At Home Income Source Review Of Red Flags

In the event that you intend on purchasing At Home Income Source you might want to evaluate the succeeding warning flags I’ve pointed out down below:

Red Flag #1) At Home Income Source boasts the following:

“In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Program That Can Earn You Up To $87/Hour”

This is a wholly arbitrary, made up sum because the income develop from sales and they’ve got little idea specifically what products you will end up selling or simply those products’ commission rates.

Red Flag #2) Includes the particular sentence “As Seen On:” which is completely worthless considering that that does not mean that assertion has anything to do with At Home Income Source. You’ll find it applying the next few trademarks:

  • Fox News
  • abc
  • USA Today
  • CNN

Red Flag #3) At Home Income Source is actually using a video segment right from NBC News 10 that’s simply just associated with “working from home” generally as opposed to actually associated with

Red Flag #4) The upper portion of says the product creator’s name is Jennifer Smith who’s photo looks suspiciously like a stock image.

Red Flag #5) Assertion that “In The Next 90 Seconds – Gain Access To A Program That Can Earn You Up To $87/Hour”. Just what is that determined by?

Red Flag #6) The immediately following seals on At Home Income Source aren’t clickable:

  • TrustGuard

Red Flag #7) At Home Income Source states that you get you’ll:

“get a free one-on-one phone consultation with a Search Engine Agent Advisor to discuss your individual goals and map out and ensure your quick path to financial success.

All too often any such no charge “Assistance” ends up being used as a scheme to be able to get you to communicate to a sales person who aims to drive you in to spending money on higher priced items you don’t really need or sometimes which are of dubious caliber.

These are items I definitely suggest you will reflect on if you are trying to make a decision regarding this product.

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  1. Thanks this is very valuable information. I teetered with this even though my gut told me better. The other tip-off was the scarcity tactic, when I looked at the ticker they were only going to accept 1 more person and the the program would be closed.

    Thanks for saving my badly need 50 bucks

  2. i was going to purchase this program as well and noticed the very same thing. at first it told me that they had 2 positions in my area and then said 1 on the ticker but when i went out of the site and went back in it told me the same thing. Thank you for your info.

    I really was interested in this. thank you for saving me the money

  3. Nichole says:

    I was considering this also.. and while I was a bit leery of getting this program.. some of the customer comments left were causing me to think that others have tried it and found success. Would the comments left be fakes you think?

    • Nichole,

      Here’s the typical setup with these things. Somebody makes a fake news site, with a fake story, and FAKE COMMENTS. Then they use that story to promote a product such as At Home Income Source or others.

      Here are charges that the FTC filed against some fake news sites recently:

      “The FTC charges that the defendants:

      deceptively represent that:
      their websites are objective news reports;
      independent tests demonstrate the effectiveness of the product, and
      comments following the “articles” on their websites reflect the views of independent consumers; and
      fail to disclose their financial relationships to the merchants selling the products.”

  4. Thanks so much for the heads up Paul , I’ve looked at quite a few of these schemes and they all seem too good to be true . I’m disabled and unable to go out to work so something like this is so ideal are there any honest people out there ?

  5. Uhhhh…I actually fell for this! Any idea how I can get my $ back? Called the 1800 # it sent me to a place called “Home Cash Flow Customer Support”. Wish I had backed out but, took a chance. I really need some cash flow. Seemed legit. My husband is going not going to be very happy about this!

  6. I fell for this too. I just purchased it today for wanting to make some extra money. They said you can start immediately but all they sent me was this training package to create my own website. I do not even know what products they say they want us to sell. I feel so bad for not researching more before I made the decision. Thank you because it has confirmed my doubts that At Home Income Source is a scam!

  7. thank you, l was about to buy this.. l really appreciate it .if anybody knows about something real please let me know A.S.A.P !!!!

  8. Hi, i just joined up for this before researching, yes silly me. After checking my credit card account have noticed they have charged me $149.95 instead of the $49.95 that was stated on the website, don’t know how they can do this, will be puting in a dispute with my credit card company. Do you think i can get the whole lot back or will i still have to pay the $49.95? The website does say there is a 2 month money back guarantee.
    I read through the first partof the training package and you have to pay a lot more, sign up for domain names, web hosting, premier pay pal which all cost money, oh and the webpages that you get have all been suspended?! Thats as far as i got. Not sure what would happen if you paid for all these things and finished the training – not $87 an hour thats for sure!

    • Tina,

      You should be able to get the FULL amount back. I’ll be stunned if you’re credit card company doesn’t refund the money to you. Let me know how it goes and if you have any problems, we’ll find out what else your credit card company requires.

      I seriously doubt they will deny a full refund to you, though.

      Also, money-back guarantees are only as good as the company that’s offering them. Many companies running questionable offers like this will give you the run around to avoid giving you your money back, or will simply make it impossible to get ahold of them.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Tina, if I were you, I would call the credit card company and have them close your card down and send you a new one with a new number. If I read correctly, the membership fees could go up quite a bit. I am sorry you fell for that. The shortage of monies and the desperation to try to resolve that shortage is what many scam artist use to make their scams work. If it weren’t for my mother’s little voice in the back of my mind saying ” I told you so, and you’re too nieve” I would have fallen for this as well. Thank God for my mother’s nagging voice. ha Good luck getting your money back. I work for two @home companies, but they are my employers and I did extensive research before I proceeded. You should never have to pay to make an income.


  9. Thank you so much for this info! My thing is you should never have to pay a company to work for them!

  10. I too fell for this and it had charged me $149.95 instead of $49.95. I immediately called them and they informed me that the $100.00 was an instant rebate that I had to apply for. I was irrate and told them I was going to call the so called news channels that they had shown as their supporters and they had my money back into my account within 2 days. 1-855-617-4585. Hope that helps. I am still trying to get my $49.95 back as well because it was stated that we would be posting links immediately and making money. Which is clearly not the case!!!!

  11. I too signed and was very angry when I checked my statement and found I was charged
    $149.95. Lodged a card dispute, but my bank charges me $15 for this as it turns out I did
    Actually buy the product. I rung them & was told same thing $100 email in rebate, which
    Is just ridiculous!! On an unethical scam business would do this. I was told I can cancel within
    8 weeks but they want you to try it first – probably so they can scam more money off you.
    Have been receiving calls from all their affiliate companies with other business offers including
    One about selling stuff on eBay as a powerseller & using wholesalers for drop shopping. It sounds
    Like a sound concept, so I asked them to call back in a few months. Has anyone had any success
    From these businesses??

  12. mustika aurum says:

    Hello, I’m Mustika from Indonesia. I was trapped too with at home income source. I registered from my credit card for ONLY $9.95 but I was charged for $149.95…. Can I get my money back? How is the procedure? I really need help because it is a very big amount in my country currency (Rupiah). Please help me……

  13. I think I just got scammed! When I put in the info. the page came up as server error. What do I do now? Did I lose the $29.95 and can they access any more? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  14. Hi! I almost signed up this minute. I was asking my husband if I should do it, but he was half asleep and didn’t really give an answer, so I didn’t do it and decided to look for reviews. I searched Jennifer smith work at home expert reviews and found this site. Thanks so much for the information!!!!

  15. Thank you guys for your input as I was thinking of joining. I received an email and
    as I was reading the information on the link for At Home Income Source all my mind
    could register is that I have seen all of this before from other work at home programs.

    When I Googled At Home Income Source all of the listings were listing $49.95 but on
    the site that I received via email indicated a completely different price along with other
    charges. A complete scam.

  16. Thanks so much for this,I was thinking of signing up but thought I’d google her and see what information I find out about this whole business..I’m so glad now after reading everyones comments that I didnt sign up for this scam..thanks everyone,sorry to those that joined and got scammed,hope u all get your money back.

  17. I’ve just been reading all the nonsense on the sign up page and I cannot believe they can get away with doing this!! I knew the minute I saw the add that it was a scam but I thought I would have a read anyway. I even tried to comment on the web page to ask how it all works but conveniently it has not gone on there…….what a joke!!!
    Even when reading through their page my doubts were confirmed as there are quite a few spelling mistakes!!……NO professional site would have that!!!

    I thought I would do some research after reading it and that’s when I came accross this site and all my suspicions were completely confirmed :)) I completely agree with Tracey that you should never have to pay a company to work for them!!!

    Thanks everyone :))

  18. I Thank God I found this site! I also was tempted to buy into Jennifer Smith idea of work from home. I began to pray about it before I decided to purchase the program and I believe the Lord led me to all of you. Thank you to God that I was directed here. Thank you to all of you for coming together and posting this info so that those of us in todays world that need every penny they have will not be subjected to these preditors. For those who lost money I pray that you have a return on the money you lost. There were times when we could call the BBB to report such things and people and their scams would face some kind of justice, now the internet is in everyones home and it makes it impossible to catch the scammers and bring justice. God Bless to all and blessing in your search for help with finaces.

  19. I may not be that computer literate or may misspell some things, but the misspellings in tha ad was the first that caught my eyes and i knew no professional company would do that. I was seriuosly gonna do this but something told me to goggle her name for some reviews glad i did THANKS…..$49.95 may not be alot but for some people now a days it is….

  20. My situation is a bit different. I have my own business and a website through which I pay Yahoo Small Business for use of my domain name. Today I received an email from a company telling me it was time to renew my domain name and a link to pay for either a year ($75) or two years ($139.00). I ALMOST fell for it but a red flag went off when I noticed the name of the company was nowhere on the email. I decided to hit “reply” to see the return email address, which turned out to be someone with earnfromhomesources. com! I looked back through my previous emails from Yahoo to make sure I didn’t pay for my domain name via some other company. Then I did a Google search to determine if this was even a legitimate company – NO. The alarming thing is that these people had my HOME address on the email, which was why I almost fell for the scam. This really is disturbing! Anyway, I wanted to post here in case anyone else comes across this scam. I would be interested if anyone else has had this type of scam. Thanks for your site, Paul!

  21. Thanks for this posting. I happened to do a search on her and came upon this – thanks for saving me 50 bucks!

  22. I unfortunately was a victim of this scam. The ad originally said it was working from home posting links, when i got into the members area it was more to create your ebay account and start selling items. When i called the 800 number first they told me the ad was no longer in use regarind the links, then they told me they were going to direct me to another website where i would have the ability to see electronic items. I told them that i didn’t sign up to sell, i already do that. I told them i wasn’t interested and to please return my money. They then put me hold, when the lady returned she told me she had spoken to her manager and that he authorized the transaction for the posting of links again. At this point i was smelling something wrong. I told them i was no longer interested. She put me on hold again for about 15 minutes and kept asking me the same questions, as far as my last name, email etc. I was put on hold again for another 20mins and still disputing my refund. i called my bank and they’re investigating. but it’s a complete fraud…

  23. I was tricked into this scam. I received an email from a friend recommending it. Talked to my friend later and he said he never sent that email. So they are now using email list to further their scam. After I signed up and was told to call a number to setup my website, they then wanted alot more money to help me.

    I told them to cancel and was given anotgher number for customer service 888-201-0028 and when they answered you could hear laughing in the background. Total unprofessional scam, they could at least btry to sound legit. I cancelled with my credit card company.

  24. Thanks for saving my last $97..they almost had me fooled..thank god for google led me right to you…thanks Paul

  25. How do I get my money back. I paid $47.00 for the athomeincomesource by jennifer smith. I paid with a prepaid visa card. Did I just lose my money or can it be recouped?

  26. Is there really any work at home site that work?

  27. I was looking at this too but decided to do some research and , as they are using the name of a Danielle Staub, I typed her in and –guess what?? She was one of the women on Real House Wives of New Jersey and is now a nude stripper. A great role model for a “legit” company. Stay away

  28. also got caught up with them and it was a major pain.
    once i seen you have to setup a website and sell products from a number of places i said to myself ok this can’t be so hard . After setting it up which was a bit of fun I then sat there saying to myself ok now what .. Well as it turns out you have to get people to view your website to get customers.I started looking how others did it and began to relize that everything was stacked against me. For one there are thousands of others doing the exact same thing as you and most are failing bad.then comes the calls from them asking if they can help you have success with you fantastic site. For only $500 they will hook you up with x amount of hits to your site a day .Hemmm sounds not to bad.Well as it turns out you will probably not get the hits they promised and if you do they are not legit. Here is what they do, they spam chat rooms and blogs or anywhere they can get into and post a fake deal or just a interesting looking video or pic with your link and when people click on it it sends them to your site alright but theses people are pissed and just leave as soon as they see it was spam.
    Then they will try to sell you inside info on how to get more hit’s and it goes on each time asking for more money to get you more ways to make money like adding ebay to your site and amazon. Problem is you can do this yourself for free ! there is nothing they offer you can not do yourself and make your own website but in the end they will drain you of thousands of dollars.
    It is a big scam ! Oh and trying to get rid of them is almost impossible they called my house for months trying to offer me something else and no matter how many times i told them to get lost another agent would call the next day.

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