Internet Careers Online Weird Logic…

If anybody understands the following logic, please chime in. It’s kind of making my mind explode:


Internet Careers Online Weird Logic

Weird Logic

So, there’s no charge for Internet Careers Online, because Internet Careers Online charged you?

Makes as much sense as the program itself. You can read my warning about it here.

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Online Success Plan Research

Online Success PlanThe Online Success Plan at claims to have a:

“Proven ‘Profit Machine’ Unveiled, with $500 Payout Guaranteed… Minimum!”

The site also tells me that work from home opportunities have been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, USA Today, and abc. How that is relevant is anybody’s guess.  Just because some work from home opportunities have been featured in those news outlets doesn’t necessarily mean the Online Success Plan opportunity has been featured by them.

The site’s main page also shows a video screencap showing Tory Johnson of abc news, which is a screencap that has been used to promote many quesitonable work at home opportunities.   In other words, as far as I know Tory Johnson has no connection at all to the Online Success Plan.

Promoted by Fake News Sites

I found out about the Online Success Plan through a fake news site called Business News Post at Note: the fact that Online Success Plan is promoted by a fake news site is a red flag, but is not in any way proof that the Online Success Plan is a scam.

I’ve written about these types of fake news sites for a long, long time. They typically look like this:


Here are some things you should know about this fake news site promoting the Online Success Plan…

  • Amanda Winston is a fake name used to promote all kinds of questionable work at home opportunities. You can read about Amanda Winston here.
  • Mary Stevens is a fake names used in fake stories on fake news sites to promote quesitonable work from home opportunities. You’ll see her name on my Fake Bizop Names A-Z list here.
  • Many of the fake news sites still refer to Angela Bussio. Angela Bussio is a real person…however she was associated with a huge number of home business scams and work at home scams (note, there is NO evidence that she is associated with the Online Success Plan). The sites Angela Bussio was associated with were shut down by the FTC. You can read about a few of them in the following posts:

Online Success Plan is Associated With MillionaireOS

According to the Terms of Service, the Online Success Plan is associated with the company MillionaireOS, LLC at the following address:

The MillionaireOS LLC
2824 N. Power #113-377
Mesa, AZ 85215

Online Success Plan Refund Policy

If you do purchase any of the materials from the Online Success Plan it’s important that you know what the refund policy is. According to the terms of service (at the time of this writing):

“Returns/ Refund Policies
Services rendered are not refundable – this includes coaching, marketing, web design, seminars, beta test groups and speaking. All sales involving coaching, seminars, tele-classes, webinar classes and speaking are not refundable. Proprietary software is non refundable because of the nature and sensitivity of the product. See the product sales pages for information. Membership products may be cancelled at any time with written notice to our support desk and you will not be billed further.”

What Is YOUR Opinion of the Online Success Plan?

If you have experience with the Online Success Plan or MillionaireOS, please let others know about your experience below. Give as much detail as possible so that others can make an informed opinion.

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Internet Careers Online Research

New Kelly Scott Work At Home Scam – Internet Careers Online

The latest Kelly Scott scam is a program called Internet Careers Online. The site uses many of the same testimonials, fake names, and stock photos as other programs that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commissions, especially the following:

  • Wesley R.
  • Kimberly T.B.

You’ll recognize their pictures at my warning called fakest of the fake here.

IMPORTANT information about the Internet Careers Online Address

The address on the Internet Careers Online website is:

“2736 E Red Cliffs Dr. #7
St. George, UT 84790″

That’s the same address found on the Online Profit Systems site that I warned about previously. You can read about that Kelly Scott work from home scam here.

Internet Careers Online Is Not Available In Utah or Oregon?!?

This is interesting…even though the company operates out of Utah, check out what the the terms of service for Internet Careers Online…

Internet Careers Online Terms

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite curious that the product is not available to residents in Utah or Oregon. I’m not sure why that is, but if I find out I’ll post the information here.


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