Work At Home University Red Flags

I wrote a fairly lengthy warning about Michelle Withrow’s Work At Home University recently. However, for those of you who want to get the main points quickly here is a list of red flags from that warning:

Work At Home University Red Flags

Work At Home University Red Flags

If you would like to read the full list of red flags, you can read them at my original WorkAtHomeUniversity warning here.

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  1. sierra says

    thank you so much for your review.I was about to purchase WAH university advertisement because it was very persuasive and i am currently looking for another way to earn extra income. When i realized the offer seemed too good to be true I googled reviews and came across yours.So thanks a lot.
    Ps. I also want to add that as i attempted to close the payment page another offer of $87 from the original $97 was presented.Then i canceled the page closing,thought about buying it again,decided not to, and attempted to close it a second time an a offer of $47 appeared for the entire product.This was a clear indicator to me that the WAH university is for sure a scam.

    • says

      If you want a legit way to earn extra income on the side and having your own business online. You should look into the Amway business opportunity. Its not ‘instant income’, you pretty much do your grocery shopping online from your own store and redirect people you know. and come to meet, to your online store and you get paid, you also get paid by showing other people how to do what you do.

      If you would like to learn more, email me.

  2. David says

    Ya know, I’m just looking to work from home because I just like being on my computer. Who dosen’t , right. Well, I’ve come across a LOT of scams. I just do a google on it and almost every single time I come-up with a scam. It is beyond me how these folks sleep at night knowing they just scamed someone out of their hard earned cash? I DID find some lagit work at home deals, by that I mean companies willing to pay an hourly wage for some honest work. I was just looking for “something” for nothing. After going to some of these places and reading how some folks were scammed out of thousands of dollars, I feel kinda bad. I WAS looking to do no work and get rich overnight, I know that’s not possible now. The one with the millionair and plane was a gas tho, wanted 47 bucks from me, BUT he makes millions—RIGHT……..

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