Automated Profit Package sales page review

The Automated Profit Package sales page has the look and feel of a lot of other questionable sites that WorkAtHomeTruth has reviewed in the past. But while that may be a clue that Automated Profit Package might be worth avoiding I try to look for other potential red flags before making a final decision.

Update: Now Redirects To The Following Two Sites:

Update 5/31/2011: There is a new site called Home Wealth Solution which looks VERY similar to those sites.

9/3/2011 Update – The NEWEST version can be found here: Online Income Solution review.

The first page of the Automated Profit Package site presents another BIG RED FLAG right off the bat. It is using a “TRUSTe” privacy certificate – but the certificate on the website is NOT clickable.

Not only that, but for some strange reason AutomatedProfitPackage displays the following URL on the first page:

NOT secure URL at

NOT secure URL at

The page puts the word “secure” in the URL even though the page is NOT secure. A secure page will always have https:// at the beginning of it’s URL like the following:

Google secure earch

Google secure earch

Automated Profit Package uses questionable testimonial photos

Right now AutomatedProfitPackage shows 3 testimonials. Each photo can be found on iStockPhoto:

  • Click here to see the stock photo uses for “James W.”
  • Click here to see the stock photo uses for “Albert B.”
  • Click here to see the stock photo uses for “Isabel G.”

What sites like Automated Profit Package often do once their stock photos are exposed

Once a site like AutomatedProfitPackage has their stock photos exposed they often start using a disclaimer which says something like the following:

“For purpose of privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos.”

Automated Profit Package makes a questionable “As Seen On” claim using an image like this:

Automated Profit Package

Automated Profit Package "As Seen On"?

Now, I suppose Automated Profit Package may have “been seen on” these sites if it BOUGHT advertising on them. If so, then it should make the claim “As Advertised On” – not “As Seen On” CNBC, USA Today, abc, Twitter, CNN, and AOL.

Bizarrely, put’s an asterisk next to “AS SEEN ON” but there is nothing that the asterisk references.

Actually the site also puts an asterisk by $379 and never references that asterisk either. I guess someone was just asterisk-happy that day.

Automated Profit Package claims that it was “Voted #1″ by Entrepreneur Magazine

I’m going to go out on a limb here and propose that Automated Profit Package probably was NEVER “Voted #1″ by Entrepreneur Magazine or any other respectable business magazine for that matter – although actually doesn’t say WHAT it claims to be voted #1 for – so I suppose if it was “Voted #1″ product to AVOID maybe it could be true.

Potential relationship between AutomatedProfitPackage and the “review site”

Of possible interest is the fact that recommends AutomatedProfitPackage as it’s “#1″ pick AND both AutomatedProfitPackage and are hosted on the same IP with only 3 other sites as you can see below:

Reverse IP Automated Traffic Package

Reverse IP Automated Traffic Package

Why is that important? Because often when there are a limited number of websites on the same IP address, it can be an indicator that the websites are owned by the same company or person.

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  1. Hi Paul

    Just got a mail ‘ A secret profit formulae by david eisner’
    have you heard about it and is it a spam?
    And its free for instant but it’ll be $47 in the near future!!!

    Thanks. Hope you heard about it.

  2. It _IS_ a scam
    I proved, and fall in their trap :(

  3. Hi Paul,

    I already spent $35 on APP.. sucks that I was stupid enough to fall for that sh*t. I paid $20 for membership then another $15.. I was hoping to get started but they were asking for more payment! there were no free website as promised and I was so pissed I asked for refund. do u think i can still get my $35 back? I’m afraid I will never trust any kind of scheme like this in the future.. Just work hard and earn right!

    • Aya. I doubt THEY will give you your money back.

      Is it still being sold through ClickBank? If so, you should file a refund via ClickBank.

      Let me know how you paid and I’ll explain how to file for a refund. Also if you can tell me when you paid that will help, too.

      • Hi Paul,
        I’m really grateful for your response. thanks for taking time to read all of our concerns. =)

        Anyway.. I’m just waiting til tomorrow. I filed for a refund yesterday, hours after I paid the package since I felt it ain’t fair. Here’s a part of the message or i guess this is a disclaimer from Clickbank.

        “You should receive an email response to tech support requests within 2 business
        days. Refunds and cancellations are processed within one business day (except if
        a product has been shipped, in which case refunds and cancellations are processed
        within 14 business days). You may return to this ticket at any time to check for
        a reply, to further comment on your ticket, or to close the ticket should you no
        longer need assistance.”

  4. Hi Paul,
    is there any site which dont need initial deposits to make money online……and please do tell if i can make money online by doing surveys………..suggest some sites also

  5. i would like to know about a speakasiaonline also…… friend is doing surveys through it………but i m a bit confused…please help

  6. Darrell Pennell says:

    It seems that everytime I think I have found the right Home job, I get on the computer to review the good and bad, and everytime I find to many bad things. Is their really a work from home project out there you can make money at without costing a arm and a leg? I have try a few, and have lost money on everyone. Help Please

  7. Phak THA says:

    Yes, I also fell into the trap. I paid around 20 bucks for the package. It said that was a one-time registration. But the process seemed to require for more and more money from me, several times indeed. Luckily, I thought if it would ever work for money making, why would it keep getting money from me. Simple reason: They are making money out of me!! So, I did not pay any more money but that one-time registration solely. I have been requesting a refund from them for four days, but last time they did not even reply to my email. So far I also have not got any refund from them despite the fact that when they were persuading me to buy the package, they claimed they guaranteed a full refund and I had no risk to try the package. What a fool I am!
    So, at this moment, after having checked my mailbox and credit card account this morning, I don’t think I would get any refund from those bad, cheating guys.

  8. Duoc Le says:

    Thanks all for your comments.
    Before I`d like to register a membership at Automated Profit Package, after reading the comments, I decided to give up my thought of making online.

  9. Paul,

    The Free Money Formula sales page and APP are the same. That’s the same page that convinced me and lead me to buy. Honestly if you have TIME you can make money on this one cos when you’re already a member they will teach u about stuffs in the net. You need perseverance not just money to pay for the membership.. website.. etc.. yes they will ask for more that’s why I asked for a refund. But I didn’t get to study and try evrything cos I have a job. I guess if u sit and wor for it maybe 3 days or so, study the process then u can make money. You will pay for the websites which sells online software.. that’s why they say u need traffic cos the more people u get in ur site, the probability that u get someone to buy for that software will be higher. that’s when u make money.. this is just my opinion since I didn’t get to try evrything.

  10. hey everyone…how are you guys today…my name is connie and I just wanted to let everyone know how my experience with this organization is going..i started this “program” a few days and I was beleiving I could do this…after further investigation I have come to realize this is not for me…well I cannot get ANYONE to accept my calls and speak to about my concerns and noone to contact in the event that I want a refund…..Please help me

  11. how do i get a refund

  12. someone PLEASE help me….call me @ [removed]…..PLEASE

    Connie I took your phone numbers off – because if you leave them there you’re likely to get a ton of unwanted calls from telemarketers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    helow paul im romel jason lomantas
    from Phil. so if no any account and no personal computer at home?
    its work?

  14. paul

    i romel jason lomantas 19 years old, live in the Phil.
    what if no any account or a fast-book it is possibly
    can i work at you?
    coz i am interested to apply but the problem on me i have no any account, no personal computer b’coz were only poor,….

    sorry for my English…. xD

  15. Just read your review…thank you
    Just saved me some money glad I checked before I gave them anything….

  16. I think there is no need to worry and cry for your 19 or 20 dollars.
    After all it’s only 3 or 4 big macs. You will live without it.
    I have paid 24, 95, 45 and then 14 for them. They keep suggesting tools for making money.
    After 2 weeks of no results I have googled and found all theses comments.
    I thought that my 200 USD are gone. Didn’t cry for it though.
    Then I have requested money using
    And guess what… all my requests were granted and I was 100% refunden.
    So, they are no criminals. They have contacted me with “sorry you go”.
    Now I am thinking of trying this once more, because they say, that it can take up to 2 months untill your first sale.

    • I see you’re posting from Lithuania – a country known for operating massive spam operations: LT Lithuania 65 Vilniaus Apskritis Vilnius 54.6833 25.3167 UAB Baltnetos komunikacijos Baltnetos komunikacijos, UAB

      You’re not by any chance coming here to defend this product because you’re trying to promote it through spamming are you? 😉

      • Paul, I’m from Italy and also I have a problem with that site…I payed through clickbank and paypal, and I’ve already asked for a refund on clickbank site…I’m worried about the Income Elite Membership that provides recurring monthly payment: I asked clickbank to remove this membership, do you think the will do this? Thank you…

        • Massimo,

          My understanding is that Income Elite isn’t owned by the same people/company that owns Automated Profit Package – although they may have promoted it.

          But, if you ask ClickBank to cancel a recurring billing, they’ll definitely do it.

          • M - Anonymous says:

            I’m right when I have opened a ticket like this on clickbank?

            Status: Open – CUSTOMER
            Type: Refund Request


            Status: Open – CUSTOMER
            Type: Cancellation Request

            When they will process my request how I will be informed?

            Thanks very much

          • Yes, if you purchased through Clickbank.

            It usually takes up to two business days and they will notify you by email.

          • M - Anonymous says:

            Yes I buy through Clickbank and payed with payal, I’m all right to ask the refund to clickbank?

            Dear [Name removed],

            This email confirms that you made a purchase from This
            transaction will appear on your statement as “CLICKBANK” or “CLKBANK*COM.”
            ClickBank is the Internet’s largest retailer of digital products. Please review
            the following information and keep this email for future reference. Thank you for
            your order.


            Order Number: ***************
            Order Date: 03/12/2011 1:11 PM PST
            Customer Name: ********************
            Customer Email: *****************
            Product: Automated Profit Package, Instant Access – Special Half-Price Offer!
            Product ID: 1
            Vendor’s Site:


            Payment Method: PayPal
            Subtotal: EUR 15,20
            Tax: VAT (EU826000301) EUR 3,04
            Total: EUR 18,24

      • Hello Paul,

        No no no, I’n not trying to promote them.
        I was too very dissapointed when I couldn’t find any real people online, who made succes here.
        And still can’t :)
        But they have just granted all my refund requests (almost 200 USD in 4 deals).
        Who could explain me, why should they do that if their main object is to “pull out” our money.

        I AM HAPPY

        and yes, I am posting from LT, but do not have anything to do with spammers. i was just looking for info 😉

  17. Hi Paul

    your comments help me alot and i just bought that automated profit package and been asked to buy tools and stuffs so i check on the internet and saw your pages very helpful and i contacted and got my payment canceled and will get my money back within 3 to 4 working days.

    thanks again

  18. Lino Pang says:

    I’m with NBK now and I’m learning a lot… Hoping to have my first website up and running soon and start earning money… It wasn’t hard to make the decision to stay with the program… A lot of nice people in the community…

  19. Lino Pang says:

    By the way, I was refunded by ClickBank on my purchase of Commission Crusher and APP…

  20. paul
    i got a question what other say about the niche blitzkrieg programme work real?

    • Did you see Lino Pang’s comment? I’ve put it here for you again:

      “I’m with NBK now and I’m learning a lot… Hoping to have my first website up and running soon and start earning money… It wasn’t hard to make the decision to stay with the program… A lot of nice people in the community…”

  21. anotherone says:

    Do not pay for this package, you will loose your money, if you have already fell into the trap, open a dispute in PayPal and write to clickbank to do a full refund. The procedure takes nearly 2 weeks, but at last i was fully refunded. Do it right now, there is no time to loose, if you want to make money, write to Mr.Clarson and ask him to sell his autoprofit package and to take money from it, hahaha

  22. I was almost trapped.
    Thanks for the information.
    Ask money before offering nothing should not be accepted.
    Don’t be fooled.

  23. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  24. Thanks Paul.
    It seems that we all have fallen prey to these scams once or twice. But once in a while when a new scam surfaces with a brilliantly genuine appearance, we just can’t help feeling challenged to grab that golden opportunity. Or else it will walk away and forever in regret we must remain.
    Important lesson is to NEVER rush any registration, for once you start investing you will likely go a little further each time to protect your initial investment. Until 20 becomes 200 and you have gained nothing but the exact idea of the scam. Which you can play on others.

  25. jerry cabuntagon says:

    hi mr. paul,im so grateful for the input that you’ve posted.honestly, i was about to register in APP. thank you so much…this really is a big help for a neophite like me. id like to ask what website offers a legitimate online job or online business…i would be very glad if you could help me out….thank you once again….

  26. Hi am iva frm india.. Tnx a lot for saving me frm thm.. Can u suggest any trustful online work websites? Can u mail me.. Plz?

  27. joemarie says:

    ahmmm,,, helllo….
    can i ask if i should pay first with that online business before i get my own account????

  28. okay …since we all are trying one way of the other to earn money on line through some legitimate programs, some how its not getting any easier and simpler. I thought of giving APP a shot today till i came down to this blog and thank you thank you every one for posting the truth. esp to Paul.
    I also joined some rapid ptc program , well free for add clicking program launched some time ago in FE 2011. Since its a new system not much information regarding its a scam or not is out there, does any body gotta clue to this. Please advice , wud be appreciated.

  29. I have just made my payment of $19.97 (60MYR) for the Home Wealth Solution package and only realised about this website talking about it’s a SCAM??

    It got me so worried now that I should request for a refund right away?

    I’m trying to read through the website how to get it started but I guess I should need get some advice from here so that I don’t fall deeper into this trap?

    Appreciate everyone’s advice.


    • I’d definitely try to get a refund – and if you don’t get refunded within 24 – 48 hours file a dispute with your credit card company or bank.

      • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have filed a dispute and will be getting a refund within 5 working days as per email says.

        Btw, I’m really keen in exploring about this NBK program. I have read through the comment by Lino Pang but I’m still skeptical after my first experience with Home Wealth Solution (APP).

        I hope I will get more inputs from here.


        • Can you tell me what type of input your looking for?

          • I have watched the short video clip about the NBK by Michael and only able to gain a very basic understanding of the whole program.

            My questions are can NBK be trusted? How does it really work?

        • Jennie,

          I’m not sure how much detail you want me to go into:
          You basically will find a niche market, build a site, promote the site and make money promoting affiliate products or through advertising on the site.

          Promoting affiliate products means – you offer a company’s product on your site (Michael shows you how to get free traffic to your site) and when their product sells they pay you a commission (a percentage of the sale). There are affiliate programs for almost every product you could possibly imagine. The company is able to track your sales and credit them to you.

          If you choose to make money through advertising you do NOT have to go out and get people to pay to run ads on your site. There are what are called “advertising networks” you sign up for and they give you a bit of code to place on your site. Again, Michael shows you how to do all of this in NBK.

          You might want to search on more sites regarding NBK and see the feedback it’s received. However, if you do decide to try it, I can tell you for sure that the lowest price you’ll find for it is on this site at $47.

          • Hi Paul,

            Thanks for your useful input.

            In fact, I have signed up for the NBK program and decided to give it a go.

            Still in the process of learning how to fully utilize it to my advantage. It definitely takes time to start off with something new but I hope I can really earn some side income from this.


          • Jennie,

            That’s a good attitude. It’s really important to realize that building real income takes time – whether online or offline.

  30. I had feeling that the Automated Profit Package would be FRAUDULENT just needed to be said the site just goes on and on about how much money everyone is making, and had nothing to say about how it’s being done .
    I was glad to find tat there were true testimonials about the so called Automated Profit Package and it is all just another scam.

    if there are any legitimate sites or companies out there for online profit I’d be glad to here about it.

  31. hey, how it works actually?

  32. my brother just used my visa card number to pay for the $20 registration for this home wealth solution according to him there was no confirmation of payment it did not go through and i think he tried a couple of times, i have just checked my account balance and its like they withdrew everything, there is nothing left they have wiped out everything i only had $100 in that account

    please give me advice on how to go around this, can i get my money back? how can i do that since there is no confirmation of payment or anything? will going to my bank and filing a complaint against the website to get a refund of my money help? can they still withdraw money from my account if i deposit money in it again? do i close the account because the visa card number is disclosed already?

    • Ken,

      First, YES, you should at least close the debit card and have your bank reissue a new one. I assume you only provided your debit card information. If you provided your actual bank account information, then you should close your bank account.

      There are two versions of Home Wealth Solution. One was the regular version which is a scam because of they highly questionable sales tactics being used, but not nearly as dangerous as the next one I’ll describe.

      The second version is operated by a crime ring out of Beijing China, The Republic Of Lithiana, Ukraine, and Romania. I don’t believe the two versions are related. Instead, the crime ring has hijacked their name and is setting up fake sales pages with unsecure order pages to steal peoples financial information and potentially their identity.

      I would watch your statements very carefully.

      If you paid by a debit card you should file a fraud dispute. The dispute procedures are typically listed on the bank of the billing statement. If you paid by a debit card, you should talk to your bank. You can also find information at

  33. Hi Paul,

    While I always remind my students of the value of hard work, I also encourage them to seek other legitimate ways of making supplementary income through the net. I know several people who work hard but still need extra sources of income so bad that they fall into “instant-money-making” traps and end up getting more in debt. Thank you for this review, I think you just saved a lot of people from throwing away their money on a scam.

  34. Paul,

    I so much appreciate your honest review about potential online scams. I have been spending so much with resources, training materials and software which turn out to be useless in my effort to make money online. Your insights will certainly mean so much for other internet marketers like me who want to rise above their present levels.


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