Automated Home Jobs review of red flags

Recently there was a home business program that generated a huge amount of complaints. That program was called which generated a huge number of complaints. Recently that website started directying to Automated Home Jobs. This page is an Automated Home Jobs review of red flags.

The Following Is An AutomatedHomeJobs Review Of Red Flags Video

I’ve also included written explanations of the red flags beneath the video.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #1) “As Seen On”?

“As Seen On” – No Explanation Of What This Means Anyone could “Advertise” and be “Seen On”.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #2) “Bizarre Disclaimer”

Bizarre disclaimer says site is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google or Craigslist…which have NOT been mentioned ANYWHERE on the site.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #3) “2 Positions Left In FAKE Made Up Imaginary City”

AutomatedHomeJobs pretend to be searching for positions left in a city based on the phone number entered. I entered a made up, fake phone number – 9999999999.

Amazingly, there were 2 positions left in the fake made up imaginary city associated with this phone number! In fact, “Only 15 People In Imaginary Fake Cities Are Accepted At Any Given Time!” ;-)

Automated Home Jobs red flag #4) The use of the dollar figure $379/day

Yep. It’s true. MANY questionable bizops use the dollar figure “$379/day”. In fact 99.99% of the time if you see the dollar figure $379/day you should RUN!

Automated Home Jobs red flag #5) Bizarre reference to “Search Partners”

Automated Home Jobs lists the following companies as “Search Partners”:

  • Ask
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Miva
  • MSN
  • Yahoo

The only way this could possibly make any sense is if they bought advertising on those sites – or they were affiliates of those sites…both of which could be true of ANYBODY…but in reality this claim makes no sense at all.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #6) “Make Money Posting Links”

Claims of “Posting Links” to make money is a HUGE red flag. This Claim has been used in many questionable home business programs.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #7) Offer of a “Free Consultation” with a “wealth expert”

This “Consultation” is often used to pressure you into paying high prices for things you don’t need.

Automated Home Jobs red flag #8) Hard to find disclaimers about testimonials uses testimonials WAY at the bottom of the page that state:

  • Testimonial pictures have been adapted (typically this means the site is using stock photos)
  • All testimonials have been remunerated (people giving testimonials have been paid)
  • Images have been remunerated and are not common. (Huh? What does that last statement even mean???)

Based on these red flags and MANY other too numerous to mention here I recommend you AVOID Automated Home Jobs

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  1. Thanks for making me aware of the fraudulant company, before I got into deep. Internet jobs are very risky as these companies are difficult to be chacked out. You are doing a great job of increasing people’s awareness. these companies need to be found out and some legal action needs to be taken against them.

  2. Bob Abooey says:

    Best way to make $ on the internet is porn, and even that isn’t a big money maker anymore, given the over-saturation of it, not to mention the availability of free porn on the net.

  3. Richard Steller says:

    No one pays you $15.00 to “post links ” This sounds like affiliate marketing and no one (including myself) ever made a dime doing affiliate marketing. It’s been peddled all over the internet in various disguises but is pure B.S. I defy any one to show me any different

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