Dr. John Clark Artificial Intelligence App Scam

Don’t trust reviews of the AIAPP that claim it’s real. It’s not. And that review is fake.

Is the AIAPP a Scam? Yes, Yes it is…

The Artificial Intelligence APP binary system website claims that the system was designed by a person named John Clark…who you’ll soon find out doesn’t exist. The people behind this scam want you to believe that this “John Clark” character is now some sort of charitable binary options “statesmen” and has dedicated his life to helping other people make money from binary options trading.

The only thing he’s helping…is himself to your money. Oh, and when I say “he”, I mean the people who made up the imaginary John Clark.

Other Imaginary Artificial Intelligence App People

This is supposed to be Emma Smith, one of the big success stories of the AI Trading App:

Emma Smith AIApp

You’d think with all that cashola, she wouldn’t still have to sell her testimonials on Fiverr for $5. Here she is on Fiverr:

Emma Fiverr Small

Artificial Intelligence APP Scam Review Sites

No doubt you’ve found tons of sites reviewing this scam claiming that since it’s free you have nothing to lose. Actually, that’s exactly why you have everything to lose. The only reason why you get anything for free is because you have to sign up with a recommended broken from which they’ll earn a commission for referring you. Oh, plus, the software is fake and you’ll lose all your money. That’s a fact.

Can you earn money with The Artificial Intelligence APP scam review System?

If you earn any money at all with this scam software, it will be a complete fluke and eventually you will lose it all. It’s no different than every other binary options scam out there. In fact, you can see how all of them work in my post about the Binary Options Scam Formula here.

The Bottom Line on AIAPP? AVOID!

The artificial Intelligence APP is yet another scam in the long line of binary options scams. Binary options is an incredibly risky venture and there is no magic software that can change that. You’ll be glad you’ve done your homework and discovered why you should avoid this turkey at all costs.

Do NOT download Artificial Intelligence APP!

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Mileys Money Method Scam or Legit

Which Miley Collins Miley Moneys Method Review can you trust?

Step 1: Click Button
Step 2: Copy and Paste
Step 3: Make Money

Anybody who’s been a member of the free Unleashing Your Success training knows that stuff like this is nonsense. In fact, I can prove to you that Miley’s Money Method is a complete ripoff.

Let’s start with common sense…

First of all, obviously Miley Collins is a paid actress. Usually I’m pretty good at figuring out who these actresses are, but I’ve struck out so far on this one. If anybody knows who Miley really is, please post it in the comments. Here’s her pic for reference:

Miley Collins

This is a common tactic that Tim Atkinson, the person behind the Miley’s Money Method scam uses. Second, there’s the ridiculous 3-step process Miley Collin’s claims will make you tons of cash. In fact, the people promoting this are sending out all kinds of ridiculous emails such as:

“Subject: I’ll personally guarantee you earn over $1,458.34 TODAY!


Check This Out
[scam link removed]

This extraordinary FREE Money Method is guaranteed to solve
all your financial problems and worries for good!

I’ve already received some nice thank you e-mails for sharing my
experience about the method taught there…

You’re going to be happier than ever if you watch it on time
before the server is overloaded!

Watch it here NOW:
[scam link removed]


– Name”

OK, so now you’re supposed to make $1,458.34 with three simple steps. Again, I hope you didn’t fall for this, but if you did don’t blame yourself. People behind programs like this prey on your desperation.

Miley Collin’s PayPal Balance – Huh?

Nobody in their right mind – especially somebody who is supposed to be so good with money would leave over $400,000 in their PayPal account. PayPal has been known to freeze funds without explanation or when there is suspicious activity  – including large amounts of money suddenly in an account. But apparently imaginary Miley loves to leave huge piles of (imaginary) cash in her account:

Mileys Money Method - Paypal Small

What’s the Real Goal of Miley’s Money Method?

The real goal of Mileys Money Method is to get you to sign up for hosting at CoolHandle so that the people behind the scam get a commission when you buy hosting.  Here’s what you’ll see on the order page (by the way, I’ll show you below that the BBB Accreditation logo is bogus) and that the TRUSTe seal is probably bogus, too.

Cool Handle Mileys Money Method MMM CoolHandleOrder small

CoolHandle Claims to be a Member of the BBB – They’re Not

If you visit the CoolHandle order page, you’ll see the BBB logo prominently displayed as such:

Cool Handle BBB Claim

However, the BBB shows that Cool Handle is NOT accredited:

CoolHandle BBB Not Accredited

Is CoolHandle’s TRUSTe Seal Legit?

The TRUSTe seal being non-clickable (you should be able to click through to the TRUSTe website to verify the status of CoolHanlde in the TRUSTe database). Not only that, but I came up with zilch when I search the TRUSTe database for CoolHandle:

CoolHande TRUSTe status

My Bottom Line Opinion: Avoid Mileys Money Method!

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My Online Business at My-Onlinebusiness.com

My-Onlinebusiness review of sales process

This one has been around for a long time and I just keep assuming it’s going to go away. But it seems to be getting more and more popular every day.

The site claims you’ll make $500 for watching a video and a bunch of other nonsense:

My-OnlineBusiness small


The video features one of the most prolific fake testimonial giverrs on fiverr. This guy:

testimonial small

In fact, today I received the following spam for it from some spammer using the name Tony Mayor:

“Offer Ends Today

I sent you an offer the other day
that was zero cost for the startup
and allowed you a free trial.

Well this amazing offer ends today
and I wanted to remind you to check
it out before then.

You will not need an additional system
to make this work and the results are
amazing, take a look at the evidence
and happy clients!
All the best,
Tony Mayor”

Then it has a bunch of paid actors from $5. The usual. Like this guy:

Can’t believe it’s gotten so popular.

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