research that needs to be done much of the time:

      In fact your typo comment is EXACTLY the problem with many people today – they don’t do any REAL critical thinking OR research. They just look for the obvious.

      In other words a “comma” isn’t always a “comma”.

    • OK. I also don’t want to detract from the fact that you’ve definitely brought up some GREAT points here as well, Sal. I think that’s more important than any discussion about the merits of typos and commas.

    • Sorry, but I have to support Paul, here, Sal. First of all, spelling errors are the name of the game in web pages, or any writing, unless one has the money to hire professional proof-readers. One thing I have learned, over years of writing, is that it is difficult to be 100% thorough when proofing your own writing. The mind tends to skip right over the same spelling errors that someone else would find obvious. What is more important is the content. It would not make those scammers any better if they had no spelling errors!

      More importantly, I totally disagree with your opinion that “clear and concpicuous” is redundant. Go read a dictionary, please, before you “pop off” as a linguistics expert: CLEAR has to do with the meaning & content of the specific disclaimer. CONSPICUOUS has to do with printing the disclaimer so that it is visually obvious. In other words, the FTC won’t allow the disclaimer to be in unreadable, 4 point type. That is a totally different issue than writing the disclaimer so that its meaning and intent is obvious to the reader.

      • Thanks Olen,

        First, I love your use of the term “pop off”. :-)

        I completely overlooked his statement about “Clear And Conspicuous” which is actually an INCREDIBLY weak point (OK, I’m being polite…it’s actually an incredibly STUPID point) that he’s made as that very phrase is the subject of numerous FTC workshops, Congressional hearings, and other law enforcement seminars.

        But I guess ol’ Sal knows better. LOL!

        Just so ol’ Sal can get himself some edumacation (oops…spelling error!):

        A few other choice references to “Clear And Conspicous” by organizations…that according to ol’ Sal oughta, shoulda, knowz better!

        1. From Harvard University’s Office Of The General Counsel’s Summary Of The Can-Spam Law:

        “This opt-out function must be operative for at least thirty (30) days after the commercial e-mail was sent and must be clear and conspicuous.”

        Full text is here: Summary Of The Can-Spam Law

        2. From Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute’s text of TITLE 11 > CHAPTER 5 > SUBCHAPTER II > § 527 Disclosures:

        “to the extent not covered in the written notice described in paragraph (1), and not later than 3 business days after the first date on which a debt relief agency first offers to provide any bankruptcy assistance services to an assisted person, a clear and conspicuous written notice advising assisted persons that— ”

        Full text is here: TITLE 11 > CHAPTER 5 > SUBCHAPTER II > § 527

        3. From the Federal Reserve:

        “The Federal Reserve Board on Tuesday announced final rules to restrict the fees and expiration dates that may apply to gift cards. The rules protect consumers from certain unexpected costs and require that gift card terms and conditions be clearly stated.

        The final rules prohibit dormancy, inactivity, and service fees on gift cards unless: (1) the consumer has not used the certificate or card for at least one year; (2) no more than one such fee is charged per month; and (3) the consumer is given clear and conspicuous disclosures about the fees. Expiration dates for funds underlying gift cards must be at least five years after the date of issuance, or five years after the date when funds were last loaded. ”

        Final rules to restrict the fees and expiration dates that may apply to gift cards.

        4) From The Federal Reserve’s Report On Federal Legislative Developments:

        “The Credit Card Act also amends provisions of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and generally prohibits the imposition of dormancy, inactivity, or service fees with respect to a gift certificate, store gift card, or general-use prepaid card. The Credit Card Act provides an exception to this general prohibition if there has been at least one year of inactivity, no more than one fee is charged per month, and the consumer is provided with clear and conspicuous disclosures about the fees. In addition, the Credit Card Act prohibits the sale or issuance of a gift certificate, store gift card, or general-use prepaid card that is subject to an expiration date of less than five years. These provisions will become effective on August 22, 2010. The Board finalized rules to implement these provisions on March 23, 2010.”

        Full text: Federal Reserve’s report on Legislative Developments

        Needless to say, I could EASILY pull THOUSANDS of examples where the concept of Clear And Conspicuous has either:

        a) Been written into law
        b) Been discussed and debated

        I think ol’ Sal better go back to schoolz and go get himself some more edumacation!

  6. Deliberatus says:

    This program was marketed under several person’s names, one of which (perporting to be some female marking type) claimed you would get paid to put links on website by companies-$15 a link. The HCFS site itself did NOT make that representation, and the members site (which is still up) is quite clear about what you are doing- get hosting, get a website, upload your books, advertise, make sales.

    The books are real, I signed up and built a website. Some are better than others, but hey, that’s life. But the way the represented it was WAY wrong. The homecashflowsolution.com site was very vague about what the opportunity was. This woman representing you could get $15 per link to post links to websites was SO wildly misrepresenting what you would be doing that it’s a shock.

    You can indeed build a business selling ebooks; they are the new up and coming thing. But you need to learn to run a business and build and run a website, and line up real product, a lot of it, and sell it cheap to compete with the big dogs like amazon.

    As of today, the http://www.homecashflowsolution.com site has vanished, and just brings up a domain name parked page.

    I worked in a call center doing customer support for these people. We saw they were adding new members to the data base at the rate of 1-3 a minute… that’s not too shabby. I worked hard to tell the truth and teach people how to succeed at building their websites and selling books. Right up to the day we heard we were fired, the entire firm, they went someplace else; uncertain rumor mill says they went to Utah to a new call center.

    The MEMBERS website is still up, at www,hcfsmembers.com although the account they set up for the workers to go in to use vanished- good thing I dropped $48 for a membership. This way i can continue to see what all is going on.

    These people do not even care about the welfare of the people that help them to do business. We did not design their program, or plan it, just help people understand how to do it. Now, more than 100 people are on the street walking the sidewalk looking for work, a call center is closed, and they walked away with a steamer trunk filled with money.

    Let’s stay in touch. They APPEAR to have scammed me, my employers, and over 100 workers into supporting them. Where are they now, and under what name?

    • Deliberatus,

      Thanks for the insightful post AND for trying to help the people any way you could.

      I will look into your questions further.

      The biggest downside is that MANY companies like this sell off their database of names to boiler room type operations that then try to hard-sell people into really high priced programs. Whether or not this company did that, I don’t know – and you probably wouldn’t know either as the people that get the calls often have NO IDEA how their name was secured (i.e., they have no way of tracking it back to the original company).

  7. This is an absolute artistry of a scam. Even the emails that come out to you are set up to look like emails from a friend. With vague messages such as “hey, finally I got my priorities straight” followed by a google.com/search link leading you to believe it’s legit. I noticed a few of the things that you mentioned above but not all of them. I also noticed that all of the “currently [3] positions in your area” counters were bad fakes. A quick *right click > save image as* reveals that it’s a GIF. Apart from the criminally obvious counters this scam is beautifully crafted with all referred domain names set aside by the scammer. It’s punctual and grammatically correct with several success stories to back it up and flawlessly covering itself legally where ever necessary. Yes this is a scam, a good one and I bet they even have a dummy program to send you when you purchase just to keep you busy.

  8. HAROLD DUPAIX says:

    SCAMMED AGAIN . OK I am desperate to find a new income stream. HCFS is just another money collecting sceeem . They got $97 ( whigh I will dispute) and tried for another $187 through a click trick. Sounds like the FTC should get this company before they disappear or declare bankrupcy like so many others have. Then there’s the case of the Timeshare sales industry.Same tupe of scam different product. How do these people sleep at night after these kind of misrepresentations, false claims and outright lies.Not to mention ill -gotten gain.

  9. Thank you Paul for all your hard work (with admirably neutral POV) in alerting people to this sort of scam. I only wish more people did the small bit of Googling needed to find your (or other) warnings before diving into these too-good-to-be-true offers. Or just observe the basic signs – no physical address, huge promises of near effortless income, and an almost complete absence of any indication as to what the service offered actually is. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  10. Paul – My hotmail account was recently hacked and all my contacts were sent at least two emails each that contained a link to http://www.nbconline10.com/ which leads you to Home Cash Flow Solution. Obviously they were responsible for my email getting hacked. You mentioned that you work with law enforcement and obviously a law was broken here. Is there anything that you or I can do? Feel free to email me if you need any more information.

    Bravo to you sir for helping your fellow citizen and thank you for your help.

    P.S. If anyone would like to contact these people to tell them what you think of them if you’re just bored and want to harass some not-very-nice people, below is the contact informaiton I got from their website. Godspeed.

    Phone: 877-663-5057
    Email: [email protected]

    Contact from “privacy policy” is Jason Hall.

    • Hi Rob,

      Sorry to hear about that. Email account hacking has been going crazy recently.

      Yes, you should follow the steps outlined here:
      How To File Consumer Complaints which explains where and why to file with the different branches of law enforcement for both civil and criminal complaints.

      I’ll run it by my friend Lynn Edgington as well. He’s the one who works directly with multiple law enforcement agencies on a more regular basis. I’ll let you know if there’s anything further you can or need to do.

  11. if you still wonder look them up at the BBB at BBB.org

    • One tip about the BBB – the main thing to look for there is the NATURE of the types of complaints. The actual grades they give companies are often highly inaccurate – I’ve seen them give “A”s to scams and “F”s to companies with ZERO complaints. But if you see MANY people complaining about the same sort of problem with a company then it’s definitely something to consider. Also, if the BBB includes a special notice about the company.

      In the case of Home Cash Flow Solution, the BBB report states:
      “As of March 9, 2011, there are 35 pending complaints against this company. These are in addition to the closed complaints detailed in this report.

      BBB has received complaints stating that the company has made unauthorized debits to the consumers’ accounts, the company is not honoring their money back guarantee or issuing refunds after promising to do so. Complaints further state that the company has hacked into consumers’ e-mail accounts and is sending spam e-mails.”

    • Here is some pertinent information from the BBB:
      “The website of Home Cash Flow Solution displays the BBB name claiming that they are A+ rated (http://nbc10online.com) The business is not BBB Accredited and our policies prohibit such a reference.”

      “As of March 9, 2011, there are 35 pending complaints against this company. These are in addition to the closed complaints detailed in this report.

      BBB has received complaints stating that the company has made unauthorized debits to the consumers’ accounts, the company is not honoring their money back guarantee or issuing refunds after promising to do so. Complaints further state that the company has hacked into consumers’ e-mail accounts and is sending spam e-mails.”

      “The BBB has requested basic information from this company. The BBB has not received a response. Without this information, the BBB may not have current information concerning such things as the company’s management or its nature of business.”

  12. Hi Paul,
    are there any legitimate work at home businesses you can recommend?

  13. Jeff Pearson says:

    Hi Paul – I came across your site after being hit by the email described by Rob. It so happens that Sunday is my internet research morning when I look at different sites to see if I can recommend them to people on my list. I do not affiliate to earn money from recommendations, but I like to inform them of good things and bad things I come across.
    I received an email from ‘Colin Thompson’ which looked like he was a contact.
    As I have no friends and live alone in the forest eating toadstools, I knew it to be a tad scammy, and hovering over ‘colin’ in the from bar gave an actual email address of jill.loc****@live .co.uk.
    Thinking I was on to something, I hit the link and was taken to http://www.biz101news.com/# Which at that time showed a woman from Sheffield (my home town, so there is some tricky linking going on somewhere), but this was a one off and I can’t get back to that page at all.
    Curiouser and Curiouser I filled in all three boxes, first name, post code and email address, and was taken to the ‘only 3 places left’ page.
    And then I realised how they go about their business. As an internet marketer I subscribe left right and centre for offers and lists just to learn from them, I get free reports or ebooks and I get a chance to check out other peoples copy.
    But I’ve just been had.
    Submitting my email in that box has just given them another email address to cloak to send of on another round of phishing. I am willing to bet Jill from live dot co dot uk did exactly the same.
    I’m in the process of informing ic3.gov of the scam.
    I should have known better. Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up. We are so conditioned to joining lists, it comes as second nature. Ho Hum. Now I have to wait to see if I get any Google complaints, or my email account gets blocked.
    Thanks for all your hard work Paul, now I know where you are I’ll keep popping in.
    Regards from a foggy England

  14. Paul,
    I have also been email hacked similar to what Rob mentioned earlier except the links change every time it is sent. And with this one it also sent it to all of my contacts in my hotmail account numerous times. With help from a coworker we were able to pull information on IP addresses, if you are interested in any of the IP information that I was able to pull this morning let me know.
    As far my email I changed my password, is there any other steps you would reccomend me to go through to try and prevent this from happening again.

    • Kim,

      The best protection is a REALLY strong password consisting of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. Ideally you’d change your password on a regular basis, but most of us have a hard time doing that second part.

      But a REALLY strong password will go a long way to prevent someone hacking into your email accounts. You’d be surprised
      how easy it is to break passwords.

      I’d also avoid logging into accounts while your in unsecured wireless network locations such as coffee shops, etc.

  15. Justin Barlow says:

    hey i recently signed up for homecashflowsolution in a extremely desperate attempt to make some money. I called to cancel after I found out that all of my friends and their family members got the exact same email and found out that it is more than likely a scam. But when I called they said I couldn’t get my money back guarantee. Could you please email me or call me [phone number removed] I’m embarassed that i fell for the scam, I’m usually pretty up on these things but since I’ve been unemployed for so long, I just wanted a way out. Can you please help me out?

  16. Dan Paul says:

    Here’s a beauty. I’m usually very cautious about these sites. I’ve never signed up for anything else like this BEFORE TODAY. What an idiot. I will admit. I receive an E-mail from a friend today. At least it looked like his E-mail. It was short & sweet. “Why work 9-5, make $ 500 + /day,etc.”. Not really needing money, looked like something I could do in spare time. I click on the link ( It wasn’t even an E-mail from him. Close to his address but not exact.) I gave my credit card# for the $97- . I then get an E-mail from my credit card co. about fraudulent activity, need to call ASAP. I called & apparently 4 other charges had been declined since the $ 97- purchase. Told them the $97- was a fraud too. They had to cancel my Visa & now mail me a new one. My own fault for not checking the co. to begin with.

  17. I got scamed but fighting to get my money back. I called the next day and requested a refund and cancelation and was told someone would be calling me back, thinking that the return call was to start the cancelation process much to my suprise and regret it was to talk me in to giving myself time to learn the business. They are fast at doing things over the phone but neglect to inform you that you cannot cancel over the phone, that its has to be by mail in three days of the agreement. For that to have happen I would have a to send a letter the next morning. I wish I had read all these testimonies before I spoke to these people, they do have the gift of gab. All I want to know is how many more people has this company talk people into this same situation.

  18. My yahoo account was hacked on 4-4-2011 and all my contacts recieved an email from me here is one of them HiMonday, April 4, 2011 9:08 AM
    From: “griz griz bear” Add sender to ContactsTo: [email protected],

    My wife is so happy with my new found money success, She wants me to help others get there. want help? Life is about taking what you want. If you want to succeed, I can help. Stop saying can’t and start doing. Nike doesn’t say “Just try it” Just do it. You have to be impulsive, eccentric. Make a change right now. Do something different. Follow my lead. http://x.co/ULe3 Change the game, be the one on top instead of the one taking orders from the top.
    if this is a legit company why do they resort to hacking email accounts or having someone do it for them I found out about this when my Pastor called and asked if i sent him 2 emails this morning and when i checked they were timed long before it was even that time here in alaska I have contacted MSNBC by email since they did a program last night and I was hacked hours later

  19. Here is the Home Cash Flow Solutions newest BS webpage link. http://x.co/ULe1

  20. I had read the entire disclaimer, site etc. Why is it that I cannnot find any information on the BBB website? Obviously the name “Home Cash Flow Solution” Is not the actual name they operate under, at least as far as I can tell.

  21. Hello All, just wanted to add my piece. Very thankful I found this sight because ive been scammed before. I just saw an article on earthlink about a mother making 8000/mo at home. Funny enough, I was just sent the same article via text message from Home Cash Flow Solutions, accept it was copied? With their name instead?? The article on earthlink- links you to “Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Income” whereas the other says Home Cash Flow Solutions, totally different websites etc.. I just called my husband to sign up for the (HCFS) earlier today. Glad I saw the other article, which made me google (HCFS) and got to this. Thanks so much for the additional info, but after seeing that, I knew it was a gimmick. I posted to the site but of course my comment had to be viewed before processing, I think we all know itll never show. lol, Well thats my spill, Take care!!
    P.S Still interested in making money at home. Any legit sites out there??

  22. Found another article, this one linked to “Digital Wave Profit Formula” yet another totally different site with the same content. Smh. :(

  23. Hi I live in Australia and received an email from a friend which read – I just worked towards $214 in just a few minutes online. earned the money at – /dont-go-there.php – you are going to have so much more fun!
    I had a look at the site and stupidly parted with $97 and then a further $22 through Host Gator. I spoke to my friend later in the day and he told me his email had been hacked.
    Can you advise what I should do to try and recover my money??

  24. Also, My Channel 8 Reports is the latest from them

  25. Paul,
    I was surprised that you did not point out the false claim to be AAA+ rated by BBB (on their http://nbc11online.com/ site, 4/21/2011). A quick search on “Better Business Bureau Home Cash Flow” results in BBB categorical denial of any rating but an “F” rating (in Florida), and a number of complaints; many of which the BBB seems to have successfully helped to close.
    http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/work-at-home-companies/home-cash-flow-solution-in-largo-fl-90089555 also provides a link as to their reason for the “F”.
    All the best to you,

  26. roger parmenter says:

    Greetings Paul,
    I have read and appreciate all that proceeded Speak Your Mind. Thank you for the generosity you have shared with others. I have , in haste and self imposed pressure from five months of unemployment, mortgage payments, etc. took the foolish leap into the Home Cash Flow Solutions program for $97. I feel sick, suckered, snookered, conned, and angry. Here is the real nasty part………….. after signing up with HCFS, I went a step further and signed up for the nine weeks special training with personal coaching. The company name is Vensure International LLC. Are you sitting down? Credit Card cost $8,795 based on the ” Can you do the math advertising for posting links. I felt I could recover the costs by posting (4 to 10 minute posts at $15 a piece.) No I do not want to buy ocean front property in Nevada. Yes I am an idiot, yes I feel thoroughly scammed for the first time in my life.
    Paul if you could so kindly give me a step 1,2,3 scenario of how I might retrieve my money I would certainly appreciate it a bunch.
    Call me Rattled Roger for now.

    • Wow. No, I don’t consider people who have been victims of these types of companies idiots.

      Have you already filed a dispute with your credit card company or bank? The dispute procedure is typically on the back of your credit card statement.

      I’d especially reference the following from the BBB report in your dispute:
      http://www.bbb.org/west-florida/business-reviews/work-at-home-companies/home-cash-flow-solution-in-largo-fl-90089555 – especially the parts which state:

      The website of Home Cash Flow Solution displays the BBB name claiming that they are A+ rated (http:// nbc10online .com) The business is not BBB Accredited and our policies prohibit such a reference.

      I will see if there is anything else you can do beyond that, but I think that has to be your first step, especially if they aren’t going to refund you directly (which sounds unlikely to me).

  27. this pun of a company has stolen my nieces e mail address ,and is sending out fake e mails to all her contacts saying that she is sending this to them because she has made so much money at it, that we all need to sign up for this SCAM SCAM, DON’T EVEN THINK OF SIGNING UP WITH THIS THIS SO CALLED COMPANY IT’S A SCAM

  28. “Home Cash Flow Solution” is a total SCAM!!! I got suckered into it, never used it, and now I am having a heck of a time getting my money back!!! I have already filed a claim with the BBB. If anyone has any further suggesstions, please email me. Thanks

  29. Theresa Stafford says:

    I went to the site because I have been getting emails from them for months now. They seem to get through all my SPAM filters on Yahoo, no matter what I do. I don’t want to have to change my email address just because of these people who captured my email from spamming a friend and capturing ALL her contacts. How can I get them out of my hair for good?

    • Theresa,

      I don’t think there’s any easy solution at this point, because most of this seems to have happened as the result of a data breach at Epsilon, one of the largest email marketing firms which exposed millions of users email addresses and their names. About the only thing you can really do at this point is make sure you are on gaurd for any sorts of phishing attacks and the like.

  30. Howard Soones says:

    Hi Roger and Paul.

    I saw just read what you experienced with HCFS and Vensures International,LLC.

    I feel like you Roger;I went into this with good working intentions and everything
    just kept costing more and taking up much more time than I was told..I even got
    to the legal stage,where I had to set up a LLC and get an EIN.This is where I got very
    scared, because I had to supply my SS #.

    Can you Paul or Roger give me any advice on what I might do now? Someone keeps calling
    me to try and set up free coaching and Vensure is pushing me to setup websit links.



    • Are you setting up the LLC on your own or doing it through them? If you’re setting it up through them, did you already pay?

      Setting up an LLC is a good idea, but because of the nature of this company, I would be very reluctant to provide them directly with a Social Security Number. However, if you’re setting it up on your own, then that’s fine – it’s normal.

      Also, how long have you been involved? If you’re unhappy and unable to get a refund from the company, then it may be time for you to file a dispute with your credit card company or bank.

      Ultimately, I would recommend you cut off all further ties with this company as what you’re describing sounds like a very typical scenario in which salespeople continue to pressure you to buy “more and more” in order to help you succeed. It’s not true. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars – you can get started for free, or the courses I recommend are always under $100, often under $50 with monthly fees of about $10 for hosting & a yearly fee of about $10 for a domain name for each site you set up (the hosting fee stays at $10/month though).

  31. Aaron Robinson says:

    This is a total scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife Leslie and i wanted to make a little extra$ because we were liveing on very little extra money you know too much month at the end of the money. Well to make a very long story short the bottom feeders ot HOME CASH FLOW SOLUTIONS took us for over $14.000 and to say the least I’M PISSED OFF. These people have no clue how it feels to be in our shoes. So I have a great idea if somebody out there who has been scamed by this so called money makeing company that can contact a lawyer and lets all fight to get our hard earned money back that they took from all of us HARD ASS WORKING RED BLOODED AMERICANS that we worked hard to get in the first place back please you can contact me at [email protected] if anybody wants to fight back. Thanks for listening to me and my god bless you all except the ones at HOME CASH FLOW SOLUTIONS because you all are going strait to HELL.

  32. I just got scammed by “cash flow solutions” too !! I already paided the money and I can’t seemed to find a way to get it back. I just paid a week ago and they are blowing me off when I try to get my money back. Can you help ?

  33. I cannot say that Home Cash Flow Solution (HCFS) and the brilliant and talented Jason Hall is a fake program, nor even a scam. What I will say is that once I paid the $97 and began to get into the logistics of the program, I just thought it was a losing proposition and really not worth my time. I called for a refund 877/663-5057 and after explaining that I simply wanted a refund, was reminded that I “SHOULD HAVE READ THE AGREEMENT” before I signed up. In it, I am required to ‘WAIT’ 60days before I could get a refund.

    Fair enough, today being the 61st day, I spoke with Steven C. who told me that because I did not attempt the program (“give it a chance”) that they could not refund the 97 bucks. What they require is that I use 60 days to ‘give it the program a shot’. (Again, I was told had I READ THE AGREEMENT I would have understood this.)
    I asked him what quidelines must I follow to satisfy the company that I tried?
    “That is up to you,” he said.

    So, after much reasoning, Steve C. gave me 1/2 of my $97 back (or said he did) and that if I just try the program, and still have not made money, to call “next week” and once they could track my claims that I indeed post links, they would refund.

    I asked Steve C how long he’s been working the program along with answering customer phone calls, he said – “oh, I’m not in the program”

    I didn’t think so. And I further don’t think he credit my account. And I doubt I will see any of the $97.

    To be continued I’m sure….
    Good luck and be sure to READ THE AGREEMENT. lol.

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