Eric’s Success Plan Research

Note: All details of the Eric’s Success Plan sales process, terms , privacy policy, Earnings Disclaimer, etc. as detailed in this research have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

If you’ve been through the entire sales pages for Eric’s Success plan, you’re probably still scratching your head as to what it’s all about. And if you’re still thinking about purchasing the product, there are some important things you need to know. If you’re in a hurry and want to know exactly what “Eric” is trying to sell you, just take a look at the following diagram:

If you want to know more, why don’t we do a little bit of “True or False” here.

Eric claims that his friends and family almost stopped talking to him – True Or False?


Answer: Partially true – in a weird sort of way. First of all, as far as I can tell, Eric isn’t a real person. Actually, his entire family picture is from a stock photo site. Click here to verify.

OK, so if Eric isn’t really a person, how is it partially true that “his” family almost stopped talking to him? Because Eric is promoting an MLM program (possibly even a pyramid scheme as you’ll see later). Bring up MLM to your family and friends and just see how fast they stop talking to you!

Eric Claims You Can Make Money Quickly & Easily – True Or False?


False. Obviously. There is no way to make money quickly and easily – unless you already have already built up a ton of resources over the years. PLUS, as you’ll find out later, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make any money with the company being promoted – and even if you do, you might not feel good about how you’re doing it.

Eric Claims There Are Limited Positions Left – True Or False?

Eric claims there are “Limited Positions” and only “18 work at home kits remaining”.

False. The following text was on the sale page when I loaded it yesterday and it’s still on the page today:
“When this web page loaded there were only 18 work at home kits remaining. You must act quickly.”

The Website Eric Sends You To Is A Member Of The Better Business Bureau – True Or False?

False. “Websites” can’t be members of the Better Business Bureau – only companies can.  Not only that, but the site “Eric” sends you to – claims to be operated by Kaption Media, Inc. as you can see in this screenshot of the privacy policy:
Checking the BBB for Kaption Media and Kaption Media, Inc. turned up nothing as you can see below:

You Will Only Be Charged $9.95 for shipping and handling – True Or False?


False. It’s POSSIBLE you’ll only be charged $9.95, but it’s also possible that you’ll be charged $9.95 and then another $39.95.  Here’s what the Terms And Conditions on the actual site that Eric sends to you say:

If you already have purchased Eric’s Success Tip, through the site and are wondering where the extra $39.95 is mentioned, it’s in the Terms. To get the Terms you have to click on the link under the order page:

The Trust-Guard Seals On Are Valid – True Or False?

False. The Trust-Guard seals on the site do not click through to Trust-Guard, which is what makes a security certificate such as Trust-Guard valid.

You Will Be Selling Other People’s Products And Services – True Or False?

You will be invovled with a company called Vemma. Click here to see my Vemma research.

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