Kim Swartz Work At Home Scams

Kim Swartz is a fictional person used by numerous sites to promote various work at home scams. Often the sites are fake news sites designed to look like real news. Typically they will say that she is a stay at home mom.

Here are a few of the work at home scams that sites using the Kim Swartz name have promoted recently.

Web Fortune Master Scam

The Web Fortune Master scam is one of the more recent scams being promoted by sites using the Kim Swartz character. I have a warning about that scam here that you may want to read.

Profit Web System Scam

Another recent scam being promoted this way was the Profit Web System scam. That site no longer exists because it was getting so many complaints that they decided to change the name of the site.

Stay At Home Revenue Warning

One of the earliest scams I put a warning up about for sites using this fictional person’s name was the Stay At Home Revenue site. That site used a number of stock photos for its testimonials. You can see the warning about Stay At Home Revenue here.

This one also uses the name Work At Home Institute. You can see the original Work At Home University warning here.

The Free Consultation Trap

All of these sites are designed to get you to talk to a hard sell sales person. They do it by claiming that you are getting a “bonus” free consultation. The real reason for the free consultation is to try to figure out how  much money you have available and then to squeeze as much money as possible out of you.

Fake News Sites Using The Kim Swartz Name

The number of sites using the Kim Swartz name to promote questionable home business ideas is much larger than what you’ll see below. The main thing to know is that if you see the name “Kim Swartz” and “work at home” on the same page, you should take a step back and really question what you’re looking at.

If you’re still not sure, you can always contact me to ask my opinion using the contact link listed at the top of this page.

Here are just a couple of ake news sites that have used the Kim Swartz name:

  • Home Job Reports | (no longer active)
  • Good Lifestyle Magazine |


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    • Charles says

      it has been my experience these so called commission sites might really have instructions videos
      but they don’t really show you anything and most at the end of a video will route you to a link or page where they actually ask you for more of your hard eared money and you have yet to make a cent or learn anything.

  1. says

    I ran accross your website looking for work at home jobs, hopefully serching for free sign up. Web fortune vault is were I ran into you. On your website can I access most of the websites I view? I’m currently working but HATE my job been there 21 yrs phone work, don’t want that anymore. Can you recomend any legitamate work at home jobs? Kathy

  2. David Henson says

    I knew it it was scam. Been searching for Kim Swartz. Kim Swartz of Nuuk? Come on. Its fake. Im from Nuuk city. And there is no Kim Swartz in Nuuk. But thanks for informationer.

  3. Sharlene says

    Came across her name for working from home, being a single mother in South Africa and earning $. Thought it might be a scam. We do not generally earn $ in SA.

  4. Rosemary says

    Great report. Kim wartz in medway. Nothing like that. They use fake name to look real . I am looking for work at home job and I ran into work at home institute. Kim is used as a model in my town with only three positions left. I started searching for her so that I can visit her in my little town and confirm the legit of this program. Thank God I read the scam report.

  5. Kylie says

    Just wanted to say thank u for going out of YOUR WAY, to find out the ‘
    ‘TRUTH’. We need more people like you in this world!!

  6. Juan De Dios Vargas says

    Muchisssiiisissiisisimas Gracias, Pablito! Y/made my day….The same name, the same picture; idem words & tv show. The same b.s. Thanks a lot x y/kindness!!!

  7. Imogen says

    Lol, I know Kim Swartz, she’s not a fictional character, but I’m not so sure if it’s a scam since I didn’t know she changed jobs since last time I saw her. Actually, wait, I think she did change jobs, not sure.

  8. Debbie Blake says

    Thank you for this site. Was curious about working from home and saw Michelle Robinson Work At Home course promoted by Kim Swartz a woman who lives close to my home!

  9. Kimberly says

    I found a guy named Robert Rodgers, He placed an ad on Craigslist for a csr job not an opportunity then when I called him he asked me to go to his webinar which gives a run down of the job. the url is I went to it and even talked to him it says when you want to sign up to call him and in the info it says you have to pay 250.00 for the software he told me that they pay that not me. Hmm then asked if I sent him my resume, I had not but did. since he said it was no cost. Then I went looking at other work at home sites and found this Kim Swarts from Beaverton, and the website had the exact signatures on it same advertising but its a different
    program but they show same video and have the same header pictures. Have you heard of this?

    • says

      The Information Group looks extremely dubious – biggest red flag is it’s claim to have been seen on various news stations – that’s something that a huge number of scams will claim without any evidence. Something like that should turn up in a basic Google search – which it didn’t.

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