Home Business Reviews Exposed!

After reviewing thousands of home business reviews I’ve been stunned by how many of the reviews recommend extremely questionable products. In fact,  some of the home business reviews recommend outright scams!

Many of the reviewers don’t even know anything about the home based opportunities they’re recommending. I think they just read the sales page and try to make up a home business review off of that – sort of like cheating on a really important test.

So what should you do when you are reading through some of the reviews of home based opportunities?

Here are a few red-flags and warning signs to look out for when reading home business reviews

Red-flag/Warning #1: The home  based income opportunity that is recommended is owned by the person reviewing the opportunity – but the reviewer doesn’t TELL you that.

I have no problem with a reviewer recommending his or her own home business income opportunity – as long as they tell you that they are the owner/creator of that home business income opportunity.

Some typical elements for Red-flag/Warning #1 are shown in the diagram below:

Fake Home Business Reviews

Fake Home Business Reviews

The easy red-flags for almost anyone to spot fake home business reviews are the following:

  1. Fake Home Business Review Award Site (I’ve NEVER seen a real one of these)
  2. Fake Seals Of Approval (Often will say something like “Certified Scam-Free” or will be made to sound like a legitimate seal of approval (i.e., “Consumer Reporting Agency” instead of “Consumer Reports”
  3. A request for donations (this is done to make you believe the site is a non-profit site)
  4. All of the products recommended in the home business review are owned by the reviewer (this red-flag is not as easy to spot for most people as the other 3 – if you aren’t sure about an opportunity feel free to contact me and ask me about it)

How to determine if a home business reviewer might own the websites being reviewed

I don’t expect you to do the following type of analysis (you can contact me and ask me to look into something) – however, I think it may be helpful for you to know that I actually dig for EVIDENCE before I say that I find an opportunity to be questionable.

There are many different ways to determine if sites are possibly owned by the same person or company. I go over one of the ways below:

Websites are hosted on what are called “I.P.”s – normally if you find a small number of sites (typically around 30 or so) on the same I.P. address they will usually be owned by the same person. There are exceptions to that rule of thumb as you’ll see below:

Home Business Reviews

Home Business Reviews EXPOSED - sites hosted on same I.P.

Home Business Reviews EXPOSED - sites hosted on same I.P.

Home Business Reviews EXPOSED - sites hosted on same I.P.

Below is a video of home business reviews at a site called TheWorkAtHomeReview.org followed by an “IP-Lookup” of sites hosted on the same IP as TheWorkAtHomeReview.org

In the above video of one of the home business reviews called TheWorkAtHomeReview.org is hosted on I.P. and recommends the following:

  • It suggests Instant Profit Package as the best home based business opportunity.
  • It suggests Home Cash Course as the #2 home business income opportunity
  • It suggests Survey-Broker as the #3 home business idea

In the video you’ll see that all of those are hosted on the same I.P. address:

  • www.InstantProfitPackage is hosted on I.P.
  • www.HomeCashCourse is hosted on I.P.
  • www.Survey-Broker is hosted on I.P.

Because the following sites are also hosted on I.P. I would suggest approaching them with caution:

  • www.24-7-trading
  • www.Adwordprofitkit
  • www.Best-10-work-from-home
  • www.Fastauctionincome
  • www.Free-site-offer
  • www.Get-merchant-account
  • www.Get-web-visitors
  • www.Globalmediaultd
  • www.Googlemoneypro
  • www.Googlesuccesscenter
  • www.Googlkit
  • www.Grantconnectioncenter
  • www.Homecashcourse
  • www.Homejobdailynews
  • www.Idptcr
  • www.Instant-online-income
  • www.Instantprofitpackage
  • www.Internet-career-finder
  • www.Jeffjacksonmyprofitsite
  • www.M0nstertrax
  • www.Media-hub
  • www.Monstermarketing
  • www.Myp-site
  • www.Myprofitsite
  • www.Myprofitsitescam
  • www.Mypsit
  • www.News21today
  • www.Nitricoxidemax
  • www.Powermaxacai
  • www.Ripoff-review
  • www.Ripoff-review
  • www.Ripoffs-exposed
  • www.Scam-hotline
  • www.Survey-broker
  • www.Survey-income
  • www.Surveyincomeplus
  • www.Svyclb
  • www.Theinternetsuccesscenter
  • www.Theworkathomereview
  • www.Top-10-work-from-home
  • www.Tradingfromhome
  • www.Webprofitclub
  • www.Yourworkathometop10

Red Flag Warning #2: The home  based income opportunity that is promoted by a fake news site or advertorial-style site.

Although these sites aren’t technically home business reviews often the nature of their content could be thought to be misleading:

Normally an Advertorial style web page begins by placing the word Advertorial directly at the top of the page. However, at this time  News7Daily puts it’s disclaimer at the BOTTOM of the page AFTER the reader has scrolled past EIGHT (8) order links (2 of the links are located on images).

Red Flag Warning #3: Calling something a “Scam” without producing any evidence at all to prove it.

When you read through the warnings at Work At Home Truth you’ll notice that I produce a lot of technical EVIDENCE to show why I believe a particular work at home business opportunity should be approached with caution. You can see that in this analysis of home business reviews as well.

You’ll also find that I rarely call something a scam, because a home business income opportunity must meet certain legal definitions to accurately be called a scam.

Red Flag Warning #4: Using stock photos as the picture of the reviewer

I understand why a person my not want his or her photo on the web – who knows what certain people will do with it?

But at this time it’s been my experience that home business reviews that use stock photos as the picture of the reviewer are often questionable review sites.

I currently don’t have an example of this handy, but will post one when I come across one.

Hopefully this information will allow you to view home business reviews through sharper eyes.

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