IPas2 Reviews – What You Need To Know

IPAS2 – What Is It?

IPAS2 is an acronym that stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System version 2. The idea is to send people to an IPAS marketing funnel which then attempts to get them to purchase IPAS products and Empower Network products. It’s based on the idea of a “funded proposal” in which a preliminary lower-cost product is sold to offset the cost of generating leads.

IPAS2 – Is It A Scam?

I don’t know if IPAS2 is a scam or not. It certainly isn’t something I would recommend at this site.

IPAS2 – Criticism

One criticism I have of IPAS2 is how some people are marketing it. For example, I get emails from one person almost daily with subjects and statements such as:

  • “This made ME $8,410 last week!”
  • “$30k a month income”?
  • “I’ve been using to make an average of $500-$1000 a day but noticed you
    hadn’t joined yet.”

I don’t have a problem with somebody talking about what type of money they are making from a system they are following, but if they are focused more heavily on promoting the money than they are on promoting the details of how the system works, then that’s a red flag in my opinion.

Does Frank Kern Endorse IPAS2 or Empower Network?

Apparently some IPAS2 affiliates are using Frank Kern’s image in association with IPAS2. Here’s what he had to say about it in a FaceBook post.

“Dear Empower Network and iPas2 affiliates who are using my image to advertise on Facebook:

STOP LYING TO PEOPLE by implying that I endorse your “opportunity”.

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