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Adwords Miracle - Can you really make $300/day doing affiliate marketing with Adwords?

There's something about Chris McNeeley's (Author of AdwordsMiracle) cockiness that is appealing. I think it's because he infuses that cockiness with systematic and ingenious ways to make money online. I actually used to find his personality a bit of a turn-off, but he's proven the quality of his money making techniques and ideas enough time that there's no doubt that there's something special about him.

While Chris McNeeley's true genius didn't show up until the most recent edition of Adwords Miracle even in the first edition he immediately demonstrated his ability to teach affiliate marketing clearly, quickly and concisely. In fact within a couple hours of reading AdwordsMiracle you will probably have a good idea of what type of work you need to do to succeed at affiliate marketing using Adwords.

Adwords Miracle was Chris' first product that provided affiliates with the very best fundamental techniques to make money from PPC campaigns. If you are new to PPC affiliate marketing, Adwords Miracle will put you on very solid ground. And because the instructions in Adwords Miracle are so precise and detailed, the odds of you making a serious mistake are significantly reduced.

However, if you're more experienced and successful at Pay Per Click marketing, then you probably don't really need Adwords Miracle. I consider Adwords Miracle primarily a solid adwords introductory guide for pay per click affiliates. The main reason a more advanced affiliate might want to invest in Adwords Miracle guide is because Chris McNeeley refers to it in his other products.

One thing that struck me as I read through Adwords Miracle again for this review was how smart his "skimming" technique is, which is his unique twist on the original Google Cash "direct-linking" method of making money without a website. While eventually you'll want to have your own website, it's definitely first easier to start with methods that don't require your own website. It allows you to laser-focus on a specific piece of the affiliate moneymaking puzzle - how to use adwords effectively to generate traffic - without any other distractions.

Adwords Miracle Thumbs Up

Instructions are very price, easy to understand and excellent for beginners.
Adwords Miracle gives you just what you need to have the best shot at success as an Adwords Affiliate. Unlike other Adwords courses, Adwords Miracle does not wander off into alot of overly advanced and unnecessary explanations that tend to just confuse and frustrate the beginning Adwords affiliate marketer.

"I regularly get asked by friends how to make easy money from the internet. In truth there are quite a few ways that spring to mind, but the easiest one I can think of is my skimming method."
- Chris McNeeley, Author of Adwords Miracle

Adwords Miracle techniques keep your advertising costs very low
Chris McNeeley, the author of Adwords Miracle, shows you several ways to keep your advertising costs very low. A few of the ideas are pretty standard stuff for beginning Adwords guides. But his "skimming" method is a very precise & unique way for an Adwords beginner to generate affiliate profits.

Shows you the right way to pick profitable affiliate products to promote
If there's one thing that separates the full-time affiliate from the affiliate "wannabe" it's how to pick profitable affiliate products to promote. The truth is, even if you invested hundreds or thousands of dollars in to competitive research tools to try to figure this out, you cannot know if a product will be profitable for you as an affiliate until you test it yourself.

Adwords Miracle reveals why you do not need to invest thousands of dollars in special tools. In the "Special Themes" section of Adwords Miracle he goes into detail on how to pick potentially profitable products fast and how to test their profitability using very little of your own money.

The Ad copywriting techniques are solid and easy to follow
Beginning Adwords affiliates often struggle with how to write the ads. In fact, I've seen people spend crazy amounts of time trying to come up with ads, only to come up with ones that stink. You will not have this problem if you follow the ad copywriting formulas outlined in Adwords Miracle.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't eventually venture out and try your own ad ideas. But if you are just starting out as an Adwords affiliate I strongly suggest you stick to the ad formulas Chris outlines in the guide.

Adwords Miracle shows you the proper way to build and rollout a keyword list
Many beginning (and even advanced) affiliates spend way too much time building a big keyword list before they even know if a product or market niche is profitable. Chris McNeeley shows you that you how to spend a fraction of the time most affiliates spend on building keyword lists and why doing it his way will generate significantly more profit.

While there is a time to build out a big keyword list, if you follow the steps in Adwords Miracle you will not waste hours or even days "jumping the gun" and rolling out the keyword list too fast.

Adwords Miracle Thumbs Down

No information on how to build websites easily

While there are methods in Adwords Miracle that do not require you to have a website, in the long-run you will want to have your own website. Now, your websites can be pretty simple - even 5 to 10 pages - but unless you already know how to build websites, you won't be able to use many of the strategies in the last 1/3 of Adwords Miracle.

This, along with the forum support you get, is one of the main reasons I tend to recommend Matt Levenhagen's Campaign Blast Method as the best Adwords course for novice affiliates. It is an incredibly low-risk way to approach Adwords as an affiliate and it includes all the information (including website building information), and personal support (through the forum) a beginner would need to succeed.

However, if you already know how to build Websites then Adwords Miracle should probably be on your "A" list of Adwords affiliate training products.

Kind of wished he'd leave out the "you can promote Adwords Miracle" part.
I know this is a pretty minor complaint since just about every eBook about affiliate marketing does it, but I kind of wish Chris had left out the parts about how you can make money promoting Adwords Miracle.

The reason I say this is because I can almost guarantee you that you'll make much more money using techniques like his "Skimming" method to promote other types of products.

Bottom line on Adwords Miracle

If you are already comfortable building websites or you are already learning how to build them, then I would highly recommend Adwords Miracle. Chris gives you such detailed step-by-step explanations on the most important success factor - how to pick profitable affiliate products - that it would be incredibly hard for me not to recommend Adwords Miracle.

However, if you are a complete beginner, know nothing about building websites or internet marketing, then you will probably be better off starting with Matt Levenhagen's Campaign Blast Method. However, once you're profiting from Matt's methods, you might seriously want to consider investing in Adwords Miracle.

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