Can You Trust The Online Business Bureau?

I’ve noticed quite a few sites claiming to be members of the Online Business Bureau. If you are considering a product that boasts its membership in the Online Business Bureau, there are a few things you need to know up front:

The Online Business Bureau is not a “better alternative” than the Better Business Bureau

The Online Business Bureau says this on their main page:

“The Online Business Bureau is a better alternative for consumers to investigate whether a business is legitimate. Our membership dues are much less than the BBB charges.”

I’m not a fan of the BBB’s rating system, but I AM a fan of the way the BBB collects and organizes complaints. That’s useful.

But is the Online Business Bureau really a better alternative to the Better Business Bureau? You may not think so when you see what it takes to get a “Green Rating” from the OBB:

OBB Instant Green RatingIn other words, just PAY and get a green rating. What could possibly be wrong with that? ;-)


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Advancing Income Research

The Advancing Income by “Melissa Johnson” (fake names) was being heavily promoted a while back. Now it’s being pushed by some of the most notorious fake news sites on the Internet, including Here’s what you need to know about the Advancing Income work at home program.

The Melissa Johnson Name is Commonly Used With Dubious Work At Home Programs

You’ll find her name on this Home Business Red Flags Priority Checklist. You’ll also find her on this list of commonly used fake bizop names.

The Fake Consumer Investigator Amanda Winston Is Used To Promote Advancing Income

You can read about Amanda Winston here.

The Melissa Johnson Name Was Used By The Notorious Fake Website News 8 Reports

News8Reports used a “GeoIp” script to fill in YOUR city for where “Melissa Johnson” lives. No matter where YOU are from, Melissa Johnson is from there, too! “Amazing”. ;-)

The Photo Of Melissa Johnson Is A Stock Photo

You’ve probably already figured out that the picture for Melissa Johnson is a stock photo.  But in case you hadn’t, you can click here to verify that.

Bottom Line:

Avoid this one! You’ll be glad you did.


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Debbie Jones Online Cash Research

The bottom line on the Debbie Jones Online Cash program is that you need to avoid it. Here’s why:

The Purchase Page is on has been used to promote Online Cash Commissions, a program I warned about here. At that time the Online Cash Commissions site was apparently starting to be run as the “Online Cash” site. Here’s what one commenter said:

“Thank you for having this page. I looked up the Online Cash site and was very worried about the ” too good to be true deal”. I am very happy to see my concern was validated and I feel better for not falling victim to such a scam. How can tv stations endorse such a thing, its almost disgusting to see that even they can be fooled than via fool a whole base of people like myself. Once again thank you for your info and warnings.”

Debbie Jones – As NOT Seen On TV

One fake news site called claims has a story about “Theresa Andrews” who claims she saw Debbie Jones on TV. Here’s a telling piece of the fake story about Teresa Andrews.

“I asked her about how she started her remarkable journey. “It was pretty easy, I saw an ad by Debbie Jones about a course called Online Cash  . I knew about Debbie Jones from TV and knew she was legit, and since they offered a “1-Month Satisfaction Guarantee” – I figured I really had nothing to lose. so I invested in the course.”

Here’s what you need to know about Teresa Andrews and Debbie Jones

Teresa Andrews is a fake name that has been used to promote numerous highly questionable work at home programs. You can get the TRUTH about Teresa Andrews in my post about Teresa Andrews work from home programs. I’m certain you’ll know to avoid the Debbie Jones Online Cash site after reading that information about “Teresa”.

Fake Names Galore

Debbie Jones is yet another in a long line of fake names used to promote dubious work at home and home business programs. If you want to avoid tons of work at home scams, keep an eye on this list.

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