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New Kelly Scott Work At Home Scam – Internet Careers Online

The latest Kelly Scott scam is a program called Internet Careers Online. The site uses many of the same testimonials, fake names, and stock photos as other programs that have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commissions, especially the following:

  • Wesley R.
  • Kimberly T.B.

You’ll recognize their pictures at my warning called fakest of the fake here.

IMPORTANT information about the Internet Careers Online Address

The address on the Internet Careers Online website is:

“2736 E Red Cliffs Dr. #7
St. George, UT 84790″

That’s the same address found on the Online Profit Systems site that I warned about previously. You can read about that Kelly Scott work from home scam here.

Internet Careers Online Is Not Available In Utah or Oregon?!?

This is interesting…even though the company operates out of Utah, check out what the the terms of service for Internet Careers Online…

Internet Careers Online Terms

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite curious that the product is not available to residents in Utah or Oregon. I’m not sure why that is, but if I find out I’ll post the information here.


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  1. Preston Sims says

    Paul I just enrolled in the Kelly Scott program a few hours ago at the tune of $97.00 prior to catching this scam warning. What would you suggest would be the next step to possibly getting my money back?

    • Elke Schwartz says

      I signed up to the discounted rate of $47 and found out that it is mainly posting links to peoples emails, spamming. I called them told them I wanted the refund they guaranteed which they did honor. I will give them credit for that. I disagree with spamming people’s email, I was happy I got my refund, but it still came with a cost. Now my info has been sold and I had to close my email because of the spam I received and I’m still dealing with phone calls from many people trying to get me into the home based businesses. I’ve had my number for too many years so I deal with these calls and have blocked a few numbers, but it is very annoying to get these calls. It had gotten to be less so hopefully they will mostly go away.

  2. Rich Englert says

    Thanks, was looking into this. When I saw it was coming out of St. George UT, I wanted to include my ex-wife’s name as she has done time for mail fraud and scammed me out of thousands while married. She lives in St.George, Pamala Englert, Aka, Pamala Ortiz, Pamala Smith,and when arrested in Illinois she was Pamala St. Charles “Church of Love” Look it up.

  3. Rebekah Chuyka says

    I fell victim to the Kelly Scott Internet Careers Online scam today and paid the $97 start up fee. After giving it some thought and speaking to someone and then supposedly being transferred to begin the next step, I was directed to go to the website I went to originally. This made me stop and think. I started doing some research, and sure enough it was found to be a scam! I then have tried to contact them as there is supposed to be a 100% guarantee to get money back in 60 days if you are not satisfied, but if I cannot get ahold of them, what am I to do to get my money back?

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