Theresa Andrews Work From Home

If you have encountered one  of the Theresa Andrews Work From Home sites, then this page will help you understand what they are all about.

Who Is Theresa Andrews?

All of the sites I’ve seen using this name are highly questionable sites that tend to lead to a great deal of complaints. The name Theresa Andrews itself is simply a made up name that the creators of the site want you to believe is a work at home mom generating home income doing simple “link posting”.

There are several different images used for Theresa Andrews. All of the ones I’ve seen are stock photos. Click Here to see one of the stock photos commonly used for her.

Guaranteed Placement?

Many of these sites will claim they can guarantee you placement as a “link poster” or what they call a “Search Engine Agent”.  First of all, there’s no such thing as a “Search Engine Agent”. Second of all, because they are actually talking about affiliate marketing where you work for yourself as an independent contractor selling products and services from other companies, there’s no way they can “guarantee” you placement.

So What Is This Theresa Andrews “Home Income” Opportunity Really All About?

The real purpose of sites like these is to get your phone number and to get you to talk to a high-pressure, hard-sell sales person who will try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Typically, the sales person will make all kinds of promises and refund guarantees to you, but when you sign the actual contract for the so-called coaching and other services, none of those promises and guarantees will be in the contract. That’s so when you figure out that you want to try to get your money back, it will make it very difficult for you to do so.

If you’ve had experience with one of these types of sites, please post your experience and/or questions in the comments section below.

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  1. Jamie says

    I’ve been looking for something to do from home as I’m a stay at home mom now. I noticed this story is pretty much identical to Megan Jackson’s profit from home. They both have the same layout. I’m very skeptical about getting involved with any of these companies as there are so many scams. Do you have any recommendations of where to look?

    • Iain says

      There are a lot of genuine companies out there but it is important to do your due dilligence. Please connect with me if you want more info or just for reassurance. Regards. Iain.

      • says

        Why can someone not give us home base desired workers wanna be’s a legitmate company to work for on the internet? Seems like that could be a career in itself. I would like a real company to work at home and pay me an honest wage/commission for a days work. I am not looking for something for nothing. I am willing to work the hours if a company is really out there in cyberspace to make money at a home based business. And if one does not exist, why is this not policed better from them scamming the public as suggested of Theresa Andrews work from home? Please respond to me at [removed so spammers don’t harvest your email], a real person unemployed searching for a way to make money on the internet, if it’s possible.

        Thanks so much,
        Robert :)

      • Nanda says

        I can spot these scammers from a mile away……I am looking for something that I can do from home as well but I am a skeptic and I look before I jump……Can you recommend any LEGITIMATE home based businesses that I can look into for little extra income? THanks

  2. chele says

    how can you differentiate from a scam and genuine company?

    Is there certain domain names, key letters, words, etc?

    I am in need of help. The last company took me for $2000 for being and ‘ Associate something… made me a poorly designed web page with a portal site to my page….what the heck is a portal site and how do you know to click on it to get to my site? Yeah, never doing that again.

  3. Cindy Ferrell says

    Thank you for your article on work at home scams. Are there any legitimate companies out there to work from home using the computer?

  4. Cheryl King says

    I am one of the “eager opportunists” that spoke with a alleged customer service rep with the Theresa Andrews Work Online Company earlier today. I truly thought after speaking with this woman and asking every legitimate question i could think of, that she was on the up and up about making money with this site. I was very excited about the opportunity to work from home as I am a single Mother and have a child with a serious skin disorder, so taking her to a sitter or out of the house even, is very hard on her skin and causes severe breathing issue as well. I have over 20 years Office Management experience, and can’t understand why it is so hard to find this type of work from home and that is an honest company. My question is simply this…Is there a legit company that needs someone that has 20 years management experience that is not fraudulant? I am tired of looking and being disappointed EVERY time..Can you tell me where to look? Or how to find these “Honest Companies” that truly need someone with my experience and dedication? Thanks for any help you can offer…:-)

  5. says

    Hello I was offered this special members and family only deal at a discounted price and after I had filled out the form and entered my c/card information I was directed to the members only page and given instructions to call a personal assistant and then the page went to time out and now it is not able to be reopened. when you try to get back to it they tell you that you are a registered customer already. trying to find out how to cancel this transaction and have not been able to. any help would be appreciated. thanks Lloyd.

  6. vanessa says

    I received an email about Theresa Andrews story and tried to create an account with a link called online income, but for some reason the page wouldn’t let me finish the transaction ? she mentions posting links for companies to make money, that there is a time limit to register, is this true? I would like to give it a try and would love your advice. thank you

  7. Carolyn says

    Hi guys, if you are looking for work at home I worked for west at home for several years. They are a legit company. They don’t promise you a lot of money but it is work. I dont know what the pay is now but they typically pay a $1 or 2$ more than minimum wage. I did home depot credit cards, proflowers and sears Maytag recall. Go to the website and apply.

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