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Review Summary:

WARNING! You will want to take a look at the TRUTH about the so-called "Challengers" shown on - there are many, many things that don't add up as I researched further into this site. Wow. I STRONGLY recommend you AVOID this.

Note: All details of the Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge sales process, terms , privacy policy, Earnings Disclaimer, etc. as detailed in this research have preserved in multiple ways, including video recording.

Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge starts with this challenge on the main page:

Go Through the work at home kit immediately & Follow the steps to make money, then report your earnings! It’s that Simple, Give it 90 Days! You’ll be glad you did”

Luckily for you, after you take a look at the research on this page, you probably won’t even have to take 90 SECONDS to make a decision about this so-called “90 Day Challenge”.

Who IS Megan Fitzpatrick, Really?

Megan Fitzpatrack of Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge doesn’t appear to be “Megan” at all. In fact, the site appears to be using a photo they found on Click here to see (I notified the author about this).

The Disturbing Truth About The Checks Shown On The Front Page shows several people holding checks on the front page. Those photos have NOTHING to do with Megan’s Income Challenge. And you will be STUNNED when you find out the truth about those photos – especially Photo #2.

So who are the “Top Challenge Takers” listed on the front page of Megans Income Challenge? Let’s find out…

“Challenger” #1 – One of the most widely circulated check photos of all time.

The first challenger is supposed to be Hillary G. From Akron, Ohio. It’s not. Not even close. That actually photo is one of the most widely circulated check photos of all time. It’s been used to promote scam after scam for several years.

However, the person in the picture has NOTHING to do with those scams. In fact, she’s a real person named Rebecca Bollwit who run a site called Miss 604. Here’s a video where she’s talking with people from the British Columbia Institute of Technology…

“Challenger” #2 – You Won’t BELIEVE Where Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge Took THIS Photo From!

The image of Sharon F. From Jackson, MS who claims to be making $623/Month from Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge appears to have been taken from here and altered. I have notified that site about the image usage, but haven’t heard back.

“Challenger” #2 – You Won’t BELIEVE Where Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge Took THIS Photo From!

Challenge #2 is supposed to be Sharon F. From Jackson, MS who allegedly made $623/Month in Megan’s challenge. I’m sure the real people in that photo would be surprised to find that out, since they are actually holding a Grant check received by by the Towanda, Illinois Historical Society. Click here to verify.

“Challenger” #3 – YOU DECIDE

So, what do you think about Challenger #3? I’m sure by now you can figure out if that person has anything to do with Megan’s Income Challenge. :-)

Fake Megan’s Promise To You

Page 2 of Megan’s 90 Day Income Challenge starts with a video and this warning…

“By now you’ve probably seen the many work at home jobs advertised on the internet that
promise easy money with little or no work involved.

Don’t Become one of the many victims of those SCAMS!”


Later on the page I’m told that I should

“Click the “Get My Work At Home Kit” button on this page and request your work at home kit from Online Business Systems (A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau).”

I don’t trust BBB ratings at all after all of the scandalous news I’ve read about them as well as ridiculous stories I’ve heard from many business owners. HOWEVER, I do believe that they do a great job of aggregating complaint information – and here’s what the BBB says about Online Business Systems complaints:

BBB Online Business Systems Pattern Of Complaints

Btw, the companies actual rating as of this post is a B-. Again, that doesn’t really matter except for the fact that “Megan” claims it’s an A rated company.


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  1. Robert Cox says

    At the age of 61, my frustrations are growing. I appreciate someone who is doing the investigation about these scams. It is difficult for people like me who are looking to supplement my income so I might retire. Having residual income is my goal. My immediate goal is to find something that is legitimate, Can you direct me?


    Bob Cox

    • says

      The one from the WorkAtHomeTruth store that’s had the most positive feedback is this one. It’s updated regularly and is very low-cost to get started.

      I also have a list of sites that provide free leads for telecommuting work (freelance work and home jobs) here:

      There is a list of recommendations from OTHER people that I trust here. I keep that list updated as well as some people have fallen over to the “dark side” over the past few years. You’ll want to skip to the Resources for Home Business Ideas And Help section.

      I’m putting together another site that will make it easier to find free & low-cost home income ideas.

  2. Joe says

    When I was directed to Megan’s 90 Day Challenge site, I was wary of the “phony” message I was hearing. It was well scripted… too well scripted, so I began researching for legitimate reviews starting on Warrior Forum, but found nothing there. Then I began Googling and came upon “” At first I thought it was another one of those “so-called” imposter review sniper sites, but as I skimmed through it, I saw that the review was for real and sat down to read the review in earnest.

    I am glad I came upon Work at Home Truth, a legit review site of work at home scams. Thanx, Paul for the review. It confirmed what I had suspected (and even worse), regarding the work at home scam. I’ve tried many different types of work at home opportunities, and most were just plain scams.

    The only legit work at home oppportunity is the one you create for yourself with the intent to help others and in so doing helping yourself, in my opinion.

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