The Fake News Phenomenon Continues…

Over the years I’ve tracked literally thousands of fake news sites and fake blogs. At one point it seemed like they were going to go away…but now it doesn’t seem like they ever will.

In fact most marketers using fake blogs seem to believe that placing the word “Advertorial” at the top of a page means that they can then do whatever the heck they want…including:

  • Including lots of fake comments in a comments section.
  • Claiming that their fake story was seen on ABC, CNBC, CNN and other major media outlets
  • Putting advertising sections WITHIN the advertorial (huh?)
  • Putting real news video footage within their fake news stories

Of course many of them just don’t use an advertorial disclaimer at all. Just like products such as Bloggers Payday one thing’s about 99% certain (OK maybe 100%)…you should more than likely AVOID any “business opportunity” that these fake news sites promote.

The following video shows how widespread and bizarre the fake news phenomenon continues to be:

The following graph from shows the relative traffic levels of the fake news sites, as compared to the Federal Trade Commission website, (Even though the fake news sites appear to be buying a lot of traffic – and probably some really cheap traffic).  Attorney Michael Webster who specializes in Misleading Advertising Law has suggested that, “suggested that anytime a scheme is more popular than the regulator who oversees it and hundreds if not thousands things like it: RUN AWAY. Don’t stop to think, just RUN AWAY.”  That might not always be true of course, but my guess is that MOST of the time it will be.,, & at Compete,, & at Compete

The following is a list of the sites covered in the video – these are just a handful of the total number of fake news sites being promoted right now:

  • www. 100khomejobs .com
  • www. 100konlinejobs .com
  • www. 24hourwallstreetnews .com
  • www. 3newsinsider .com
  • www. 37actionnews .com
  • www. 6newsonline .info
  • www. 7newsdaily7 .com
  • www. 9newstonight .com
  • www. a1reviews .net
  • www. aboutmoneymaker .com
  • www. americanjobsweekly .com
  • www. americanmorningfix .com
  • www. athomemoms .com
  • www. businessgazette .net
  • www. california-chronicle .com
  • www. canadafinancenews .com
  • www. career-digest-weekly .info
  • www. careernewsinsider .com
  • www. careertrendnews .com
  • www. cashmagnet .com
  • www. certifiedjobs .net
  • www. cflnewstribune .com
  • www. channel4reports .com
  • www. channel9investigates .com
  • www. chroniclenews .info
  • www. chicago-sentinel .com
  • www. citypressnews .com
  • www. cnbc20 .com
  • www. cnbc20 .org
  • www. consumer-reports-weekly .com
  • www. consumer-weekly .com
  • www. consumer-weekly .net
  • www. consumerhealthnewsonline .com
  • www. consumernews24 .com
  • www. consumers-daily .com
  • www. consumerstips-weekly .com
  • www. consumertipsonline .net
  • www. consumertribune .com
  • www. consumerworldnews .com
  • www. daily-gazette .com
  • www. daily-news-herald .com
  • www. daily-news-now .com
  • www. daily6news .com
  • www. dailynews17 .com
  • www. dailynews2 .com
  • www. dailynewsjournal .us
  • www. dailywebnews .net
  • www. dailyjobreports .com
  • www. dearborndailynews .com
  • www. detroit-sentinel .com
  • www. detroittribunenews .com
  • www. discountes .com
  • www. dropsomepuonds .com
  • www. entrepreneurobserver .com
  • www. eveningnewsjob .com
  • www. financedailyny .com
  • www. floristweekly .com
  • www. gazette-daily .com
  • www. gazettenews .net
  • www. globaljobnews .com
  • www. globalmarketingoffers .org
  • www. googlejobsearch .com
  • www. gulfcoastnews9 .com
  • www. helpofhealth .com
  • www. hobbynewsnow .com
  • www. home-job-report .com
  • www. home-job-report .net
  • www. home-job-report .org
  • www. homejob-review .com
  • www. homejoboptions .com
  • www. homejobsnews .com
  • www. honestjobsonline .com
  • www. houstonfinancenews .com
  • www. imvunewsreports .com
  • www. insidemoney .net
  • www. insiderbusinessnews .com
  • www. insidernewsteam .com
  • www. internetjobnews .net
  • www. interenetnews6 .com
  • www. ionline6news .com
  • www. jcg3news .com
  • www. jobsathomeplus .com
  • www. joblistingnews .com
  • www. jobnews6 .com
  • www. jobopeningsnews .com
  • www. jobpositionsearch .com
  • www. jobsalertweekly .com
  • www. jobsnewshome .com
  • www. jobtribunes .com
  • www. ktvu7news .com
  • www. la-businessnews .com
  • www. la-sentinel .com
  • www. lasentinelnews .com
  • www. legitcareeronline .com
  • www. legitimatehomejobs .org
  • www. localgazettenews .com
  • www. localjobnews .net
  • www. localnews22 .com
  • www. localnews45 .info
  • www. localnewstodayonline .com
  • www. madisonchronicle .com
  • www. manage-finances .com
  • www. manhattanbusinessreport .com
  • www. melbournemetronews .com
  • www. miamicitypost .com
  • www. money2news .com
  • www. mountainnewstoday .com
  • www. myworkathomestart .com
  • www. new-yorkcitynews .com
  • www. new7tv .info
  • www. news-11-today .com
  • www. news-11today .com
  • www. news-6-insider .com
  • www. news-channel9 .com
  • www. news-7daily .com
  • www. news10-today .com
  • www. news12report .com
  • www. news12reports .com
  • www. news13jobreports .com
  • www. news13jobstoday .com
  • www. news13report .com
  • www. news3health .com
  • www. news6alerts .com
  • www. news6online .info
  • www. news6reports .net
  • www. news7income .com
  • www. news7localreport .com
  • www. news7newyork .com
  • www. news7tribune .com
  • www. news8report .com
  • www. news9courier .com
  • www. news9network .com
  • www. news9now .net
  • www. news9online .org
  • www. news9tonight .com
  • www. newsdaily7 .com
  • www. newsdaily7 .net
  • www. newsforce7 .com
  • www. newsnetaustralia .com
  • www. newsreportdaily .com
  • www. newstodayat5 .com
  • www. newstoday28 .com
  • www. newstv6 .com
  • www. newyork-tribune .com
  • www. newyorktribunedaily .com
  • www. newyorkweeklynews .com
  • www. northwest-news .com
  • www. ny-sentinel .com
  • www. ny-weekly .com
  • www. nygazettejournal .com
  • www. nyguardian .com
  • www. nynewsdigest .com
  • www. omgnews .info
  • www. onlinecashbooster .com
  • www. onlinecashreviews .com
  • www. onlinejobnewsletter .com
  • www. onlinejobreport .com
  • www. onlinejobreports .com
  • www. onlinejobsnews .com
  • www. onlinemoneystash .com
  • www. onlinenews10 .com
  • www. onlinenews12 .com
  • www. onlinenews4 .com
  • www. onlinenews6 .com
  • www. onlinenews6 .net
  • www. onlinenews7 .com
  • www. onlinenewsat6 .com
  • www. onlinenewstribune .com
  • www. orlando-tribune .com
  • www. pacouriernews .com
  • www. princetonbusinessreview .net
  • www. readlatestnewsonline .com
  • www. readthetimesnews .com
  • www. reia9news .com
  • www. reviewstimes .com
  • www. riversidedailytribune .com
  • www. san-diego-today .com
  • www. sanjose-herald .com
  • www. sandiegobusinessobserver .com
  • www. sbscnews .com
  • www. search-engine-job .com
  • www. skilltrends .com
  • www. skilltrends .org
  • www. startworkfromhomejob .com
  • www. texasfinancenews .com
  • www. the-losangeles-gazette .com
  • www. theconsumerherald .com
  • www. theconsumerherald11 .net
  • www. theconsumertips .com
  • www. thedailyfinancialtimes .com
  • www. thedailywork .com
  • www. theentrepreneurweekly .com
  • www. tribune-gazzette .com
  • www. thehomebizcentral .info
  • www. thelosangelesjournal .com
  • www. thenewyorkdailynews .info
  • www. theposttribunenews .tv
  • www. thewebnewsdaily .com
  • www. todayseconomist .com
  • www. tonyscashkit .com
  • www. top3homebizreview .com
  • www. tylerneill .com
  • www. usa-sentinel .com
  • www. us-news-magazine .net
  • www. usadailyjobnews .com
  • www. usconsumerdigest .com
  • www. usdreamjobs .com
  • www. usfinancejournal .com
  • www. usafinancialreporting .com
  • www. usnews8 .com
  • www. wallstreetgazettenews .com
  • www. wallstreetnews9 .com
  • www. wallstreetnews9 .tv
  • www. washington-tribune-news .com
  • www. washingtonnewsdaily .com
  • www. washingtonpostdaily .com
  • www. web-newsdaily .com
  • www. webnewsdaily .org
  • www. weekly-news .org
  • www. weeklyconsumernewsletter .com
  • www. weeklynewsonline .com
  • www. workathomecareernews .com
  • www. workathomecareertrends .com
  • www. workathomejobnews .org
  • www. workathomejobnews6 .com
  • www. workathomeobserver .com
  • www. workathomereviewnews .com
  • www. workathomethemagazine .com
  • www. workfromhomenews6 .com
  • www. workfromhomenews9 .com
  • www. world13news .com
  • www. world3news .com
  • www. worldwidenewspost .biz
  • www. ws7news .com
  • www. ws8today .com

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  1. Michael Davis says:

    Just want to say thank you thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for this. They all make them sound so real and good.

  3. Have you thought about doing a WHOIS lookup on each of the domains and reporting them to the domain name registrars? I’m sure most reputable registrars would be happy to ban these a$$holes, and it seems like the majority of the sites are still up and running.

  4. And that’s just the work from home ones – there are loads more for acai, teeth whiteners, colon cleansers, penny auctions and other “cpa offers” of dubious quality/origin…

    • Amazing.

      I tend to try to focus on the work at home/home business ones, but I had actually bought a domain with the idea of having a central repository where people could post information about different ones.

      I didn’t put it up because the flogs and “products” they promote died down for a while. Might be time to get that up.

  5. These false lying sites are just like the Snake Oil salesmen who used to travel the old west selling their “Miracle Potion” that cures all diseases. Thank you for checking into this for us. You probably have saved thousands of people loss of money and disappointment.

  6. These data just shows how far some people willing to go to make money online.Put aside business ethic.

  7. how abut SIXFIGURE PROGRAM.COM? scame or real
    Thank U

  8. Brilliant video. It must have taken you hours to produce. I can’t believe the lengths that the scammers go to to try and rip people off. There are ways to make money online without scamming folks, but it takes a lot of time and patience plus an understanding of Google Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay and other legitimate affiliate programs plus the ability to create websites and a good grasp of SEO. I am not making a fortune and don’t need to as I have a reasonable retirement income, but I do get regular payments which at least pays for my internet with a little left over for updating my PC. At the end of the day, if you want to earn money online you can, but it is only a very small minority of people who can turn it into a full time occupation and give up their day jobs.

  9. one just rang me up to scam me

    • okay let me reiterate that, a scammer rang me from the US as a result of me giving out my home phone number. They asked why I hadnt pursued it. I said that i believed it was a scam. He laughed and said we are a multimillion dollar operation. Isnt it nice how scammers always appeal to your own sense of greed. I said no i am not giving you my credit card details but i can certainly send you a bank cheque for one dollar and ninety five cents, the answer no we want your credit card details. I then said sorry I will have to decline bye. Watch out this was news 7 daily or something like that. Its a fake internet page, you click on other things like world news and you just get sent back to the page you are trying to get away from. Not to mention the you only have five minutes to put in your credit card details. ie are you feeling very greedy right now, we hope so because we are greedy as well and as soon as we have your credit card details we will not only take $1.95 but all of your money. Which you wont get back because the bank you are with will probably just say hard luck

      • Stephen,

        What country are you in. In the U.S., the Banks started siding more with the consumers after the FTC’s Operation Shortchange in July of 2009. We also have the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now to help consumers that are treated unfairly by their banks/credit card companies.

        You’re absolutely right that historically the banks would side with the scammers, but I’ve seen that change here over the past 2 years.

  10. I needed to know that how authentic this website is? Because they are using the name of Kelly Richard and showing this financial journal that is promoting this website and showing popular media names and ask for 19.97$ to be paid through credit or debit card. here is the link, kindly check it out and respond:

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