Megan Jackson Profit From Home – Scam Or Legit?

This is your chance to decide whether or not the Megan Jackson Profit From Home System is a scam or a legitimate way to make money. Here’s what I found out as I went through the sales process:

1. I first received the following email from a list to which I’m subscribed:

Step001 Profit From Home eMail


The list is using the name Michelle Morris, although I’m doubtful that that’s a real person.

2. Clicking on the link in the Michelle Morris work at home email took me to the fake advertorial news site Consumer Trends Today at

Step002 Profit From Home - consumer-trends-today-com

For some reason the fake advertorial news site wants me to know that it’s been advertised on the following sites:

I don’t know if Profit From Home or Consumer Trends Today has been advertised on those sites, but that’s besides the point. Whether or not the Profit From Home program or site have been advertised on those sites is meaningless.

Note: A resident of the UK recently told me the following:

“We do have commercial TV which is known as Independent Television and we have some well known commercial radio stations like Classic FM and Radio London but nobody can advertise on the BBC.”

3. Consumer Trends Today is promoting a program called Profit From Home:

Step003 Profit From Home Header

4. Megan Jackson’s Profit From Home HUGE RED FLAG

Megan Jackson’s work at home system is using a testimonial from an old FTC complaint as you can see in the images below:

Here’s the testimonial in the FTC complaint:

Step004a Profit From Home FTC Testimonial Example

Here’s an image showing one of Profit From Home’s testimonials on the left and a testimonial from the FTC Complaint on the right:

Step004b Profit From Home Using FTC Testimonial

If there’s enough interest, I’ll be happy to post more about this.

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