Home Cash Academy Review Of Red Flags

If you are looking at the Home Cash Academy program, you may want to spend a few minutes reading this review of some of the red flags I see with the program.  If you have already paid for the program, you probably already know that the sales page contains many questionable and potentially misleading statements.

There are many good reasons as to why most people will want to avoid Home Cash Academy. Here are just three of them.

Reason No. 1: You Will Not Make the Kind of Money ‘Jenny Lee’ Says You Can in Just 2 Hours

First of all, there is absolutely no way that you will be able to earn the kind of money that the spokesperson supposedly named ‘Jenny Lee’ claims you can. According to her, her use of the Home Cash Academy has allowed her to earn twice the amount of money she did with her traditional day job. Add to that her claims that she only has to work around 1 to 4 hours on a daily basis and it’s easy to see why many people have already shelled out $49.00 as the ‘one-time’ fee for the program.

Reason No. 2: This Supposedly Link Posting Job is Misrepresented and Misleading

It’s a far stretch from the truth that many legitimate businesses offer link posting roles to remote workers. What real companies offer is commission based online sales. However, in order to make those sales and get those commissions you have to know how to get visitors to your “links” and typically those links are placed on sites that you build – in other words you have to also know how to build websites.  However, the Home Cash Academy is a far cry from these legitimate affiliate marketing businesses.

Reason No. 3: The One Time Fee of $49.00 Does Not Come with an Explanation

Once you provide all the pieces of information asked of you by the website and you get the message that there is just a single (or just a few) slot available, the next step is to pay the fee amounting to $49.00. So what is this fee for? Nobody knows, as the website does not have a clear explanation for it.  Unfortunately, many still fall for these types of blind sales letters because they all want to believe that this is their chance to make hundreds in just a few hours.

Reason No. 4:  Using Testimonials Used By Other Programs That Generate

The Home Cash Academy website is using the same testimonials used by many other programs that have generated numerous complaints.

Reason No. 5.: Offering a “Free One-On-One Consultation” With a Success Advisor

Almost always, these so-called “Consultations” are simply sales ploys to get you to part with thousands of dollars for products, coaching, and other services you don’t need to get started.

OHC University Reviews

If you are looking for OCH University reviews, you can find out all you need to know about whether OCH University is a scam or legitimate by taking a look at other sites have been promoted by the same group of people. Companies change the names of their programs so that the complaints against the programs can’t easily be found in the search engines or on complaints boards.

OCH University is related to Online Home Careers

I put a warning out about Online Home Careers back in May of 2012. If you want to know if OCH University really works, is fake, or is a legitimate program, you may want to read this post about Online Home Careers.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I suggest you avoid OCH University. In fact, you can keep yourself out of a great deal of trouble by reading the following three posts:


Sites To Avoid In 2014

There are thousands of sites you should avoid. I can’t track them all. However, I can help you avoid current ones that are being heavily promoted. Many of the sites that you should avoid are being  promoted by fake news sites and fake review sites.

Here is the current list of some of the worst offenders…

Fake News Sites I Track

There have been thousands of fake news sites promoting scams over the years. There aren’t as many as there used to be, but I still track the worst ones as you can see in the image below:

Fake News Sites Tracked CroppedBelow is a list of the fake news sites along with the current program they are promoting

Smarter Lifestyles | www SmarterLifeStyles biz | Home Income Kit (warning)
Weekly Marks | www WeeklyMarks com | Web Fortune Vault (warning)
Consumer Income News | www ConsumerIncomeNews com |  N/A
Good Lifestyle Magazine | www Good Lifestyle Magazine | Web Fortune Master (warning)
Daily Consumer Tips | www DailyConsumerTips com | Work At Home Institute (warning)
eBiz Lifestyle | www eBizLifestyle com | Home Cash Academy
Canadian Jobs Local | www CanadianJobsLocal com |  Online Home Careers (warning)
Channel 7 Jobs Report | www Channel7JobsReport com | Online Home Careers (warning)
Career Journal Online | www CareerJournalOnline org | Internet Money Path
Working Home Jobs | www WorkingHomeJobs com | N/A
Consumer Products Exposed | www ConsumerProductsExposed com
Mothers Working Daily |www MothersWorkingDaily com | Web Fortune Master (warning)
Career Journal Online | www CareerJournalOnline com | Internet Money Path
Finance Reporting | www Finance-Reporting info | eStore Builder
Economic Alerts | www Economic Alerts com | Web Fortune Master (warning)

Here’s A List Of The Sites Being Promoted That You Should Avoid

  • eStore Builder | www eStoreBuilder com
  • Home Cash Academy | www Home-Cash-Academy com
  • Home Income Kit | www Home-Income-Kit com
  • Internet Money Path | www InternetMoneyPath com
  • Online Home Careers | www OnlineHomeCareers com
  • Web Fortune Master | www WebFortuneMaster com
  • Web Fortune Vault | www WebFortuneVault com
  • Work At Home Institute | www WAHInstitute com

Fake Review Sites To Avoid

There are several fake review sites that you should avoid. Two of the worst are:

  • Top 3 Work At Home | www Top3WorkAtHome Net
  • Work At Home Authority | www WorkAtHome-Authority com

Problems With Work At Home Authority

Work At Home Authority uses a fake person named Michelle Withrow as its spokesperson. The name Michelle Withrow has been used to promote numerous questionable opportunities and outright scams.

Right now “Michelle Withrow” is promoting a site called Work At Home Institute. The problem is that Work At Home Institute is simply a different name for a site called Work At Home University – which uses “Michelle Withrow” as its spokesperson!

The other problem with the Work At Home Authority site is that it’s promoted numerous  programs that have generated a huge number of complaints. Including:

  • Auto Pilot Income System – Click here for my September 6, 2011 warning
  • Paid Surveys & More
  • Survey Revenue System
  • Work At Home Institute – Click here for August 3, 2013 warning
  • Work At Home University – Click here for my September 14, 2012 warning

Problems With Top3WorkAtHome.net

The main problem with Top3WorkAtHome.net is that it has promoted all kinds of programs that have generated huge amounts of complaints. Currently, the site is promoting:

  • Web Fortune Vault -  Click here for my June 13, 2013 warning
  • Business Success Pack – This promotes Vemma – Click here for Vemma Research
  • Web Fortune Master – Click here for for my June 11, 2013 warning

However, there are some other problems as well, including:

The Facebook Survey Attack it sometimes launches (seen in the image below):

Top3WorkAtHome-net-Norton-600 Wide

Obviously fake claims such as the following:

Top3WorkAtHome-Dubious-Claim-600 Wide

Other Sites To Avoid

I can’t possibly list all of the sites you should avoid. However, the following is a list of some of the most current ones that I recommend you stay away from:

  • Automated Paydays – uses ClickSure as its payment processor. Click here for my warning about ClickSure.
  • A to Z Cash System – www AToZCashSystem com – Click here for my June 2, 2012 warning.
  • Empower Network – www EmpowerNetwork com
  • Eric’s Success Plan – Click here for for my October 7, 2013 warning.
  • Pro Advantage 90 – www ProAdvantage90 com – Click here for my March 17, 2012 warning
  • Web Profits From Home – a.k.a. Home Income Stream – www hispurchase com