Link Posting Scams In A Nutshell

Recently the victim of a link-posting scam posted this summary of how these scams work. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a must-read!:

“They claimed that you could get paid for setting up links for companies and get paid $15 to $20 dollars per link and it would only take you approximately only 3 to 4 minutes to set up a link. Then they cite you could average 15 links per hour.

The problem, which they do not tell you, that you actually have to set up an individual website (my note: I believe he means webpage)  for each link. Then you have to start advertising your web site in hope somebody clicks your web site and you are able to pass the business (earn a commission).

There is a whole lot of cost, experience that they claim you don’t need. Yes, you can set up a website if you know what your are doing. If you don’t they give you very little info on just how to do that. The non-knowledgeable person, is probably talking many days to finally get everything set up, plus a lot more cost.  SCAM-SCAM-SCAM.”

For more red flags and problems with link posting scams, you may want to read the following:

Home Business Scam Red Flag Priority Checklist

The Online Profit Stream Review Of Red Flags

As more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of working at home, the number of unscrupulous individuals who target them is on the rise. One website that has been receiving complaints is called Online Profit Stream. According to a lot people who have signed up for the site the program wasn’t what it seemed to be at all. In fact the whole site appears to simply be a lead generation site to get you to talk to a sales person who will try to pressure you to spend money on coaching (typically not very good) that you don’t need.

What’s worse, is that once you give up your phone number, many people have reported that it’s very hard to get sales people to stop calling you. In fact, some people have had to resort to changing their phone numbers to get the calls to stop!

What The Online Profit Stream Website Is All About

If you go to their official website, the first thing that you will notice is the headline in big font size saying this:

“In the Next 60-Seconds – Get Access to the Biggest Money-Making Secret of 2014.”

This alone is enough to catch the interest of people, especially those who are looking for extra source of income.

If you read the rest of the home page content, you will led to believe that the website is accepting applicants who do not have any prior experience or a college degree. The site also claims that since the “work” is web-based you can virtually do it wherever you may be, as long as you are connected to the Internet. The site also wants you to believe that you can make money by simply “posting links”. The truth is link posting scams are one of the most pervasive scams on the Internet today.

Beware Of The “Free Consultation With A Success Advisor”

Any time you see a site promising a “Free Consultation With A Success Advisor” you should run for the hills. The consultation is merely a marketing gimmick to get you to speak with a sales person who will try to sell you the expensive coaching I mentioned previously

The Bottom Line About Online Profit Stream

I strongly recommend you avoid the Online Profit Stream website. It’s simply a new face for a long list of sites using fake persona’s to try to get you to talk to a slick, high-pressure sales person who will try to siphon as much money as possible out of you.

Online Cash Commissions Review Of Red Flags

Like many other websites offering you the chance to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a daily basis, the Online Cash Commissions website also makes use of bold red words to emphasize its so-called “business opportunity”. If you go to their official website, you will instantly be greeted by a message that goes like this:

“If you can spare 60 minutes a day, we can offer you a certified, proven and guaranteed home job to make up to $379/day from home.”

To make things even more exciting, the website will also congratulate you and further inform you of the number of ‘slots’ or ‘positions’ available in your area. And like most of the other programs that have used this marketing gimmick, it will use a low number that will make you think that you have to grab the opportunity or someone else will be taking your place.

Online Cash Commission Seems To Be Related To “Profit From Home”

I put out a warning about a program called Profit From Home in June of 2013. I checked the source code of the Sandra Miller work at home site and noticed that “Profit From Home” is still showing up in the coding as you can see below:



Of you want to see the original Profit From Home Warning, Click here. Now, the fake persona Sandra Miller has replaced the fake persona Megan Jackson.

How To Stear Clear Of Hundreds Of Scams

If you want to avoid a huge number of online scams, you can easily do so by avoiding the most common fake persona’s that are used for them. I’ve put a list of the more popular ones here: Fake Bizop Names A to Z.

Why Are Sites Like Online Cash Commissions So Pervasive?

Basically, the entire Online Cash Commissions sales process is based on half-truths. Unfortunately, the site leaves out the most important facts that you need to know about the type of business Online Cash Commissions claims to offer.

The most insidious half-truth that the site uses is claiming that  they offer a training program that will make people a ‘Search Engine Agent’. There is no such thing as a “Search Engine Agent”. However, there is such a thing as affiliate marketing, which does involve some link placement, but not at all in the way that Online Cash Commissions would like you to believe.

If you want to get the facts about making money via affiliate marketing, you may want to read this page.

The Expensive Coaching Trap

Programs like Online Cash Commissions are essentially “lead generation” programs to get you to try to talk to a sales person who will try to get you to buy expensive coaching that you don’t need.  This is why the site claims that you will get a “Free One-On-One Consultation With A Success Advisor.” It’s simply a gimmick to get you to talk to a salesperson.

The Bottom Line: Avoid Online Cash Commissions!

Sadly, sites like Online Cash Commissions scam and other similar unscrupulous sites have resulted in a multitude of individuals hating the work at home industry. Nobody can blame them, because they have been robbed of their hard-earned money. While you should beware these sites, you should also know that there are several other legitimate ways to make money from home.

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