Work At Home Jobs

Work At Home Jobs (Telecommuting Work) – Where To Find Them

This is list of reliable places to search for work at home jobs:

Free Resources

Due Diligence When Researching Work At Home Jobs & Freelance Work

  1. Follow The Rules: No matter what resources you’re using, make sure you always follow the Rules for searching for home jobs here.
  2. Use Forum Search Engines: I’d also recommend using a couple of forum search engines to search what forum members are saying about a company you’re researching. Here are 3 good ones:
  3. Avoid Common Scams On Craigslist & Similar Sites – I suggest you read  this article.

Also, if your in forums looking for telecommuting leads, I’d advise avoiding discussing the usual touchy subjects – politics, religion, and the great pumpkin. Sometimes stirring up controversy leads to getting banned – and your there to find telecommuting leads, so try to remember that. If you are a beginning freelancer, you might also want to read this article.

Places To Look For Work At Home Job Leads

WAHM – The Online Magazine For Work At home Moms

WAHM has a section called Telecommuting Moms, but don’t be fooled by the name. The forum is for anybody.It’s also a useful place to ask about any companies you might be considering.

How to register for WAHM. Registering for the WAHM forum can be a bit confusing, so I’ve made the following video:

Click here to visit.

Work Place Like Home

How To Register For The Forum:

Work Place Like Home is a free forum which is primarily geared towards telecommuters or those trying to find telecommuting work. I’ve made a video to show you the inside of the forum and how extensive it is:

Visit Work Place Like Home

Skip The Drive

I’m Peter Metz, founder and CEO of Skip The Drive LLC, got his first taste of telecommuting while working for a software company. The site is dedicated exclusively towards jobs containing remote work and helping people find work-from-home jobs.

Visit SkipTheDrive.

Leslie Truex’s Work-At-Home-Success

Leslie Truex posts work at home job leads weekly.

Click here to see her work at home jobs section.


Elance is on of the largest Freelance Marketplaces on the Web.  You can use the service to search for potential jobs, find information about potential clients, and manage your work for your clients through the Elance WorkRoom.

Workers are can receive payment via ACH, PayPal, or Wire Transfer. Note: Paid members receive one wire transfer free per month. If you’re new to the idea of freelancing, you might want to read Elance & The 8 Careers It Can Launch.

Writers may want to read these articles:

Visit Elance

ODesk – Important Resource For Workers Around The Globe

ODesk is an important resource for many workers because they offers so many different payment options, including ACH, local funds transfers, PayPal, Moneybookers, pre-paid debit cards, and wire transfers.  It’s free to sign up, apply, and interview for jobs at ODesk. If you get a job and get paid, oDesk charges a fee equivalent to 10% of the total amount charged to your client.

Click Here to visit ODesk

Rat Race Rebellion

It’s baffling to me why Web Of Trust is rating this site poorly – unless it’s because of intrusive ad placement. That’s why I recommend you read ALL of their FAQs before using the site. Click here to visit the main page.

Telecommuting Mommy

Primarily geared towards Stay At Home moms, although the information is useful for anybody, Telecommuting Moms provides information on a wide variety of legitimate work at home jobs as well as sharing freebies and ways to save money at home in order to help you make ends meet as a Stay-at-Home Mom.

Click here to visit Telecommuting Mommies – Or Visit Telecommuting Mommies at FaceBook

iHubbub – Home Business Social Networking Community
Site: iHubbub Home Business Networking

iHubbub is the online business community giving its start up entrepreneurs, home businesses and freelance members a place to meet, learn, collaborate and support each other.

Build Your Own Telecommuting Jobs Leads Search Engine

This is only a small sample of places to look for legitimate work at home jobs leads. As you look elsewhere and find more legitimate sources for work at home jobs leads, you might want to build your own search engine of your favorite sites so you can search through multiple sites as once.

The two best places to do so are:

You can see an example of a Google Custom Search Engine I made for researching scams at

Part Time Work Resources


TaskRabbit is an ideal spot for retired people, underemployed people, or people who are simply looking for a non-traditional way of working. According to the TaskRabbit page “How It Works“:

“We are currently adding TaskRabbits based on several factors, including community needs, skill set, demand, and location, among others.”

You can find more about how TaskRabbit works in the video below. If this is something you’re interested in, then you can complete an application here.


Fiverr is a microjob site where you can Spend a few minutes working  and get $5 payment. Some of the services people are selling on Fiverr include:

  • Making small food objects out of modeling clay.
  • Making photo collages.
  • Singing jingles.
  • Creating greeting cards.
  • Record Voice Overs

You can read more about Fiverr here. Or you can Click Here to go directly to Fiverr.

Amazon Turk


“HITs – Human Intelligence Tasks – are individual tasks that you work on.

As a Mechanical Turk Worker you:

  • Can work from home
  • Choose your own work hours
  • Get paid for doing good work”

Learn more about becoming a Mechanical Turk Worker.


ClickNWork works with companies to take on services, then identify, train and test professionals that want to complete the work from home.

Visit ClickNWork


Paid Resources For Work At Home Jobs

While it’s true that you should never pay for a job, there are some legitimate job lead databases that do the work of screening out scams for you. If you understand how to screen out scams, then I would recommend you stick to free resources. But, if you want to pay for people to screen out the scams for you, here are a couple paid resources I recommend:

1. Home Job Stop

HomeJobStop is a longstanding paid telecommuting jobs database that has been recommended by numerous reliable sources for years.

Click here to read my Home Job Stop review.

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another good paid site to research work at home job leads. Click here to visit FlexJobs.

Other Resources Related To Work At Home Jobs:

The Telework Coalition:

Although the site doesn’t directly provide job leads, I STRONGLY recommend you read it on a regular basis to keep up with what’s happening with telecommuting. Click here to visit The Telework Coalition.

InnoVisions Canada

InnoVisions is geared primarily for employers to help them evaluate potential telecommuting or flexwork programs. While they do have a page with a list of telecommuting resources for potentially finding work at home positions, some of the sites on the list are outdated. That’s something you’ll come across frequently on the internet and why it’s important to follow the rules of home job search due diligence.

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