A To Z Cash System Scam

Note: All details of the A To Z Cash System sales page, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. as outlined in this post have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

I’m going to break this A To Z Cash System scam warning into 2 parts so people who want to get the information quickly don’t have to read through all of the analysis. Here are the basics:

The Testimonials Are Fake

At least 3 of the testimonials are stock photos. I’ve even found some of the other testimonial photos on more than 20 sites across many different markets.

Here’s an example: Click here to see stock photo called “Portrait of happy senior African American couple” used for the fake Testimonial featuring “Harry T”.

The Site Can’t Remember It’s Name

A To Z Cash System frequently uses the name of this previous scam (Easy Cash On Demand) within it’s text. Apparently the site can’t remember it’s name. The first commenter on my post about the previous scam said this: “These people are theives, dont trust them.”

It gets even worse, at the bottom of the sales page, there’s a disclaimer that says

“By ordering the Income Infuser membership package or any related products/services, you agree to all terms of use posted on this website on the date of your purchase. Please read all agreements, notices and disclaimers before purchasing anything.”

Pick a name, any name!?

Get Ready To Potentially Lose THOUSANDS Of Dollars

Site Appears To Be Set Up To Get Your Phone Number To Higher Pressure Sales People Trained To Get As Much Money As Possible From You

Here’s how you can tell:

  • You are asked for your phone number on the first page.
  • The site claims that you’ll get a “Free Phone Consultation”

The “free phone consultation” is simply a gimmick to get you to talk to somebody trained to do the following:

  • Figure out how much credit and cash you have available.
  • Promise you things on the phone that aren’t documented in any contract you sign.
  • Try to get as much money out of you as possible for worthless coaching and products.

The Company Behind A To Z Cash System Appears To Operate Out Of Switzerland

It appears that the company behind this scam operates out of Switzerland, although it may also have some of it’s operations out of Israel as well. I’m still looking into the other companies besides Switzlerand. I’ll have documentation of that when I do the full analysis later.

Uses Several Other Common Fraud Tactics

The following aren’t as important red flags as the ones listed above, but are still worth noting. The AToZCashSystem.com uses several other common fraudulent tactics such as:

  • Fake Count-Down Timers
  • Fake Scarcity (The Claim That Only 500 Spots Are Left is bogus).
  • Questionable Proof Of Earnings Snapshots & Videos

More To Come

The above should help you realize that you should NOT buy the A To Z Cash system. However, I’ll be delving into it in more detail over the next few days.


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  1. S Wakefield says

    thank you so much for this review — I could have certainly been scammed as I am really interested in a work from home job. thanks again for the detailed review.

    • Jaylene says

      Hi, so I jumped the gun without really looking into this website and now they have my husbands credit card info! What do we do? I can’t find where I can cancel, are we going to have to cancel his credit card!? Please help

        • says

          Hi Paul,
          Unfortunately I didn’t read your review before i sign up with this company. I signed up for the $4.97 only and they took the $4.97 plus and additional $77.00. I have been on the phone with them trying to get my money put back. All I get lies on top of lies.

          I see you are researching this company. My question to you is how can I get my money back. I want to bring this scam company down. There has to be a way to do this. Since I’m unemployed I have nothing but time on my hands. I like to use my time helping you or receive resources to take them down. I want my $77.00 put back into my account.

          • says

            Cynthia, I have information about getting your money back from uncooperative companies here:

            The best thing to do to get law enforcement to look into a company is to get victims to file complaints. I have
            instructions for filing complaints here:

            If you are looking for ways to help out, you might consider joining http://www.realscam.com, a site where people work together to publicly research potential scams.

          • Mark James says

            Hello Cynthia

            I used the live chat on this site: http://support.easykits.org/
            and got all my money back.

            I recommend you to contact them before filing a dispute.

            Besides, for fairness, their order page mention a $77 after 3 days, but I guess you didn’t notice…

            PAUL – it will be wiser to advise people to contact the merchant BEFORE filing a credit card dispute as many companies join forces and don’t accept orders for customers who filed credit card disputes before contacting the merchant.


          • says

            I typically do that. I assumed if people were posting on another site about getting their money back they had already tried to do so with the company.

            When the FTC asked me to explain the control of information and creatives from CPA lead networks (before they started taking action against the CPA networks) and when I helped them on the In Deep Services case they asked me about a few merchant tactics used to blacklist or threaten customers. The only information I had at the time had to do with clauses put in Terms and Conditions.

            I don’t think that what you’re mentioning is what they were looking at, but it’s good information. Merchants definitely need to be protected from abuse.

    • larry gause says

      I bought a amazon affiliate store.paid $750 + 149,which included everything,all setup,advertising, 50,000 a year traffic,havent sold much, I keep getting calls, telling me it’s going to cost another $1,995 $500 down so much a month till its paid off . I complain about previous people, they’ll tell me they’re looking into it and they’re going to get back with me,but never do,any suggestions, help would be appreciated.This has been going on since January 2015 my site Larry’s Amazon Store lgause.bigafilategroup.com Thanks

  2. stevie says

    Thank you so much you just saved me from almost buying this. I never buy these but I was about to give in, thankfully cause of u I didn’t, thank you sooo much!!

  3. Kathy says

    I am glad you posted this. I, too, am unemployed and looking for a way to make money staying at home. Is there a general site of what work at home sites are legit? Am tired of going through everything.

  4. says

    Hi Paul, I saw this information after I gave them my full name and email i did not buy anything but now i am worried about my personal information.

  5. says

    Yeah so I gave them my info too without purchasing anything. I just had a baby and I have absolutely no money, so I’m thankful for ppl like you. I am disgusted with being taken advantage of especially in this poor economy.

  6. Don says

    It seemsto me that most of these o/l money makers are fraudlent,. scammers, trickers or total frauds.
    I am so happy I read your review prior to the purchase of AtoZ Systems. Thank you so much for your honesty and internet input. Pleaaaaaze. Keep up the good work. I am sure there have been many that have heeded and benefited from your reviews. Thanks again. Don

  7. says

    Hullo Paul- what a great resource you are in his page.
    I have signed with WAH wotk at home University-
    I wonder just how much they really are linked to
    securing work at all-have you come across them?

    Keep up the great exposure, Paul

    Best Wishes

    Wilton Rodger
    New Zealand

  8. Neil says

    Is Anthony Morris a scam artist?

    He really seams to be an honest guy.
    He says,he will show you how to make money & that you will not become a millionaire but,you will make money.

    thank you for your time & attention.


  9. Johnny says

    Thank you Paul for the information you offer on your website. It seems when the times are hardest and darkest that some me included will reach out for that branch not to live the life of dreams but to just be able to breath. When someone is drowning in darkness and chaos and no matter what they do the odds are against them. I got involved with Anthony Morrison and spent the last couple of bucks I had instead of eating to buy it thinking I was investing in “Hope”. That group only called to upsell but I already spent all I had and it was a failure.

    If you can help me Paul, is there a company where I can start for nothing or little to nothing and be able to just make enough to have a tomorrow please let me know. I gave up on dreaming of the riches that all these site promises but I still hold the belief in hope that I will leave this world the way I am now.

    Thank you for your time and consideration


  10. says

    I signed up gave all my information Bank card information and everything !! i have bills coming up and I’m goin to lose everything . I usually check the website out first but not this time they got me . It was only $4.79 who wouldn’t ? Well just thought i would share. Streets here i come. :( no comments on my grammar and capitalization or spelling or punctuation ! I’m beyond pissed at myself for being a fool. Fuuuuck!

  11. Stephanie says

    I gave in to this scam before I ready reviews on it. What can I do to cancel membership or get rid of this mess?

  12. Jay says

    Like I always told myself. No job in America has asked me for cash of any kind unless its for my insurance. I got this email yesterday & what you know. Pay pay pay. I’m already at a dead end job. Don’t need another one. “Any job that ask for cash to have job can not be legit.”

  13. Jay says

    Anyone who has gave information to this type of scam. Call your card or bank company ASAP, let them know what you did so they can change your information & they will help. Good luck!!

  14. says

    Thanks for such a honest review, I almost signed up looking for work from home these days is tough but their are some opportunities out there. I signed up http://instantpaydaynetwork.com/frederick Instant payday network and started earning a little cash to pay some bills. Its free to sign up after u complete a couple of trial offers but u have to post about 5 ads daily on craigslist. I’m interested in more work at home opportunities and please do a review of Instant payday Network

      • says

        Hello Mr. Schlegel, ( Boy, could your GET any MORE Jewish than that?? LoL)
        And all laughter aside, this is all very serious. Although I too am no Gentile…so i reserve the right to make Jewish jokes! After all, in all this mess, if we can’t laugh then what’s the point? LAUGHTER CURES CANCER!
        I’m writing because I’ve thoroughly read your entire site here on this supposed scam from A-Z Cash, as well as all the blogs from all these people. And what I don’t understand is, HOW DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THAT THIS IS JUST ONE PERSON’S OPINION?? Mr. Schlegel, HAVE YOU YOURSELF BEEN VICTIM TO A-Z CASH SYSTEMS? OR BY THERE OTHER NAME? MOST OF these “red flags” you mentioned, aren’t red flags at all! But rather, MARKETING STRATEGY!! Did you really think that every commercial you watch on TV isn’t EXACTLY THE SAME? THE PEOPLE in those commercials are paid actors, higher-ed to MARKET A SPECIFIC PRODUCT! Do you really think cats can sing? “Meow meow meow meow…”… NO OF COURSE NOT! But, if you go by your logic, it’s DECEPTIVE AND IMPOSSIBLE, MEANT ONLY TO GET OUR MONEY TO BUY THE CAT FOOD!? Or the people laying down on the Tempur-pedic mattresses. Or on Sleep Number Beds. Those are all paid actors, who we all see in other places ALSO! So if we see people in multiple adds, that means they are deceiving us?
        I’m not stupid u know I UNDERSTAND ur trying to help, but are you?? Does your “free site” truly operate freely? Or do you NEED PEOPLE TO VISIT IT, AND THE NUMBER OF CLICKS IN AND OUT OF IT PER DAY WILL DETERMINE HOW FREE IT REMAINS?
        I’m just a woman, Mr Schlegel, who has majored in TV & Radio broadcasting/production/& Commericializing, marketing, psychology, sociology, marketing strategies….with an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and currently studying law. LoL yes I know…i’m very diverse. But you see I have no connection to those companies, and know that I myself have used pictures of people on business cards, or promised something as a thank you for referrals. The “free phone consultation” is actually what they say…and unfortunately..the entire POINT of business IS to make MONEY! So it would make sense that they assess their clients and find out how much they can get. If you’re like me,and you’re broke…you have nothing to lose! Right? Sometimes, but i noticed Schlegel…that YOU DID NOT ANSWER those people who asked if they should deactivate their cards. Why is that??
        I thought ok it’s in the month of January maybe he hasn’t checked…but then there you are writing about Craigslist, which btw, can be done because there is a section of Craigslist where you have to PAY in order to post…and it’s only for certain things and certain criteria. But if that girl is able to, and IS making money…she’s fine. Don’t go scaring her!
        As for the debit cards, guys use your trials and be WISE! Don’t buy stupid crap, don’t sign up for more than necessary, just do what it says and maybe it’ll work? But either way there IS A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, which Mr. SChlegel you forget to mention, that is one of the many things IN BLACK AND WHITE MANY TIMES OVER!
        And yea so they changed there name maybe..(i dunno i’m going by what you said)…if they did it’s only because maybe they lost a partner and had to for business purposes, OR maybe too many complaints at BBB? Who knows? I know that Mr Schlegel is NOT the almighty KNOW-OF-ALL…and before all of you go running to his cite, STOP and take a look around….cuz sometimes the “nice” people aren’t exactly what they’re cracked up to be and if you just use common sense, and logic..you’d be better off.
        Mr. Schlegel this was not an attack on you. But you need to SIMMER DOWN …more than 75% of what you said was BOGUS about A-Z. So again, i ask you…HAVE YOU YOURSELF BEEN VICTIM OF A-Z CASH SYSTEMS, WHERE YOU YOURSELF LOST MONEY, Mr. Paul Schlegel??? Did you personally PURCHASE their free trial? HOW ARE YOU SO POSITIVE THEY ARE A SCAM IF YOU HAVEN”T???? Scaring these people is NOT cool while looking like you’re the goddamn DALI LAMAH! For shame…FORMAGDEM PISQUE!(A not so nice way of saying ‘you should shut ur mouth’ in Yiddish)


  15. Lauren says

    I refused a few work at home scams some of which hold “interviews” through instant messaging. The main reason I checked out A-Z was because it was referred to in a USJobResource email, so I thought it was legit because this email all about gov’t jobs. Still something inside said I should get more info on this, and I’m glad I did!

  16. Robert Severs says

    If you are approached about any of the following do not proceed.
    EasyKits.org, A to Z Cash System, Smart Web Content, Web Master Tools, Smart Site Genert, they are all the same scam making vast promises for easy income.
    I had received an email from a close friend with just a hello along with a link to an address I did not recognize. I later found her email had been hacked and apparently all of her contacts. I was sucked in and opened the link and got the easy money cash pitch for just $4.97, so I looked at this and sent the $4.97, then I got the next pitch for $47, with no information, then I got the next pitch for $67, also with no information, so instead I got a third pitch for $77, also no information and then I got the fourth pitch for $297, at this point I had been had.
    I immediately called my bank and put my debit card on hold and ordered a new one. The bank looked into their operation but was too late to stop the transaction. Several days later I called them that I had no refund and they said they would send me an email about the refund. It came and requested I sign in which I did and they needed my password of which I did not register with them and I had none. Dead-end, so I ended up with a $200, education that the internet is a perfect place for crooks to exercise their schemes with impunity.

    • anjali says

      Hi,this is the first time that i’ve been scammed.They stole $77 from my account without even informing me.Are they going to do this again?And can you please give me their number so that I can call them up and ask for a refund.Is their any way to deactivate my subscription?

  17. Logan says

    What does the fake picture mean??? xD have you never used a picture off of Google images? I do it all the time. Just because they didn’t go out and waste $300 on taking a damn photo of some random ass actors doesn’t mean that they are a bad company???

  18. SC says

    I cannot believe that anyone can argue this being a scam. If you just do a little research on the many craigslist posting, and check the “reviews”. You will see the same reviews on many of the different postings, and they are not even smart enough to change the names. I have looked for a legit stay at home job for almost a year, and thankfully I have not lost any money because of the few that took the time to really do the research for me and exposed them as a scam. Though, I have lost much time and hope. So Alexis put your money, time, and degrees where your mouth is and sign up then post monthly how A to Z scam made you any money. Since you have the money and time to waste. Best wishes.

  19. Christine Richardson says

    I too also signed up for A to Z cash systems, thinking it was a legitimate work from home company as a friend sent me the link. While I was on the website, I read many comments by people saying that they use the system and it works. I paid the $4.97, which was “discounted” from almost fifty bucks. I thought it was strange to have to pay, but thought maybe people pay for training kits. As soon as I signed up and paid, there where all these advertisements about complimenting my training package, all costing different dollar amounts. Then when I bypassed those offers, I was allowed on the membership page, only to see that it was tutorials on how to market through google, facebook, and other websites. I didn’t need the service at all, so planned on cancelling. Well I didn’t cancel fast enough, because after three days of my “trial” period (I did not know I paid for a trial period, I thought I paid for a kit) they charged me $77! I paid through my paypal debit card, and was highly upset, as I can not afford $77, and did not have $77 in my paypal account or bank account. I called the company (866 888 6080) and requested for them to cancel my account and give me a full refund before the transaction completed. They told me to wait for a refund email in 24 hours.

    I certainly did not trust them, but I also cannot afford a stop payment from my bank. Two days later, no refund email, the transaction is completed and I am overdrawn in my bank account and now have to eat a fee of $35 from my bank. So I called the company again today and told them I have waited two days for a refund email and didn’t receive it, and told them I will dispute the charge. About 20 minutes later, I get an email with a refund ticket. I click on the link to see my refund ticket on the website, and it says I have to be logged in to see it. No problem, I used my log in information that they sent me when I signed up. Only there is a problem, it is an invalid user name and password. So I use my email address and a password that I usually use. Invalid email and password. So, I request a password lost email. Wait 45 minutes, no email…

    I’ve just received the email as I was typing this, but it is too late for them on my end. I filed a dispute with paypal and the dispute is in process. I also cancelled my paypal debit card and ordered a new one, since this company has my debit card information.

    I planned to complain and add my comments to the other user comments on the webpage that I signed up through, but now the website has been marked as “harmful” and my browser has blocked it. I truly hope word gets around before it is too late for other people and they get charged this insane amount.

    Update: I clicked on the ticket number after I got my info, and they basically said that it was non refundable. Why couldn’t they tell me that over the phone? Hopefully paypal will have my back, if not, then I’ll have to do a chargeback through my bank, which will go through paypal again :/

    • Veronica says

      Oh my gosh!!! I just signed up like 20 minutes ago!!! :( how do you cancel this?? I’m sooo sorry this happened to you.

      • Veronica says

        I called 888-822-7504 and a “representative” answered the phone. I canceled and they asked why and I told them because it is a scam! I’m going to keep a close eye on my bank account. I hope there’s ni more problems.

  20. Carolyn says

    I wish I had looked into this website more before I jumped right into a scam. I just saw that it was only $4.97 to get all the “tools” they promised. I thought that was the best deal I would find for an online money making program. I didn’t watch the entire video, but the rest of the page looked like you would have to actually do work to earn the money. I’ve now read other scam reporting sites that had people saying that the site took $77 after the initial $4.97. Thankfully I don’t have that much on my credit card, so they won’t get anything after the initial payment. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t keep unsuccessfully trying. Plus, that credit card expires next month and a new one will be issued to me so the CCV number will be different. Would I still be at risk of them trying to take more money from me once the expiration date and CCV number changes and the rest of my card staying the same? If anyone has any advice to what else I might be able to do, all comments are welcomed. Thanks.

  21. Jill Travis says

    I recieved the email about earning money from home so I just jumped into it without making any research about the company, I felt so stupe,I used to work in a bank before for more than 10 years and I can’t believe myself they got me lol.I should’ve known better,so they charged my card and it’s pending,reading about all the articles and reviews about the company,I wouldn’t take a chance and wait,I did call my bank and cancelled my card and requested a new one. I should have known better and lesson learnt,if it sounds too good to be true,it is really it is!

  22. Jenn says

    Thank you so much, Paul for all the information. Have you heard anything about PandaResearch? The site has mixed reviews on WOT, some saying it’s trustworthy and has worked fine, some saying it works sometimes but not all the time, and others saying it’s totally fraudulent. At best, it appears to be a site that links to other scams/possibly malicious sites. I was just wondering if you’d come across it before?

  23. nithya says

    Hi sir,i am a student and I was also trapped in the same a to z scam they debited a amount of 77$ in February and I checked my account details now can you please help me to get the refund. Thank you

  24. says

    Thank you so much for posting information about this program. You saved me alot of money. Iam unemployed,at the moment and was looking, at stay home ways to make money online an I started to put my credit card information in an something told me to research it first thankfully I did, and I seen your information. Before I ever think about buying anything from now own Iam researching it first. They are so many scams out there floating around in cyberspace

  25. says

    I’m upset that I didn’t do my research before spending my money I signed up for it today because I’m trying to make extra money to move my son and I to another state. I paid my $4.97 but after I did my research I cancelled the account now I truly up I don’t have any money taken from me. I paid with my work card and all of my paychecks come on it I really hope it is truly cancelled.

    • Annabel says

      Jazmine, how did you go about canceling? I also fell for this and am trying to stop before they charge my card. I’m worried I’ll need to cancel my debit card so they will not be able to…

  26. jen says

    I never commented on anything like this in my life but I would really like to thank you, it’s not that I’m an idiot I would usually never think twice at looking at an offer like this but my family and I are in such horrible state financially I was actually thinking of doing this because who wants to tell their 6 year old he can’t have the birthday party and gift he wants and deserves. But thanks to your site you saved us from possibility losing money that we honestly dont have. So again thank sir.

  27. Joerg Ruppe says

    do you happen to have any information on an internet based translation company called A2Z Ltd? They also offer the possibility of working from home. Now I’m not actually worried since they don’t have any credit card numbers from me nore bank account information, only my email address. I have done 2 translations for them though and I was to receive my payment via PayPal but in spite of 3 reminders I still haven’t received any money. So the worst case would be that I may have done 2 translations for free which won’t break my neck. They seem (or claim) to be based in Estonia, which I found a bit conspicuous but I do assume there are some serious companies in Estonia, too…?!

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